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On Chocolate Chips

A rather funky day yesterday, the result of waking up at 3:15 AM for the fourth (fifth? sixth?) day in a row. The early wake ups don't affect my morning routine much, but somewhere around noon I just start crashing. I took two mini-naps over the day yesterday, but managed to stay awake until 8:30 PM thanks to my Tuesday evening Spanish lesson. I use Skype to have weekly one-on-one lesson with my instructor, who is based in Mexico, and aside from the technology that allows me to do so being freaking amazing, I am learning at an acceptable, steadily-forward rate; my brain is no longer young . . . it absorbs new data s l o w l y. Plus the lessons have the added bonus of being stimulating enough to keep me awake for a couple of hours afterward.

It was a good session. I spoke primarily in Spanish, though certainly not without errors, and understood the majority of my instructor's Spanish responses. We covered an error of ongoing confusion - reflexive verbs vs indirect object proun…

Our Curtailed 2017 Travel Plans

As I indicated in yesterday's post, our travel plans for 2017 reflect a significantly smaller budget than we had in 2016. The reason for the offset is to direct additional funds toward a series of remodeling jobs we have lined up - more new hardware flooring, new carpeting, new office build, new guest bath vanity, new window coverings in our family room, and a total remodel of our backyard. We'll also be purchasing patio furniture and a gas fire pit for our new front yard patio, and having one of our two offices stripped of wallpaper and repainted. Once this is all completed by late March, we look forward to doing a lot of entertaining.

In looking at what we've got plotted out already for 2017, I'm satisfied that we will get a considerable amount of bang for our reduced travel bucks. Here's what has been planned to date:

Palm Springs International Film Festival (9 days) - RV Park accommodations
Home overseeing remodeling remainder of the month

Home …

The Day After New Years

There is a long standing tradition that the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl are never held on New Years Day Sunday, and since that's what yesterday was, we are watching both today, Monday. It's been nice to spread the holiday over a full three days this year - NYE party, NY Day Brunch, and now a Day-after visit from our oldest daughter to watch the Rose Parade and Bowl while enjoying lots of good food. I made waffles and eggs for breakfast, we ate leftover ham and potato au gratin for lunch, and dinner is Slow cooker short rib goulash, which will hopefully taste as good as it is now smelling. Seriously divine aroma currently emanating from the kitchen.

Otherwise, today is going to be pretty laid back. I'm avoiding my house at the moment, vs the puttering around dusting and re-arranging I normally engage in, in that we have another round of upheaval scheduled to begin in a two weeks when the existing older hardwood floors are removed and replaced with hardwood that exactly match…

My Word for 2017

Back at the beginning of 2016 I selected the word "Seek" as my inspiration for the year. I could feel myself shrinking back from life just a bit as a result of the mid-life physical changes my body was going through, and I wanted to push back out into the world by seeking new adventures and opportunities. Based on yesterday's post, I think I did a pretty good job, so I'm giving myself an 'A' for 2016.

This year, a bit in line with where I was at the beginning of 2016, my word for 2017 is Renew. Mid-life is here, my body and energy levels are changing, and now more than ever I need to nurture myself and make kind choices to ensure this next chapter of life is as vibrant as the first half has been. So this year I will be making choices to Renew my life. I received a gift card from my dear husband for a nearby Yoga studio, and that will make for a terrific start to the year. And I will be committing to doing strength training after a five-year hiatus. With the …