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Spring Bucket List - Update #2

Welcome to Progress Report #2 of how I'm doing on my 20 Things Spring Bucket List. My second month in to this challenge has been interesting, a bit funky even, in that I've been very, very distracted with first, evaluating whether or not to move from our current location in order to achieve a decades long dream to live by the ocean, then second, deciding to go for it and list our current 22-miles-inland home for sale.

P.S. - We received a solid offer on our home just four days after listing!

So onward to my Spring Bucket list update. And just like the last time, I'm linking up with a group of other terrific bloggers to share Spring Bucket List updates, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see who else is participating, and to visit their blogs for additional spring inspiration.

Progress Report #2 for 20 Things On My Spring Bucket List
Make a batch of low-sugar jam with spring berries.Yes! Completed previously here.Grill spring artichokes.Yes!I followed this re…

Project Retirement Relocation - Week #1

I've decided that one way to keep myself calm under what will surely be a most stressful process would be to track our progress each week in order to assure ourselves that, yes, we really are achieving forward momentum!
Week One
We signed a broker sales agreement on Tuesday, spent Wednesday signing disclosure forms in order to have them ready in advance of receiving an acceptable offer, and had the For Sale sign delivered and installed (gulp!).Had a home stager come by on Thursday to assess our home prior to having professional photographs taken. The stager had only one small suggestion, which I already knew (remove half the books from a built in bookshelf in my home office).Called our insurance agent to inquire about the process for replacing our HO and Earthquake insurance policies at point of purchase.Researched moving companies and contacted two rated as A+ on the Better Business Bureau site to get rough estimates on the cost of packing, moving, unloading and possible short term…

We're Listing The House!

This is going to be a brief post, because as you might imagine, it is quite the whirlwind of activity over here, but yes, after looking at homes in a variety of coastal Orange County areas, and thinking long and hard about the lifestyle we see ourselves living in this next chapter of our retired lives, we have decided to put our current home up for sale.

We have seen enough properties to be fairly confident we'll be able to locate a home in our price range within two - four miles from the ocean, depending on what activities and amenities we ultimately elect to prioritize (the closer to the ocean, the more compressed the housing and farther away from major roads, and the direct opposite for homes a bit farther from the ocean)

We have located enough activities online in our selected areas to have a good sense of confidence that we can replicate the things we much enjoy about our current lives - lifelong learning program, spiritual community, performing arts, yoga, ballroom dance, h…

Five Things Making Me Happy Today 5/9

So much silence over here! We've been very, very distracted with house hunting, not to mention amazed at the different price points between various communities. And so that you can share our pain fun, here is a comparison of what a $1,000,000 will buy you in the OC:

Location, location, location, if nothing else, this search has been an overwhelming reminder of how very important that is here in California. In the meantime, the two realtors we've had in here have fallen over themselves telling us how nicely our current home is appointed, and how quickly it should sell. Which has caused it's own set of issues as we ask ourselves why exactly are we moving, and what exactly are we hoping to accomplish?

We have much work to do before coming to a final decision on whether to stay put, or move closer to the coast (22 miles away from where we live currently). Either way I think this will have been a good process for us. If we move, it's because we think living near enough to …

To Move Or Not To Move

You all are going to think I'm crazy. Didn't I/we just barely complete a big home update? Well, yes, we did, but it didn't cure me of my decades old itch to live closer to the coast than we do now, meaning 4-5 miles inland vs 22 miles as we do now. A difference of 15'ish miles doesn't seem like much, but from a lifestyle standpoint it's a world of difference.

Temperatures: 84 currently in my town, 73 in Laguna Niguel, the town we are eyeing for relocation. Generally closer to a 12-15 degree difference in the summer. (I know because I looked up the differences constantly last summer!)Ability to access the beach: About 25-30 minutes from where we are now, vs 5-7 minutes in Laguna Niguel. Additionally, we have to think about traffic patterning every time we go down currently, which would be a non-issue if living in Laguna Niguel because we'd take surface streets.Amenities: Pretty much a draw for things like restaurants, shopping, banking, entertainment. Our cu…

April In A Sentence A Day

Greetings! Today, and each month going forward, I'm joining in with some other fab bloggers to share how we spent our month in just one sentence per day. I had a blast doing my first Sentence A Day review in March, and am uber excited to share April with you all today. April was a particularly picturesque month in that we were traveling for most of it, so I hope you enjoy the many photos I've included.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see who else is participating, and to visit their blogs for additional April Sentence A Day inspiration!
April In A Sentence A Day
Visited Annapolis, MD and had a spectacular day touring the US Naval Academy, the Maryland State House and the historic colonial district. Took our granddaughter to the Washington DC National Zoo and enjoyed lots of animal sightings, plus ice cream and a spin on the carousel.Caught a cold from darling granddaughter and stayed close to 'home,' though we did manage to enjoy a short hike at the nearby …