November In A Sentence A Month

Greetings! Today, and each month going forward, I'm documenting how I spent my month in just one sentence per day.
November In A Sentence A Month

1. Awesome, but challenging six mile fast paced hike in Laguna with my Thursday group, plus got my teeth cleaned.

2. Did laundry and cleaned the house from top to bottom, then got a bit dressed up for Happy Hour dinner at the harbor with hubby, followed by seeing the British farce Noises Off performed by some uber-talented students at Saddleback College.

3. An enjoyable training session at the cultural center I will now be volunteering for, a fantastic run/walk along the beach, then off to meet up with my daughter and her SO for Bourbon barrel-aged beer tasting at The Breury, followed by a fun, fun, fun get together with my longtime running buddies for dinner.

4. Thank you time change for finally getting me back into a normal sleeping pattern, plus lunch at Houston's in Pasadena with my oldest daughter and my mother, first time seein…

Monday Musings 12/3

Welcome to Monday Musings, where I share a bit of what's been going on in my little part of the world. Overall, it has been a wonderful week!

1) Our backyard project is finally complete. While we still have the final city inspection to clear, something that shouldn't be a problem in that we followed the approved plans to the letter, the construction work is done, done, done! We are out in either the backyard or on the balcony multiple times a day enjoying either the views or the sunshine, particular up on the glass enclosed balcony, which keeps the wind out while letting the warmth in. Plus, the yard is super low maintenance in that about 90% of it is either pavers or artificial grass. Upkeep is generally me walking around with a weed trowel and a paper bag, picking up random leaves from the artificial grass, and small weeds from the planter areas. And possibly best of all, we no longer need a gardening service which will generate about $1600 a year in savings, and ensure ong…

A Mini-Holiday Bucket List

Greetings! Today I am joining in with some other lovely bloggers to share a mini bucket-list of Five Holiday Activities and Traditions. It was a crazy, stressful year, and with all of our home improvement projects finally done for the foreseeable future, I am very eager and excited to make the focus of December simply that of enjoying family, friends, and holiday events!

My Holiday Mini-Bucket List

1.  Bake lavender shortbread cookies. It's a tradition in our new neighborhood that everyone presents gifts to each other in December, so I kept that in mind earlier this year when I picked up a package of dried lavender. The plan is to handout the cookies. along with a recipe and a small container of dried lavender, so that each neighbor can remake the cookies at their leisure should they so choose.

2.  Attend every event on our December calendar. Guys, I may have gone a little nuts in trying to respond to every invite and opportunity that came our way. Right now I count 16 holiday eve…

November Goals - How Did I Do?

Another month gone, meaning it's time to review how I did with my goals here . . . yeah for accountability! And similar to last month, while I didn't manage to check off everything on my November list, I was still very motivated to keep chipping away at it, and am pleased with what I did manage to accomplish. It's about progress not perfection, right - That's what I tell myself at least!

November Goals Month End Review

- Under 'Mental and Physical Health'

1) Do one session of yoga per week. Progress Made!  While I didn't manage to attend yoga each and every week, I did locate a wonderful yoga class, and actually attended!

2) Do two sessions of weight training per week. Progress Made!  It took a few weeks, but I finally made it into the weight room at our gym, and enjoyed a buddy-workout with my husband. It helped things go faster by working out side by side, so we could switch machines during our 60 second rest time between sets, resulting in doing two sets…

Monday Musings (Tuesday Edition!) 11/27

Welcome to Monday Musings, where I share a bit of what's been going on in my little part of the world. This week's edition is a tad late . . . see item one below for exactly why!

1) Yesterday was a bit stressful in that our balcony glass panels were installed . . . sort of. To our surprise, the handrail wasn't installed in that apparently it isn't ordered until after the glass panels are in, so that final measurements can be determined. Plus, the right side panel that was supposed to be frosted on the bottom and clear on top, so as to provide a little privacy between our home and that of our neighbors, was flip flopped at the factory. Meaning that instead of affording us views of the ocean up top through the clear glass, and privacy from our neighbors down below through the frosted glass, our ocean views are instead blocked, while providing our neighbors with clear views of our, umm, feet!

So, a new one has been ordered and should be installed on Friday. The finishing…

Where To In 2019?

I've been working on some of our travel plans for 2019 this week, with enough of the big rocks firmly in place that I can finally share our plans here. There's still room for a lot more activity, what we call the 'small rocks' stuff, so I'm sure the list below will expand as we work our way through the year. As always, my motto (thanks Dad!) tends to be 'We can rest when we're long gone!'

Palm Springs Film Festival via RV, an annual tradition.

Metro DC to visit our granddaughters/family.

Mammoth Ski Weekend, my first return trip to the ski slopes in over a decade. Should be interesting!

Las Vegas weekend with my oldest daughter, fun!

Two week group tour to Cambodia and Vietnam. We're very intrigued about visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Vietnam is supposed to be absolutely stunning, so I'm expecting this trip to be amazing.

Family trip to Assateague Island in Virginia (Wild horses and lighthouses, plus the Atlan…