Questions I Like to Answer

- What I'm Reading
- What I'm Watching on TV/My Computer
- What I'm Listening To
- What I'm Hearing
- What I'm Looking At
- What I'm Enjoying
- What I'm Doing Currently
- What I'm Cooking/Eating/ Baking
- What I'mWearing
- What I'm Currently Loving
- What I'm Thinking About
- What I'm Fearing
- What I'm Happy About Today
- What I'm Looking Forward To Today/Tomorrow/Next Week
- What I Accomplished Today/Yesterday/Last Week
- What I Am Thankful For

Plus, I found the following list of posting ideas online recently:
85 Blog Post Ideas:
1. Product Review
2. Book Review
3. How To
4. Demo or Tutorial
5. Current News
6. Day in the Life
7. What Tools You Use
8. Mistake You’ve Made
9. Top ## Lists
10. Case Study
11. Interviews
12. How to ___ in # Days/Weeks/Months
13. X vs. Z (Comparison)
14. Favorite Quote(s)
15. Picture of Contents from Your Bag/Purse
16. Pro and Con List on Topic
17. Worst Movie Ever
18. Best Movie Ever
19. Worst Actor
20. Favorite TV Show
21. Favorite Song
22. Favorite Vacation
23. Recipes
24. Create a Survey for your list
25. Favorite Wine/Beer
26. Describe Your Morning/Daily/Evening Routine
27. Tie into a current Twitter or Facebook trend
28. Update a past blog (technology changes all the time!)
29. Take a photo of your desk and talk about where you work
30. Your city
31. Why you started your business
32. Your vision for the future
33. List of your accomplishments
34. Share your bucket list
35. Organizational tip
36. Holiday Related (you can find a “holiday” for almost every day of the year – just Google it)
37. How You Manage Your Time
38. List of “Must Have’s” for your Niche
39. Wish List of Items for your Niche (or that you’d love to have)
40. Funny Youtube video
41. Inspirational Youtube video
42. Giveaway an ebook, or report, or video
43. Run a contest
44. The Best Advice You Ever Received
45. The Worst Advice You Ever Received
46. Things I wish I knew before… (I started my business, had kids, got married, etc.)
47. Event review
48. Conference review
49. Share your signature cocktail
50. Answer reader FAQs
51. List Your Favorite Facebook Pages
52. List Your Favorite People to Follow on Twitter
53. Share Your Favorite Pinterest Boards or Pinners
54. Debunk a Myth in your Industry
55. Ask for Advice from your Readers
56. Publish a Guest Post
57. Do a Round Up of Previously Published Content
58. Create a Checklist
59. Write a “Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me” post
60. Do a Before and After post
61. Write a “You May Be A _____ If…” post
62. Blog about a cause near and dear to your heart
63. Write about upcoming trends or make a prediction of what’s to come
64. Write something seasonal
65. Write a thank you note to your readers
66. Start an A to Z series in your area of expertise (that’s 26 posts right there!)
67. Share one of your hobbies
68. Write about your hero
69. Talk about a pet peeve
70. A childhood memory
71. Your favorite magazine
72. Create a beginner’s guide to something
73. Create an infographic
74. Share latest industry statistics or data
75. Shoot a vlog and do a video rather than write a blog
76. List relevant online forums for your niche
77. Write about the history of ____
78. Email someone a list of questions and publish their answers as an interview on your blog
79. Write about your own journey (e.g., how you got started, challenges you faced, how you overcame them…)
80. Do a collaborative post and ask a few other bloggers for their take on something
81. Explain what NOT to do in your niche
82. Do a roundup of the best podcasts for your target market
83. Create a template
84. Reveal a personal secret
85. Share how you stay healthy
Did I miss any? Let me know here - 

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