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Settling-In Challenges

Today is the first day I feel like I'm coming up for air after the sheer craziness of moving, re-settling, then taking stock of the many, many projects that will be keeping us busy at our new house for the next couple of months. The good news is that I am nearing the end of my shopping list, and my daily trips to both Home Depot and Loews should soon be coming to an end.

So speaking of settling in, both my husband and I were surprised this week to experience a bit of homesickness. In talking it through, we agree that it's not so much that we are missing our prior home, or town, or really even our friends in that we are still seeing them, just with a slightly longer drive. It's more a sense that nothing is familiar yet, and the loss of that familiarity has turned out to be a bit unsettling. As just one example, I'm used to seeing familiar faces, and oftentimes friends, when I'm out for a run or racewalk. Here, everyone is still a stranger. The same is true when I r…

Summer Bucket List - Update #1

Welcome to Progress Report #1 of how I'm doing on my 20 Things Summer Bucket List! And let me just say that I am so, so happy to finally be able to turn my attention away from moving and instead toward checking fun items off my summer bucket list. Summer-at-the-beach bucket list I might add, because . . .  I now live just two miles from the ocean! 

And just like the last time, I'm linking up with a group of other terrific bloggers to share Summer Bucket List updates, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see who else is participating, and to visit their blogs for additional summer inspiration.

Progress Report #1 for 20 Things On My Summer Bucket List
Read by the pool. Pending.Bike to the beach for breakfast. Pending.Watch a sunset. Yes! OK, I admit it was a bit sneaky adding this one in in that we are literally across the street from a park where we can view lovely sunsets nightly. However, we do need to make an effort to remember to do so, so I'm giving myself…

Home Projects Update, Plus One Room Completed!

What a week!

Having one's home re-piped is a most unpleasant experience, in particular because there is nothing to 'see' once completed. It's an internal update, compared to almost every other home upgrade or improvement we'll be undertaking, so it's the least exciting to me. However, it's also the most important thing we can do to ensure our home is inhabitable for years to come.

We also had our sprinkler system 'tuned up' and a new sprinkler timer installed. It appears that about 1/3 of the sprinkler system wasn't working properly, with some of the sprinkler heads missing entirely. Everything is now functioning at 100%, and I am even in possession of a remote for our new watering system which will enable me to test various lines while walking around our property.

And I'm not sure what the prior gardener here did exactly, but it surely didn't appear to be gardening! In addition to the mess of a watering system (which while not necessar…

Project Retirement Relocation - Completed!

I'm going to say straight away that while we are absolutely delighted with our new home and it's wonderful coastal location, we never. ever. ever. want to move again!

I cannot emphasize enough just how stressful the process of simultaneously selling and buying turned out to be. There were so many points where things could have gone south. - Would our home appraise at a price point sufficient for our buyers to obtain their financing? Would they successfully close the sale of their current home in order to obtain the financing to purchase our home? Would they change their minds at some point, possibly during the inspection process. And speaking of inspections, would the home we were hoping to buy reveal things during the inspection that would cause us to question our decision? Would we fit into our new neighborhood? Would we like it here???

As the wise Buddha once said, relax cricket, all things will reveal themselves in time. Meaning that step by step my husband and I worked t…

Five Things Making Me Happy Today 7/4

We closed escrow on both houses!!! We are now the happy owners of just one home in coastal south Orange County, and our move from our now prior home to there begins tomorrow morning. So. Excited.Our surrounding neighbors gave us a lovely sendoff over the weekend, which left us with nothing but love and happy thoughts about the 25 years we've spent in this house, the place where we raised our daughters, made so many friends along the way, graduated from college (me), and concluded our respective careers. Fireworks! We should be able to view fireworks tonight from our new home without having to go anywhere. There are three possible viewing spots; our backyard balcony, the open green space directly across from the front of our home, and another open green space just a short block up the hill. We are excited to see exactly how many displays are viewable so we can plan for future 4th of July parties. (There are something like ten different city and community firework displays in the ar…

June In A Sentence A Day

Greetings! Today, and each month going forward, I'm joining in with some other fab bloggers to share how we spent our month in just one sentence per day.

Turns out that the theme for June was transition, as we continued to work on turning our dream of living near the coast into actual reality. The beginning of the month was loaded with stress, but it tapered off as the month progressed and things fell into place. And our much needed dose of granddaughter time was just the wonderful anecdote we needed in order to return home recharged and ready to take on our actual move come July!

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June In A Sentence A Day
Researched every single remaining possible home option available in our price range in our target city and sent the very long list to our realtor so that she could schedule showings.Accepted an offer on ou…