August In A Sentence A Day

Greetings! Today, and each month going forward, I'm joining in with some other fab bloggers to share how we spent our month in just one sentence per day.

August was the month that finally felt like 'Hello Summer!' We balanced our never ending home remodeling to-do list with equal doses of fun in the sun. We hiked, backpacked and ran to and at the beach, we attended concerts in the park, enjoyed dining al fresco almost daily, slept under the stars, awoke to the sound of waves crashing, experienced the solar eclipse event, heard elk bugle and a mountain lion roar (!!!), BBQ'd, wine tasted, and simply immersed ourselves in the still new-to-us fabulousness of living near the coast.

So if my sentences appear to be a bit more upbeat this month, it's not your imagination!

(And P.S. - Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see who else is participating,
and to visit their blogs for additional August In A Sentence A Day inspiration!)
  1. Backpack training hike #3 (eight miles, 22 pounds), followed by a loooong nap, then dinner at Ivory in Laguna Beach before enjoying Pageant of the Masters, a longtime summer tradition.
    Those be real people up there!
  2. Woke up to ants in the kitchen, eek, and quickly called our pest control service, after which I left the house and shopped till I dropped - groceries, more home decor items, and lots of ant killer spray to use while we await our pest control service.
  3. Long, tiring day helping watching my electrician friend install ten new lighting fixtures, three new ceiling fans, remove oodles of useless wiring for a now-dead security system, remove more useless wire for an also-dead outdoor lighting system, and re-position several outlets away from three soon-to-be installed replacement sliding glass doors.
  4. Sleepless night due to a helicopter loudly circling above our neighborhood for two hours in the middle of the night, a highly unusual event that literally blew-up our Facebook neighborhood page, then five hours of volunteer training at the Dana Point Ocean Institute followed by an evening in the park trying to stay awake enjoying a No Doubt tribute band.
    It's Gwen Stefani!
    OK, maybe not, but she did sound pretty darn close.
  5. Ran around the harbor in the AM with my running club, bought massive peaches at the Dana Point Farmers Market, then joined friends for a truly unforgettable Burmese meal at the wonderful Irawaddy.
    One of the best items we ordered was this divine Tea Leaf Salad.
    Unlike anything we've ever eaten before.
  6. Fun potluck after Sunday services, with my contribution being another sinful Ina Garten recipe, this amazing Sour Cream Coffee Cake.
  7. Bribed a friend with lunch to pretty please come over and patch a couple of small drywall holes before getting our new glass sliders installed, plus met with our designer to create a new office for hubby that will look an awful lot like the one we had installed just before selling our prior house.
    The office hubby barely got to use. 
    So happy we are making this a priority in the new house!
  8. Moved six boxes of packed dishes and glassware into garage to await upcoming replacement of flooring, and couldn't believe I really had that much stuff stored in my dining room hutch!

