Wellness Wednesday - May Edition

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday, where me and a group of other like-minded bloggers share our progress on making 2018 our best year yet!

As a review, here are the goals I set for myself for 2018:

My Ten Wellness Goals For 2018

1.  Reduce processed sugar calories to no more than 100 per day.
2.  Increase water intake to 8 glasses per day.
3. Add in 2x a week of strength training.
4. Add in 2x a week of yoga.
5. Train for one long distance biking event.
6. Train for one backpacking event.
7. Limit gluten-containing items to no more than 100 calories per day.
8. Begin meditating 2x daily, five minutes each time to begin.
9. Initiate internet-free Sundays.
10. Lose ten pounds by signing up for an internet support program.

And here's how things are going:

Update On My Ten Wellness Goals For 2018

1.  Reduce processed sugar calories to no more than 100 per day. In progress. Just as I discussed here in my March update, sugar is an ongoing battle for me, so clearly it's important that I keep fighting this fight. 

2.  Increase water intake to 8 glasses per day. In Progress. I'm still working to drink more water during my 'normal' day, but I am definitely drinking a lot more water during my long distance endurance events after being affected by mild-moderate dehydration during a recent ride - increased thirst, dry mouth, tiredness, headache, and dizziness.

Water . . . it does a body good!

3.  Add in 2x a week of strength training. Nope, not yet. 

4.  Add in 2x a week of yoga.  In Progress. I attended a retreat recently where I did yoga, and found I can still balance on one leg, yeah! 

5.  Train for one long distance biking event. Yes! We  completed our event on April 21, a total of 66 miles, and it went great!

6.  Train for one backpacking event. Not yet, though we have committed to an event this summer with our best friends, a five night backpack through the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, located in Yosemite National Park. And as I discussed in my March update, I'm already comfortable doing 10 miles hiking with a loaded daypack of 6-8 pounds, so my foundation is solidly in place at the point we start our serious training about six weeks before our event. (Serious training meaning that we start adding weight to our packs, and elevation gain to our hikes)

7.  Limit gluten-containing items to no more than 100 calories per day. In process. I've made tremendous progress here, which I've achieved by shifting my eating patterns. For me, it works to have a very late breakfast because I'm just not hungry in the AM. (Exception being that if I have a lengthy activity, such as a long distance hike or bike ride, I bring around 300 calories of fruit and nuts to nibble on as I go). I then have lunch about two-three hours later, around 2:00 PM, and that then carries me to dinner with no issues regarding snacking. So far, this is working well so I plan to continue until it stops working.

8.  Begin meditating 2x daily, five minutes each time to begin. In Progress. Although I haven't achieved regular AM and PM meditation, I am using it very regularly, every night, to put myself back to sleep when one of my still-frequent hot flashes wakes me up. It's working beautifully, so I will keep working to get it into my awake hours as well. 

I also attended a meditation session at a women's retreat, which I loved, and I've begun short periods of spiritual reading, followed by a very short period of meditation.

9.  Initiate internet free Sundays. In progress. As I discussed in my March update, I'm continuing to be much more conscious of my time online pursuing non-critical items on a daily basis, not just on Sundays. I don't consider this mastered as of yet, but I am committed to continue to working on it.

10. Lose ten pounds by signing up for an internet support program. In progress. I did activate an account at Spark People, a free online weight loss support program which I mentioned in an earlier post here (scroll down to Item #5). And as a result of doing so, and tracking my intake of calories more diligently, plus my positive improvements in areas #1 and #7 above, limiting my sugar and gluten intakes respectively, I am beginning to lose weight. As of this morning, I am down two pounds, so things are finally moving in the right direction. And if/when I achieve this goal, I'll post my before and after weight, along with photos, promise!

In addition, this month's Wellness Question was to share my favorite healthy skin and hair care tips. 

For the record, I have no significant skin care tips. I use Oil of Olay each morning, wear a big hat when I'm active outside, and that's about it.

Hair tips, however, yes!

First and foremost - invest in a good stylist! You could probably actually start and stop there, but I do follow a few other practices to maximize my hair type, which is fine, but a good amount of it.

Although I use fairly generic shampoo, conditioner and styling mousse, I do invest in two specific products.

#1 - Redkin Wax Blast 10. A light spray after blow drying my hair provides texture that remains all day, even if I run my fingers through my hair.

#2 - Good quality finishing hair spray like Enjoy or Kenra. I can't stand my bangs falling into my face, so I finish with a healthy dose of finishing spray, which also provides additional texture.


I want to invite you all to not only visit the blogs of some of the other Wellness participants below, but to consider joining us. We’ll be posting updates the second Wednesday of each month throughout 2018, so there is plenty of time to climb on board the Wellness train. Or, just join in by leaving a reply on how you are doing with YOUR wellness goals


  1. Great goals! Look forward to hearing more about the backpacking event and long distance bike ride. I"m not good with "bike bum" so as much as I love to ride, my bottom hates me for it. LOL

    1. Hi Leanne! So, that bike bum thing . . . it's real for sure, but, you can train it and it actually comes along pretty quickly! At least that's been my experience. I started at 25 miles, and went up 5 each week from there, and it was bearable. Not 'great' but definitely bearable!

  2. You've made great progress, Tamara! I use meditation and deep breathing to help me fall asleep, too. Simple yet very effective. Look forward to reading about your backpacking and photos.

    1. I do love having concrete goals, so thanks again, Natalie, for getting the Wellness Wednesday series established! I feel like I'm doing really well with everything but sugar, so I'll continue to battle that one until I prevail!

  3. Great to see your progress on goals and to me health goals are always a WIP as that is part of our lifestyle isn't it? I love your hair and would love longer locks but alas, I find it difficult to style. Thanks for the product tips though. I'm doing the Mindful in May Challenge which is a daily guided meditation for each day in May. I am slowly learning to sit still for longer than 2 minutes!!! Have a great week, Tarama xx
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. I have no issues succeeding at physical challenges like long distance biking and backpacking, but those other challenges like doing more meditation, drinking more water, and limiting sugar? So. darn. hard!

      Regarding hair: My stylists over the years have told me I have 'bendable hair' which means it responds very well to being blown dry with a round brush. That's all I use, as a result, than pump it all up with the styling products above, and work to keep my hands off of it. I'm good if I do, back to hair in my face if I don't, so I do!

  4. Forward progress. Great job. Dehydration can make you feel pretty lousy. As active as you are, and yet living in an area where I imagine the humidity is relatively high, I would think it is easy to get dehydrated before you know what's happening. Here in far west Texas, it is so dry that I know immediately when I am dehydrating. Have heard that by the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

    Yay for standing on one foot, I am relearning that in barre class. That 66 mile bike ride was quite the accomplishment. Limiting sugar and gluten is tough. I would think just being more conscious of the amounts you are eating is half the battle.

    I completely made up my own prompts for this month's Wellness Wednesday. Sometimes I worry about myself.

    1. Fortunately we are not as humid in California as in much of the rest of the country, however, when I'm sweating consistently for many hours in a row, I tend to deplete all of my electrolytes, and that can go very badly south very quickly if I'm not conscientious about replacing them. My favorite go-to for this is a product called Nuun, which makes electrolyte replacement tablets that not only work well, but taste great. A win-win in that I drink a lot more water when it's flavored then when it is not.

      Good job on the barre class! As much as I've been hearing about them lately, I'm rather tempted to take one myself so I can be part of the conversation. I mean what little girl didn't dream of growing up to be a ballerina at some point, right? :-)


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