May In A Sentence A Day

Greetings! Today, and each month going forward, I'm joining in with some other fab bloggers to share how we spent our month in just one sentence per day. I had a blast doing my first Sentence A Day reviews in March and also in April, and I'm looking forward to sharing May with you all today.

So the month May, sigh - it turned out to be a rather emotional, tumultuous month. Sell, don't sell, sell, don't sell. May seemed to be all about evaluating our current lives here in inland north Orange County vs. what they could be like in coastal south Orange County. And after much, much, much agonizing, we finally decided that trading in our current lives for a cooler, ocean-adjacent community chock full of ocean-related activities was something we really, really wanted to do.

But it wasn't all home selling agony in May by a long shot, as a lot of really nice things occurred as well, so onward to my sentences!

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May In A Sentence A Day
  1. Did laundry, grocery shopped, cleaned house and just generally got things organized around the house after being away for so long.
  2. Had dinner with a dear friend that gave me the sad news that she and her hubby were moving south upon retiring in June - boo hoo!
  3. Attended a scholarship awards luncheon sponsored by my Art Alliance group, and so enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm that only college students can deliver.
  4. Spoke to several realtors by phone in the areas we are targeting, then had fun going through the MLS links they subsequently provided to see if we could locate our coastal dream home.
  5. The cabinet installer arrived to deliver and secure the final countertop in hubby's home office, only to realize that, oops, it needed to be cut down first, and he didn't have the correct tools to do so. 
  6. A second set of cabinet installers arrived, did successfully cut down the countertop, and, yeah, finally finished the job to update my husband's home office that had been started way back in March.
  7. Met my oldest daughter for lunch at the Anaheim Packing District and had a really nice time together drinking Mexican-inspired cocktails, and noshing on chips and tacos.
  8. Met with a realtor to discuss listing our home, which was more emotional than I'd thought it would be.
  9. A long, completely fun day in Los Angeles taking a tour of the Music Center, visiting the Broad Museum, having dinner at the amazingly delicious Otium, and attending a performance at Disney Concert Hall.
  10. Spent the entire day obsessing over whether or not to make this dang move!
  11. Met with a second realtor to discuss listing our home, and decided that yes, he was the one, even if we weren't quite ready to commit.
  12. Toured view homes in a nearby community to see if we might want to remain more local, then attended a very fun OC Wine Society event hosted by the owner of Jamieson Ranch Winery, where we tried to spend the evening not obsessing over where to live!
  13. After a very restless night decided that, yes, we were really ready to do this, and contacted realtor #2 to let him know we'd like contract with him to sell our home.
  14. Attended a Mother's Day cooking class with my oldest daughter at HipCooks Orange County, making and enjoying a scrumptious brunch comprised of pomegranite Bellinis, chevre-stuffed grapes with pistachio, smoked salmon potato pancakes, eggs benedict wrapped in ham, and hazelnut, lemon & ricotta cake.
  15. Attended my monthly book club meeting even though I ended up boycotting the book, The Sellout by Paul Beatty, about a third of the way through - a brilliant book without question, but also so incredibly distasteful I simply could not carry on.
  16. Met with our realtor to sign selling contract and bombard him with questions about the current status of the market, and what we might expect to occur as a result.
  17. The realtor's For Sale sign arrived, which caused all kind of not-so-happy emotions to arise as I watched it being placed into my front yard.
  18. Home stager arrived and said she had absolutely no suggestions to make because our home was already staged beautifully, and P.S., did I want a job? 😊
  19. And yet another day spent obsessing looking at homes online to determine if we really wanted to go through all the work that was going to be needed to make this happen.
  20. Attended a BBQ at my girlfriend's new home, a gorgeous, drool-worthy 1912 Craftsman home located in an adorable Pasadena historic area titled 'Bungalow Heaven.'
  21. A diverse day, my favorite kind, which started with services at our UU congregation, lunch at The Gypsy Den in Santa Ana, then a fascinating after-dinner lecture about Israel's strategic challenges in the Middle East given by former Israeli television and print journalist, Alon Ben-David.
  22. Entertained friends that dropped by both for lunch and to see our newly updated home, tiptoeing around the professional photographer that was shooting photos for our upcoming MLS listing as we did so.
  23. Attended a theology seminar, which was uber-interesting even as I continue to ascribe to the John Muir way of thinking: "Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."
  24. Our home went live this morning on the MLS, so we set up a meeting with our tax accountant and financial advisor to review all matters pertaining to the expected proceeds we'll receive from our home once it sells.
  25. Woke up in a panic, convinced we were making a mistake by selling, which my husband (and this article on the internet) assured me we were not.
  26. A terrific, busy day comprised of a Skype Spanish lesson with my Venezuelan-based teacher, yoga class, cycle spinning class, and a married-couples fellowship meeting.
  27. Escaped an Open House here by doing our own house hunting at Open Houses down in South OC.
  28. Got an offer on our house after just four days on the market!!!
  29. Spent Memorial Day hiking, BBQ'ing and countering multiple offers on our home.
  30. Countered more offers on our home here, then spent the rest of the day with our realtor in coastal OC looking 'for real' for the first time.
  31. Spent the entire day with our realtor again, returning home utterly exhausted from trying to take in, absorb and imagine ourselves living in so many different homes!
My fervent wish for June is that we find a home, open escrow and are forward focused on our next chapter . . . stay tuned!