    Hello, my name is Tamara and I have a dishware problem!
  9. Glorious morning run, then onto my second orientation at the Ocean Institute on a gorgeous summer day.
  10. Backpack training hike #4 at Carlsbad State Beach, eight miles with 24 pounds in packs, followed by breakfast at Daily News Cafe.
  11. Morning run, then off to a yoga retreat in Ojai with my oldest daughter.
  12. Yoga, it does a body good!
    My daughter demonstrating the perfect post-yoga activity.
  13. Started the day early with meditation, then enjoyed a lovely hike with my daughter before packing up and leaving for home.
  14. The first set of replacement windows started going in, and when we opened our new casement window in the ocean-facing upstairs guest bedroom it was instant paradise as a strong ocean breeze immediately came flowing in.
  15. A lovely lunch with my UU ladies group, then home to await the delivery of new living room furniture, which eventually arrived just before midnight, grrr.
    New wood flooring sample in lower right corner . . . can't wait!
  16. Eight mile training hike, stopping halfway at the beach for lunch, then home to check out how things were progressing on tile installation in our, blech,  previously carpeted bathrooms.
    So glad to see this carpeting go bye-bye!
  17. Long day hanging around the house to be available for the million little decisions any home upgrade requires (where to stop tile, where to place baseboards, what to do with closet organizers, what to do with closet doors), plus a big design decision to attempt to emulate this sample staircase:
  18. Met with our window treatment guy for a second time in order to measure for shades, instead of shutters, for all of our view-facing windows, a much better option for preserving our view without sacrificing privacy.
  19. Morning race walk, then spent the rest of the day getting ready for your upcoming two week backpacking/wine tasting/hiking/RV'ing trip, yeah!
  20. Departed home bright and early at 4:30 AM to get a head start on our 470 mile drive to Point Reyes National Seashore, oof!
    Last scenic few miles of a very long day of driving.
  21. Solar eclipse fail in that the skies were too overcast to really see anything, then off onto day one of our four day backpack through Point Reyes National Seashore.
  22. So many animal sightings as we hiked - whale, weasel, coyote, quail, rabbit, deer, seal, hawks, turkey vultures and osprey.
  23. A VERY memorable warning growl from a just out-of-sight mountain lion when we accidentally lingered near where it was apparently guarding or ingesting the body of the weasel head we briefly stopped to look at along the trail.
  24. An absolutely gorgeous hike out of the park, then lunch back at our RV's, followed by looong hot showers.
  25. Point Reyes Lighthouse, elephant seals and French Marin Cheese, yum!
  26. The sights and sounds of Tule elk, males loudly bugling, as we hiked to Tomales Point in the northern end of the park.
  27. Fascinating discussion with our newly arrived wildlife naturalist RV site neighbor about how Tule elk came to be resettled in Point Reyes, and then onward to Petaluma for the next leg of our trip.
  28. Funnest wine tasting experience ever at Williamson Wines in Healdsburg!
  29. To Cline Cellars in Sonoma for more wine tasting, followed by a gluttony of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cheese, jam and sauce tasting (hello bacon jam!), then dinner at Mustards Grill in Napa that ended with this amazing dessert - Mile High Lemon-Lime Meringue Pie.
  30. Nerve wracking drive towing our travel trailer over San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, then south along scenic Highway 1 to our last stop in Pescadero/Santa Cruz.
  31. Immersed ourselves in elephant seal biology at beautiful Ano Nuevo State Park, and let's just say that being an alpha male elephant seal may not be all it's cracked up to be!

And so went the month of August! We are still RV'ing with our friends, with just a couple more days to go before we return home and embark on an almost solid, non-stop month of remodeling, so be sure to check back on October 1 to see our new and improved abode!


  1. A very full month! It sounds like your new home is not only in a lovely location but lovely as well. Happy travels.

    1. It was a full month now that I look back, though much of the month just seemed chaotic as we were going through it for some reason. I'm just so relieved to move beyond the stress of selling, buying and moving, that even knowing we have a full month of remodeling chaos looming is better by comparison! ,

      I do enjoy the look back that doing these sentences provides, as sometimes it's easy to lose perspective about how good life really is most of the time.

