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Sunday Afternoon Musings

Now retired five years, I'm interested, intent, determined,  to live each day in as full a state of consciousness as possible. To me, at this moment at least, that means striving to do those things that are good for me, those things that make me content, happy, joyful, and to lessen or eliminate those things that leave me feeling wasteful, empty, blah. For sure my life in retirement has continued to grow richer with each passing year, but it has also delivered its fair share of challenges. I look forward to blogging here about my thoughts, my successes, my failures and the lessons, hopefully, learned as a result.

Today started with coffee for two on our just-completed front yard patio. Living in perpetually thirsty Southern California, front yard patios have recently become 'a thing' as people search for ways to reduce their water-reliant front lawns. In our case, as a result of spending so many weeks and months exploring the world since retiring, we craved open space, an…