  1. What a busy month you had! Good luck finding the perfect for you home for your next adventure.

    1. It's been fun and hard work so far, with the saga continuing with our fifth (sixth?) day of home shopping tomorrow. We are making progress, however, in that we've crossed off several communities we had been considering, and are now focused on just one. Onward and upward!

  2. Bless your heart. I have been on an emotional roller coaster this past month but I think the roller coaster you've been on is higher and curvier and more nerve wracking than mine. What a compliment that the house stager found nothing to do to your home to make it more marketable. Have you thought about how much of the things in your present home will make the move with you?
    We bought our current home nine years ago but it is already much too big. However, when all of the kids come for a visit, I am glad to have the extra room.
    Where do you attend spinning class? I would enjoy getting back to that. Our current gym doesn't offer any classes which is something our former gym did have but for $25 more a month. For now, the only cycling I do is on my bike ride up to the gym.
    So glad to see you enjoying these posts. Here's to a more tranquil new month for us both.

    1. Hi Leslie, yes, I'm sure you can relate to the stress of moving, but I do think family struggles and home construction sagas are right up there. So sorry you've had a roller coaster of a month, here's to clearer sailing ahead for both of us!

      So, I am curious how large you now consider too large? Our current home is 2400 sq ft, and we are looking between 2200 and 2600 as a replacement, but our realtor is tempting us with beauties in the 2800 - 3000 sq ft range. I'm holding firm but I think my spouse is wavering!

      My spinning class is linked up with my yoga studio, and it's all very state of the art, dark, loud music fun. I love them, and they are making me reach in a way working out on my own does not.

      And yes, I'll raise a cup to your wish for more tranquility ahead. :-)

  3. Wowza!! That moving process is so much to worry about---we just did it 1.5 years ago...and I get the willies just hearing you talk about it! But I'm so glad we did it---it's just a lot of work!!
    Thanks for the book non-recommendation---I'll make sure we don't read that one in our book club!!

    1. Hi Jodie, thanks for dropping in. :-)
      Thanks for feeling my moving homes pain! And, yes, I've learned there is a certain caliber of book I just can't read, no matter how many awards may have been earned. I'm placing Paul Beatty on the same list as David Wallace Foster and David Eggers - brilliant minds, disturbing or chaotic content.

  4. Wow. You were very busy. How exciting to move to a new place. But emotional I can imagine. Hopefully house hunting for your new place will be relaxing.

    1. Hi Danielle, thanks for your kind words! House hunting has been interesting for sure, but I am looking forward to finding 'the one' and getting this all behind us. Nesting and the subsequent fixing up and decorating will be much more fun. :-)

  5. Moving is certainly emotional but also so exciting. All the possibilities! Which I realize are also overwhelming... And how wonderful that the stager said your house was perfectly staged...

    Good luck with the move! Looking forward to see where you'll be at the end of this month...

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. Thank you for the encouraging words Andrea, because there are moments in each day when I find myself wishing we'd never decided to do this. But then I remember why we did - less traffic noise from a nearby busy street, less heat, and instead more views, cooler temps, and lots of beachy fun!

  6. Good for you for taking time out for fun activities, while going through a busy and emotional time. Hope your wish for June will come true very soon.

  7. I know what you mean about being exhausted after looking at and imagining yourself in a new property. Although I love the process, I get totally overwhelmed - I think the writerly imagination goes haywire, as I imagine doing this, that and the other in each house! We have just moved from the city to the country, and it was a long process but we have a lovely house and I've just written about our new location on my blog at Lifestyle Fifty. Great that you've had lots of offers on your house. That's fabulous! Best of luck. I found you via Sue's link up by the way.

    1. Hi Jo, thank you for dropping in and I look forward to checking out your blog. :-)

      I am impressed at how many people are sharing that they have likewise gone through this process, come out of it extremely happy with their decision, but fervently hoping NOT to have to go through it again any time soon! We are trying to keep that in mind as we search, meaning is this the right house for now, for 10 years from now, for 20 years from now? It helps!

  8. oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I can't wait to see which one you pick! I can't believe you got an offer, that's amazing, must have priced it right! Good luck, you won't regret it!

    1. Thank you Sarah, we are equal parts excited and nervous at this point. Can't wait to find a place as soon as we can, and move on to the fun part of this process for me - settling in!

  9. What a busy month! Selling a home can be stressful but an offer in four days is amazing! Now it is time for another exciting adventure - finding somewhere to live. I love my mother/daughter times as well. Enjoy your week and look forward to June!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. Hi Sue, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. :-)

      I am not sleeping well at the moment, somewhere between 3 - 5 hours a night. My brain just won't stop whirling! Really, really looking forward to putting this to bed so I can get back to sleeping again. My sweet daughter (the one I mentioned in this blog) has been sending me encouraging emails as she knows I have a tendency to let fear of making a mistake hold me back at times.


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