  2. This is my August in a Sentence a Day
    1. 10% off at the local grocery store so stock up on groceries, remembering to purchase some of the preserving items.
    2. Chocolate chip cookies & rice krispie squares for the freezer then a garden–fresh dinner.
    3. Morning coffee on the verandah with an old friend.
    4. I was reminded of the generational differences and how much I like living.
    5. Rainy day activities consisted of making hummus and chicken chili, writing out thank you notes for my vacation hosts, watching 2 movies on tv, listening to chuckwagon races on the radio, preparing for a week with the granddaughters.
    6. I volunteered at the “doctor’s office” at Haying in the 30’s, a cancer support event that raises a quarter of a million dollars annually for cancer patients.
    7. I spent hours on the phone supporting a bereaved friend whose ex-husband had died, and, yes, we grieve the exes.
    8. Slow mornings with the granddaughters, then to Despicable Me 3 where we laughed aloud then home to play with the horses.
    9. Girls’ day out with the granddaughters.
    10. A glorious home day with the granddaughters.
    11. The last day with the granddaughters was spent at the pool and readying for home with an extra-long hug from the oldest one at my departure.
    12. Lots of grass to cut after a week away, carrots and zucchinis from the garden, a surprise visit from a friend with her 2 nieces and the icing on the cake – a 30th wedding anniversary backyard party complete with live music and good company.
    13. After 4.5 hrs at the community association concession I smell like a French fry.
    14. Time to replenish the chocolate chip cookie stash and a grocery run as rain fell through smoke from the BC fires.
    15. There’s a delicious pot of chicken orzo soup with fresh garden carrots cooling on the stove, now off to the cemetery to clean the old plastic flowers from the shed.
    16. My sister’s-in-law memorial and the only good thing about a funeral is seeing all those acquaintances, friends and family who gather.
    17. Errand day – oil change for the car, haircut for myself capped off with a delicious lunch with friends.
    18. Off to the “Battle of the Rockies” to see Kelly Sutherland’s “last” chuckwagon race.
    19. We got a pontoon boat ride on Burnstick Lake before going to the wagon races.
    20. The 2017 WPCA season has come to an end.
    21. Sam Baker’s package marked the home coming from RMH.
    22. A yard day pruning tomatoes, tending to flowerbeds, cutting grass.
    23. More grass cutting and now a clean garden and shredded zucchini in the freezer.
    24. Last night the “handy men” were perplexed by the septic pump but it didn’t take long to fix at the foundry at no charge.
    25. Cousins came for breakfast just after 7am and left on the last leg of their cross-Canada tour to sleep in their own beds tonight.
    26. I was gifted with a massage yesterday; today I’ll celebrate a cousin's 60th birthday.
    27. This was a quiet regrouping day after relatives stopped for breakfast.
    28. The end of August means planning for the fall so the 2017/18 Home Routes tour was posted and a cousin reunion was discussed while the kale dried in the oven.
    29. I knocked off a bunch of things on the to-do list: open/close pasture gates, till the garden, pay bills, return kitchen linens to SLCA, make pickles, make a plan for weekly meals with an ailing relative.
    30. Another day of the to-do list: clean screens and windows, transplant houseplants, prepare for Taylor’s arrival tonight.
    31. More home-caring activities today including laundry and cleaning the spare room were capped off with a 2-mile walk.

    1. Mona, I am so glad you tracked and shared your month here! It appears you live in Canada? Somewhere with enough land to garden? How lovely if so! And I love hearing from yet another grandmother head over heels about her grandchildren!

      But I have to ask: What in the world is a chuckwagon race???

    2. The Calgary Stampeded is famous for its chuckwagon races. Check out

    3. Mona, would love to see photos of the space you call home. Sounds like you live on a farm or at least a large plot of land. Enjoyed reading your sentences. Thank you for joining us!

  3. Love the one sentence a month! Loved seeing the pictures & hearing about everything you experienced in August. May try it myself this month!

    1. You absolutely should! Our group has been growing steadily, which you'll see on Tuesday when the link goes in if you check back. It's also made me much more aware of how I choose to spend my time.

  4. Reading about your 8 mile training hikes reminds me that last November I did a multi day walk in New Zealand that if I'd done regular 8 mile training hikes, I would have been so much better prepared for!

    1. In our case, the training hikes were more about getting used to the weight than the mileage. We're pretty devoted cardio-nuts, but not usually with 28 pounds strapped to my back!

      We were in New Zealand in 2010 and loved it. We have plans to go back and hike it in another couple of years so I'm very envious that you've just done so!

  5. We had ants this summer too----and then they were gone!! It such a weird thing!!
    What a fabulous month you had Tamara!!

