July In A Sentence A Day

Greetings! Today, and each month going forward, I'm joining in with some other fab bloggers to share how we spent our month in just one sentence per day.

Turns out that the theme for July was settling-in, as we packed up our old house and moved coastal-close to a new home in beautiful Laguna Niguel. After the first few crazy days of working to clear the mountains of cardboard boxes in our new home, we got to work and started venturing out into the surrounding communities in the hope of building a new life sooner rather than later. And increasingly had a lot of fun doing so, which I think is reflected in my sentences below.

(And P.S. - Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post over the next few days to see who else is participating,
and to visit their blogs for additional July In A Sentence A Day inspiration!)
  1. Did some yardwork at our new home, then changed clothes and drove up the coast a couple of amazingly short miles to Laguna Beach to attend a wine club event at the gorgeous ocean-adjacent home of one of our members.
  2. Attended services at our new UU, then returned to our 'old' home for a farewell pool party one of our neighbors threw for us.
  3. Finalized and recorded the sale of our prior home, big, loud hooray!
  4. Walked to the beach from our new home, enjoying the 4th of July crowds and general holiday craziness once we got there.
  5. Moving Day #1, meaning we pretty much sat around while three brawny guys moved through our home like ants wrapping and packing all of our stuff.
  6. Moving Day #2, meaning we again pretty much sat around waiting to clean while now four brawny guys loaded our aforementioned stuff into not one, but two moving vans(!).
  7. Unpacking, lots and lots and lots of unpacking.
  8. Unpacked all morning, then a very fun evening with our UU group enjoying Broadway singalongs and a Broadway-themed buffet.
  9. Attended services at our new UU congregation then, yeah, furniture shopping!
  10. After sleeping on it, returned to furniture store and bought this yummy sofa, plus two matching chairs, for our family room.
  11. While our home was being re-piped we enjoyed a super fun day walking down to the beach, having lunch at the casual, but wonderful, Pain du Monde, and riding the free Coastal Trolley into Laguna Beach. Cheat sentence: Can't believe we really live in such a wonderful place!!!
  12. Busy, productive day getting our re-piping inspected by city (it passed, yeah!), our sprinklers fixed, a new sprinkler timer installed, and our backyard trimmed up.
  13. First day working out at our new gym, then a return trip to Home Depot for bathroom fixtures.
  14. Our new family room furniture arrived, and it looks great in the room!
  15. Designated driver for hubby at a Scotch and Bourbon tasting event.
  16. UU services in the morning, then trip #101 (or so it seems!) to Home Depot, this time to buy ceiling fans for our four bedrooms.
  17. Unpacked boxes all day, then made bangin' bacon cheeseburgers for dinner . . . so good in that I placed the bacon inside of the burgers before grilling, rather than on top.
  18. Finished unpacking the last cardboard box, hip hip hooray!
  19. First official training hike for our upcoming August backpack through Point Reyes National Seashore, meaning we each carried 15 pounds as starting loads. 
  20. Got a bid to re-grout this rather revolting pinkish grout in our guest bedroom bath to a nice clean white instead, yes, please!
  21. Found a new walking route that afforded lots of opportunities to see the ocean, got interviewed and cleared to become volunteers at the Dana Point Ocean Institute, then finished out the day at our nearby regional park enjoying a U2 tribute band and eating OMG-good The Cut Hand Crafted Burgers.
  22. Joined a new local running club (I'm in the light blue tank and hat) and ran four miles pain free, fingers crossed in that I've been battling shin splints since last January 2016!!!
  23. A gal can only do so much furniture shopping before the brain shuts down!
  24. Lunch date with a girlfriend at our new halfway meeting spot, Javier's Cantina at the Irvine Spectrum, then this new color and cut by my wonderful stylist.
  25. Attended a UU crafters social event in my continued efforts to sink roots and make new connections post-relocation, plus took delivery of five of these fabulous woven chairs, two of which I ordered in counter height for my new kitchen island.
  26. Training hike #2 for our upcoming backpack, with my weight load boosted to 20 pounds, after which we shopped till we dropped for lighting fixtures at Home Depot.
  27. Friends came over to assist with hanging some of the new lighting fixtures, and brought us this absolutely gorgeous bounty of home grown produce, plus homemade jam, which I subsequently shared with some of our neighbors.
  28. An at-home day consisting of a four mile run, followed by hours of work in the garage getting it completely organized, a chore we had both been dreading, but were thrilled to complete.
  29. Another four mile run, this time around Dana Point Harbor with my new running club, (hubby joined us after for coffee, hence why he looks so clean :-)
    then home to make this Old Fashioned Banana Cake for a potluck we're attending tonight, plus a batch of Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream for a BBQ we're hosting for family on Sunday.
  30. A great day consisting of an early morning fast walk with hubby, a visit from our oldest and dearest friends (who brought these pretty flowers :-), and a BBQ here with our family in the evening.
  31. Longest month ever in that tonight, the last Monday of the month, is when our HOA board meets to review architectural requests, finally giving us a thumbs up to proceed with ordering new double-paned replacement sliders and windows for the entire house, the necessary first step before new flooring can go down.
In comparison to both May and June, July turned out to be a whole lot of fun even as we worked like crazy people to settle in and start fixing up our new home. And already I can see that August is shaping up to be a great combination of home improvements, fun in the sun, and RV travel, so do be sure to check back on September 1 for my update.

