June In A Sentence A Day

Greetings! Today, and each month going forward, I'm joining in with some other fab bloggers to share how we spent our month in just one sentence per day.

Turns out that the theme for June was transition, as we continued to work on turning our dream of living near the coast into actual reality. The beginning of the month was loaded with stress, but it tapered off as the month progressed and things fell into place. And our much needed dose of granddaughter time was just the wonderful anecdote we needed in order to return home recharged and ready to take on our actual move come July!

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June In A Sentence A Day
  1. Researched every single remaining possible home option available in our price range in our target city and sent the very long list to our realtor so that she could schedule showings.
  2. Accepted an offer on our home here in the morning, then spent the remainder of the day viewing lots and lots of view homes in Dana Point and Laguna Niguel before finding 'the one' and, fingers crossed, submitting an offer.
  3. Volunteered at a commercial wine competition organized by our wine society and took this booty home afterward as our 'thank you.'
  4. We got the house, we got the house!
  5. Made phone call after phone call to begin the process of shifting our lives from Brea to Laguna Niguel, then spent the evening with our book club discussing the first half of Wuthering Heights.
  6. Early morning geology and home inspection appointment at the new home, which generated a lot of stress when we began receiving more information about our potential new home than we probably cared to know(!).
  7. Another appointment at the new house, this time to meet our flooring guy and take measurements, after which we walked to the beach via Salt Creek Trail to check out our new stomping grounds.
  8. Had our current home termite inspected (we passed!), reviewed the completed home inspection report on our new home, then made a rapid call to our agent to better understand just what we were getting ourselves into!
  9. Got on the scale and realized I'd lost almost five pounds in the last two weeks from the stress of it all . . . I completely lose my appetite when stressed!
  10. Decided to hold an impromptu party to drink all the open bottles of wine we brought home from the wine competition, so I messaged the neighbors, baked brownies and lemon squares, and fired up the front yard patio firepit in anticipation of a fun evening, which it definitely was!
  11. Attended our UU congregation where we said another sad goodbye before heading to Costa Mesa to attend the Pacific Symphony and enjoy dinner afterward at Seasons 52 with our wonderful friends Ellie and Jim.
  12. Went for a long walk while our current home was being appraised for our buyer's loan, fingers crossed!
  13. Exhausting but productive day meeting with our new insurance agent, flooring vendor #2, repiping vendor #2, window replacement vendor #1, and a gardener, all at the new house.
  14. Got my hair done, always relaxing in that I load up on the salon's copies of People magazine during the two and a half hour process . . . my stylist is very good (see photo from the 16th of June, below :-), but a wee bit slow!
  15. Enjoyed a super fun lunch out with my girlfriend Mary, learning afterward that the appraisal came in spot on on our house, meaning our buyers were one step closer to closing, hooray!
  16. Escaped the house here for a long hike while buyers had their inspection done, then partied hard in the evening to celebrate my girlfriend Faith's retirement.
  17. A seven mile hike in mid-90's heat, which never does my body good . . . I wilt in heat!
  18. Took my father to see our new house and walk Salt Creek trail to the beach and back, then enjoyed a Father's Day lunch at the lovely Cedar Creek Inn in San Juan Capistrano.
  19. Cut my basil plant back, and made homemade pesto with the bounty.
  20. Long, hilly hike with my girlfriend Mary, the last we'll do together until after our move.
  21. Flew to Metro DC to visit our granddaughter . . . yeah!
  22. Had a picnic lunch on the front lawn with our granddaughter, an instant hit along with the homemade bubbles I made using dish soap and water, plus the handle of a pair of scissors as the bubble blower - Nana points for creativity!
  23. Repeat of yesterday, because, yes, both front lawn picnics and bubble blowing continued to enthrall, then watched our granddaughter overnight for the first time ever, gulp!
  24. The parent-free evening went great . . . after an evening of play with Baba and Nana, she literally rolled over in bed and went to sleep after three songs!
  25. Drove an hour to Fort McHenry National Historic Park in order to purchase a lifetime Golden Age National Park Pass now that my husband has finally reached the qualifying age of 62 - the best $10 we've ever spent!!!
  26. Visited historic Fredericksburg, Virginia and learned about one of the Civil Wars bloodiest battles, which left us both quietly contemplative for a good long while afterward.
  27. Said goodbye to our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter and flew back to California, boo hoo!
  28. Started setting aside the items we wanted to take to the new house ahead of the movers, plus took delivery of a new set of pots and pans suitable for cooking on an induction cooktop, new-to-me technology.
  29. Closed on our new coastal home!
  30. Took our travel trailer over to the new home to make sure it fit into the garage (it did!), trimmed some overgrown foliage to open up our stunning view even more, met several of our neighbors, then walked down the hill to dinner in Dana Point before driving back to our current home, which doesn't really feel like home anymore! 
Our buyers close here right after the weekend, which should make for a most memorable 4th of July if everything goes as planned. I'm thinking my July In A Sentence A Day is going to be chock full of coastal fun, so be sure to check back on August 1. 

Or better yet, join us with your own July In A Sentence A Day!


  1. What a full month of June for you. Congratulations on your new coastal home! Good luck with your move. You've already lined up activities in your new community so I'm sure you'll have a fun summer.