    1. They are everywhere this summer it appears. Both of our adjacent neighbors said they have never seen them this bad, and my pest control service is all backed up trying to respond to all the calls they are getting on them. Fortunately, they are not biting ants!

  6. What a great month! I admire people who run. My daughter is one. But I do love walking and hiking. Your trip sounds fantastic.
    :) gwingal

    1. Point Reyes was so beautiful, and so geographically diverse with forest, meadow and ocean. We loved every moment!

  7. Sounds like you had a full but fun month! You are making so much progress on your house! And I've always wanted to go on a yoga retreat. Finally, your backpacking/wine tasting trip sounds wonderful! What a great way to end the month!

    Hope your September is off to a good start!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. Hi Andrea, yes, it was a fun month! Which is good, because so far September has seemed like nothing but hard work! I have to say, however, that with paint already up in a couple of rooms, I'm over the moon excited about how the house is going to look in just a couple of more weeks.

  8. I loved reading about your month, Tamara because of the variety. Some hiking, running and yoga (which I love) plus getting more organised in your new home. I would love that study for myself it is gorgeous! Have a fabulous September and looking forward to reading what you got up to.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. I just felt so bad that my husband only got to enjoy it for a few weeks before we decided to sell our prior home that I wanted to make it a priority for him in our new home. For my office I ordered crisp white office furniture from Pottery Barn, and it will get here much sooner than his office build will, but I'm trying to play nice and not rub it in, ha!

      I find reading other blogger's Sentence A Day write ups really pushes me to keep upping my own game, which I think is a really wonderful benefit I hadn't expected!

  9. Well done with a full and fun August, Tamara. Hang in there with your home remodeling. Short term pain for long term gain. Have a fantastic September!

    1. This evening I feel like my head may explode - we dealt with painters all day, ran errands to stay out of the house as much as possible, and visited Home Depot for more items (!), Lamps Plus for entry and dining room lighting, and went artwork shopping. I think we made really good choices, but I'm completely exhausted!

  10. Yours is a life well-lived. I am a bit envious of your beachside home and the sound of waves lullabying you to sleep. Your backpacking expedition sounds like a beautiful experience. So glad you weren't eaten by the mountain lion. That could have been messy and put quite the damper on things.

    Your home is going to be such a show place once you finish working your magic on it. Glad your husband will have a replicate office in this new home. I remember the time you had getting the final pieces for the bench-storage in your former home.

    Pinning that sour cream coffee cake recipe. Sure would like a warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven slice right now.

    1. Hi Leslie, if it makes you feel better, our home is coastal but not beachside, meaning we can see but not hear the ocean. The sound of waves at night occurred during our backpack in Pt. Reyes while tenting. Big difference! :-)

      I have to admit I am getting more excited about our home by the day, as things start falling into place. Living in chaos and working around numerous tradespeople in our home daily is exhausting, but we will pretty much be DONE by the end of the month, so we'll make it. I do now understand why people oftentimes retreat to a hotel during whole house remodels!

  11. Loved reading about your month of activity! So much going on by the sounds of things. Your hike sounded great fun too.

    1. It is definitely busy over here! Things should start to calm down come October. And yes, our four day/three night backpack was tons of fun. Some work too though . . . we covered over 30 miles with full packs. :-)

  12. I think I finally have this comment format licked, Tamara!

    Last month Inwas blown away by your move and quick decision making when it comes to decorating! Those seagrass counter stools!!!

    Looks like you haven't lost any momentum this month!

    Perfect views indoors and out! The beach is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. Gosh, sorry for the Blogger challenges Em, but glad you've worked through them and can join in on all the fun!

      I am having a blast picking out new items for the house. I do think it's going to look so, so good when we are finished. I'll be able to start placing furniture in about 10 more days, and I can't wait!

    2. Em, as a follow up - do you have a blog? I clicked on your profile name but came up with nothing?


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