Or better yet, join us with your own August In A Sentence A Day!


  1. Wow, I knew you had been busy but you were really busy! Sounds like you are creating a new life right away.

    1. I need to stay busy, Juhli, because the house is so relatively homely at the moment I can only stand to be in it for so long. Once the new windows, flooring and paint go in/occur in the next six weeks, I'll feel totally differently. Until then, staying busy is the best way to distract my OCD-self!

  2. What a great month you've had!! I enjoyed reading your post and hope you have settled in a bit more and can relax for some of August!

    1. Hi Deb, welcome from Down Under! We've been to your beautiful country, and we loved it!

      With regard to settling in and relaxing . . . eventually! We have almost non-stop work on the house until late September, but we are squeezing in a two week RV trip in August, which I am definitely looking forward to!

  3. I remember that moving thing from 2 years ago---it's fun but exhausting. I'm so impressed that you still did the daily journalling too!!!

    1. Hi Jodie, yes, moving is definitely exhausting, exacerbated by moving into a cosmetic fixer! Can't really settle in fully because everything will need to be moved for painting and flooring. But once that is done, aah - I will definitely enjoy settling in for good!

      And thank you for inspiring me to up my game, clothing wise. It's too easy to spend the day in my workout clothes if I'm not careful!

  4. What a memorable July for you, Tamara! Keep on having fun, and looking fit and fabulous.

    1. Not as memorable as your July, Natalie . . . Costa Rica is one of my favorite countries! Life is good, though, and I know we'll get back to our usual travel in another year. Until then, 'slumming' at the beach is pretty darn nice!

  5. First of all, does your hair stylist make house calls to Texas? Your hair looks sunkissed and lovely.

    Yay for banished shin splints and 4 mile runs, for upping your backpack load to 20 pounds, for walks to the beach and homegrown produce. What gifts. How much of a load are you planning to carry? How long will you guys hike, days/miles? I remember our practice backpack walks when I was a child. Murderous to a sixteen year old!!

    Your new furniture is perfect for the room. Looks beachy and comfortable. So amazed at all you have accomplished toward making the house your home. Bravo!

    1. I do frequently get stopped and asked who does my hair, and I'm always glad to give my gal a referral!

      We will be backpacking for three nights/four days, about 9 miles a day, carrying a max load of 28 pounds (me) and 40 pounds (hubby). You can believe me when I say that the only things I carry are for absolute survival, and also for nighttime sleeping comfort. Otherwise, absolutely not because as the saying goes, 'Ounces eventually equal pounds!' I even squeeze out just enough toothpaste for each trip so I can leave the tube at home!

      And I hated exercising when I was 16 as well. I became a convert at age 20, and have never looked back. The older I get, the more I understand the importance of using it so as not to lose it!

      I'm looking forward to sharing 'after' photos of the house as each improvement gets done. Most excited about our new flooring, which will be the very last thing to go down. We're putting in 6" maple, gorgeous almond color, lightly distressed. It's going throughout the entire house and I can't wait!

  6. You have been really, really productive! I love your hair! Your upcoming backpacking trip sounds exciting! Have a wonderful August!

    1. We have been productive I guess, 'cause I'm impressed too when I glance back over the month!

      We're backpacking in your neck of the woods, though a bit north in Point Reyes National Seashore. Once we come out, though, we switch into wine mode, and head toward Sonoma! Work first, then play, right? ;-)

    2. Oh what a great reward after the backpacking trip!!!

  7. Your hair looks fabulous. We made a sea-change a few months ago too - from Sydney (Australia) to the Sunshine Coast of South East Queensland, about 1000km north. It was exhausting, but discovering and exploring our new life has been so far priceless. Jo

    1. Jo, thank you for your words of encouragement regarding relocation in retirement. We love, love, love the geography of our new home, and each week we make more and more acquaintances, some/many of whom will eventually become friends I know. :-)

  8. Hi Tamara what a great month you had and I suppose it was a little bitter-sweet leaving your home and friends and moving to a new home. I just love that sofa the colour is gorgeous. Pleased to see you joined a running club it is so much more motivating running with others I think. July was a good month and I look forward to reading about your August.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. My running club is already causing me to quicken my per mile pace, so yes, very motivating! And August is already off to a terrific start, as I hope it is for you! Really enjoy reading everyone's recaps each month!

  9. So exciting to see all of the fun adventures with the move. Also, your new location is gorgeous!! Can't wait for more house pics. :-)

    1. The house is coming along, and I'm very much looking forward to a series of Before and After posts. We head your way soon on an RV trip to Point Reyes NS-Sonoma-Santa Cruz that we set with friends prior to deciding to move. I know we'll have a wonderful time together, but deep down I really want to stay here in order to keep pushing through the rest of the remodel. It's hard to stop the momentum!


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