    1. There's something going on every night it seems, so I suspect energy - or lack of - will be our issue, not boredom! And so relieved to finally be able to focus on something else for the remainder of the year.

  2. You also had a busy month! Nice to meet you through SAD. I'm #13 in the link up, mu name posts as Terri M due to my google account!

    1. Hi Terri, thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment! I'm looking forward to reading through everyone's posts now that we are up and running with WiFi at our new home. :-)

  3. What an exciting month June was for you! Congrats on the new coastal house! Looking forward to seeing your coastal adventures. We live about 45 minutes from the beach and moving to the beach has always been a topic of discussion... We even had plans once to do so right about now, before the little one starts middle school... But it's not going to happen at this point...

    And how fun that you got to spend time with your granddaughter! Such a cutie!

    Have a fabulous July!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. Hi Andrea, thank you for your encouraging words! We are now in the house, and little by little we are settling in and unpacking. Today, Day Two, I got my kitchen completely unpacked, so I made up our weekly menu and went grocery shopping, which felt very luxurious given that our goal for the last couple of weeks was the reverse - use up as much of our on-hand food as possible to avoid having to move it!

      So far I have to say that the best part of living so close to the coast is that so far we haven't had to turn on our A/C. The coastal breeze really is that constant to our pleasant surprise.

      We didn't make this move until retirement, so you still have plenty of time if you decide that is what you want to do. The Bay Area is pretty outstanding too, though, so either way I think you win!

  4. Oh my goodness what a full month! So excited for you! And I have an AWESOME gardener if you don't find one that you like, all of my neighbors started using him too. Yay for granddaughter visits among this hectic time!

    1. Oh, I would love their name! Good gardeners are hard to find! And yes, so so happy that we took time out to head east and see our girl. She is so much darn fun, and she appears to love us as much as we love her, which is awfully wonderful for us. :-)

      Your little ones are absolutely adorable, BTW. So darn cute!

  5. Oh, congratulations! I am so happy for you that you got the house. What an exciting news. I can't wait to follow your new, exciting journey.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting Miri! And, yes, 'journey' is a very good word for it, as we are still very unclear on where this new lifestyle will lead . . . all good though!

  6. Tamara!! I remember those events from moving---we just did it 2 years ago and it seems like yesterday!! But it's such a great adventure, right??

    1. Jodie, it's exhausting is what it is! So. Much. Stuff. Egads! We are planning to purge at least a third of what we moved. Maybe more!

      On a funny note (or not!), I 'broke' my closet after hanging all of my clothes. Apparently I own a lot more clothing than the prior owner, because just as I got the last item hung, down it came!

      So, yes, 'new closet organizer build' shot to the top of our ever-growing to-do list!

  7. You must be moved by now! Welcome to your new home and lifestyle.

    1. Hi Juhli! Yes, we are moved, and oh boy are we exhausted! Between settling in and meeting with vendors to start improving the house we are literally falling into bed each night! Yesterday we got internet installed, the kitchen organized, and the front yard completely cleaned up by our new very hardworking gardening service, so things are already starting to improve!

      This morning we are going to venture out to the Dana Point Farmers Market, a much needed break!

  8. You know you are moving in the right direction when all of the pieces just fall into place...the travel trailer fitting in the garage, passing the termite inspection, finding a buyer for your new home quickly. I hope the actual moving day will go as smoothly. Then maybe your granddaughter can come for a visit and have an ocean side picnic and bubbles. She is a doll baby.

    Impromptu parties with wine, dessert ad friends are the best. Glad those open bottles of wine didn't go to waste!

    1. Oh Leslie, we can't wait for our granddaughter to visit us! There are wonderful tide pools at the beach just down the road from us, and we think she will love them along with everything else. And a petting farm equally close in a slightly different direction.

      Wine . . . it always does a body good, yes? :-)

  9. What an exciting time for you selling your home and moving. I love the walking trail and the view is gorgeous. My grandson loves blowing bubbles as well. Such a lovely past time. I really enjoyed your sentence a day for June and look forward to July.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. Hi Sue, thank you for stopping to leave a comment! I'm a bit behind responding in that we just had internet installed yesterday . . . trying to respond to so many comments via cell phone can be a bit challenging!

      We are so excited to be able to walk to the beach whenever we wish. It was really wonderful to do so on the 4th of July, which is normally absolutely crazy at the coast. We walked into the craziness, took it in for a bit, then quietly, quickly, walked right back out and up the trail back home. Loved being able to do that!

  10. Very exciting times ahead for you!! This was my first month joining in with this challenge and uts great to read about everyone's month here. All the best for moving.

    1. Hi Deb, hope you are enjoying the process of daily documentation! It's a lot of fun to look back at prior months and see what was occurring.

      Hopefully July will be a lot more fun than June, in that we are now settled. June was stressful!

  11. Holy crow! Your real estate peeps move fast! It takes several months for all that to occur on western NY. Mind. Blown.

    Congratulations on the exciting changes ahead!

    1. Extenuating circumstances - our buyers were already in escrow on their home, and ready to move fast, and we were cash on our new home, so no prolonged escrow necessary.

      We haven't stopped working/moving since we got into our new place, but the grunt work is now done (new plumbing, fixed sprinklers) and the cosmetic improvements are next. Improvements are much more fun!


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