June Goals

We are back from our little RV'ing getaway to the wine country and coastline of Central California (click here to see my photos via Instagram), so with just about 10 days here before we head out on our next RV'ing adventure to the national parks of Utah and Western Colorado, it seems a good time to set some goals for what I would like to accomplish this month.

I can easily get distracted by unimportant 'stuff,' so this should be a good way to keep myself focused and moving forward. My hope is that as I do each month's wrap up, I'll feel a sense of accomplishment at all the items check off. At least, that's the plan!

June Goals

1. Follow up with architect to ensure minor plan changes requested by city after their first round of review are resubmitted to them by next Monday. Five days after that we should receive final approval, yeah!

2. Get our garage door opener lights repaired before our home warranty expires on June 29.

3. Begin tracking my daily food intake in order to lose five pounds this month.

4. Get plans for widening of driveway and replacement of front yard grass with artificial turf from our landscaper, so that we can submit an approval form to our HOA before leaving on our trip.

5. Go through designated Christmas cupboards in garage and donate or toss every item that has not been utilized in the last five years.

6. Transfer our home/earthquake/umbrella policies away from our current, local agency, and back to our prior insurance agency in our old town. The difference in customer service is very apparent, and since all three policies renew this month, the timing is perfect to do so.

7. Transfer one file, out of the dozen or so I've accumulated from our international trips over the years, to our private family blog, including digital photos and links to activities that we did, so that I can toss the paper file into the trash.

8. Prepare a three week menu plan for our upcoming RV trip, in order to buy as many items locally here before we depart as possible. Since we'll be primarily in small towns during this trip, I anticipate very high supermarket prices once we hit the road, which stocking up in advance will help to mitigate.

9. Notify our neighbors that we will be gone, and provide them with our contact information, as well as that of our contractor, in the event anything arises during our absence that needs handling.

10. Prep the house for our absence, including turning off the water valve that controls inside plumbing, stopping mail, and purchasing and setting timers. 

Now to print off this list and display it prominently somewhere in the house, to ensure it remains top of mind in the weeks ahead!


  1. I keep losing three pounds, then go out of town and find them again. Ugh. About to give up on weight loss and just keep working toward being more fit.
    My parents would take out for close to a month at a time in the RV. Preparing for the adventure was a big undertaking for my mom. I think you are wise about the prices in little stores along your trip; buying from your familiar local store will save money. But then you have to put it all somewhere in the RV!
    Great idea to turn off the water to the house. I remember your flooding disaster from the past.
    Sounds like you are very much on top of all that needs to be done. I have no doubt you will be prepared for about anything as you pull out of the driveway to start this vacation.

    1. On 'normal' vacations I do definitely need to moderate my food intake, but our RV'ing trips are almost always very biking/hiking heavy, so I tend to lose weight. Thankfully!

      Living in such tight quarters can get a bit old, but the tradeoff is the amazing beauty we'll be experiencing everywhere we go at just @$40 a night, plus our best friends are going with us in their rig. So excited!

      We've dine sooo many of these long RV trips that you are right that we have a good system in place, but you never know . . . surprises can still occur! 😅

  2. You sound like you have it all under control! Good luck! ;)
    I'm going to start writing down my monthly goals too. It sounds sensible and must give one
    a feeling of accomplishment.
    I'd be curious to see how the menu planning works out.
    I find when I'm on holidays I lose all my discipline. My on-going goal...lose 5-7 pounds! :)

    1. Hi Robin! In that I keep meal planning in our rig very, very simple, it will actually be pretty easy to plan out our meals. We'll also be dining out @ 1/3 of the time, so I'll really only need to plot out @ 14 meals. Things like tortellini, salad, bread. Ez peasy stuff!

      This trip will be very hiking heavy, so I anticipate dropping a few pounds between the start and end. The goal is to keep up the momentum once we return home!

    2. Hi again...what shoes have you found good for hiking and walking. Suggestions? Thanks :)

    3. I wear Brooks Cascadia trail runners for all my day hiking. I think I'm on my 5th or 6th pair, so I've been wearing them for a very long time. They arebsomewhat lightweight, and have good grip on bottom. I do need to wear hiking socks to avoid blisters as they are pretty tightly structured compared to a running shoe.

      For walking I just wear my running shoes, currently a New Balance style for over-pronaters.

      For backpacking I wear a much more structured pair of hiking boots than the trail runners.

  3. Sounds like lots happening in your world and what a beautiful part of the US you will be visiting. Great idea about making a personal blog about your travels for just your family. I tend to take so many photos and then not look at them. This would be a lovely memory for you all. Enjoy your next RV trip!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. Sue, I highly recommended creating a private blog for this! Eliminates vacation paper clutter, number one, but even better, you can go back and revisit whenever you wish, wherever you wish, and with whomever you wish. I

      I really do love my family blog. 😊

  4. Read your goals,, considered the prep necessary for a three week RV trip and decided I'd better go take a nap because I completely exhausted myself just thinking about all you hope to accomplish. Still envious of your upcoming trip but have convinced myself to act like an adult and wish you a safe and memorable trip filled with many happy adventures!

    1. LOL, Mary! It's really not that bad. We've done it so often we are almost on auto pilot. ☺

      It's the what-ifs for the backyard construction that will be occurring while we are gone that are causing us stress!


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