What We're Eating This Week 3/28 - 4/3

This week is making me laugh a bit in that a couple of the dinners we'll be eating have been kicked down the road, so to speak, from quite a few weeks ago. The reason is that I often end up with more leftovers than expected, particularly if entertaining, and because there's just the two of us, they can end up lasting us quite a while.

It's all good for our pocketbook, however, with just $60 being spent this week on groceries. And I'm pretty confident that all of the meals below will actually get made and consumed this week!

What We're Eating This Week

Wednesday - We entertained friends, starting with wine and a charcuterie board of cream cheese topped with a sour cherry jam, crackers, hummus, veggies and homemade pita chips. For dinner we had quinoa and corn veggie burgers, roasted sweet potato fries and a kale and broccoli salad. For dessert we had vanilla bean ice cream topped with macerated strawberries & blackberries and finished off with a sprinkling of, wait for it . . . coarsely ground black pepper, and I'm telling you, it was divine!

Buy this at a restaurant and spend a pretty penny, or make it at home for literally, just pennies.

Recipe for Macerated Berries

One pound of your favorite berries, sliced a bit if strawberries, left whole otherwise
1/4 cup of water
1/4 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of good quality balsamic vinegar

Gently mix all of the above, and leave to macerate for a few hours, or overnight.

Thursday- Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken served over fettuccine pasta (leftovers from freezer), tossed green salad.

Toss in a couple of teaspoons of tomato paste if you'd like, to thicken up the delicious sauce!

Friday - Good Friday, so hubby will be fasting, and I'll just have an acai bowl using this recipe.

Saturday - Dine out with friends

Sunday - Easter Dinner dine out with family.

Monday - This super easy, but absolutely delicious 7-ingredient Zuppa Toscana Soup. As usual, I'll use sweet potato chunks in place of the potato gnocchi, make my own roasted red peppers instead of buying jarred, and will be swapping out coconut milk for the heavy cream in order to lighten up on the calories.

TuesdayBlack Bean Taco Bowls* (I'll be leaving out the meat and increasing the amount of black beans accordingly), tossed green salad.

*This week's new-to-me recipes.


The above is a very typical weekly mix of freshly made, leftovers, and dine outs. And a pretty accurate glimpse of what our retirement lives look like from a meal standpoint.

What are you serving up this coming week? Is your menu planning changing to reflect the change of seasons? I'd love to hear what your dishing up!


  1. Glad to read your tip about swapping coconut milk for heavy cream. I need to try that. My mom used to make fresh fruit similar to your recipe but I don't think she added the Balsamic. Will give that a try. I have eaten so well this week. Proud of myself. A lot of WW inside-out egg rolls, chicken and black bean stir fry. Down three pounds! Might see my fightin' weight again someday!

    1. Leslie, I use unsweetened coconut milk anytime milk is called for, and it has always worked just fine, including when I'm baking. I would presume the soup will be a bit less creamy, but I'm fine with that. Unsweetened coconut milk has no flavor, as in zero, so food will definitely not taste like coconut after using it!

      And 'yeah' for a few pounds lost. That's a guaranteed day-brightener. :-)

  2. The menu this past week:
    stir fry with leftover chicken
    fish tacos topped with zucchini/carrot slaw using the spiral slicer
    leftover kale/sausage soup
    stew ( to give away)
    This creates leftovers and I need to focus on just 3 dishes/week so it all gets used up. This holiday w/e includes one meal out. I'm thinking of some roast ham and scalloped potatoes for Sunday. Spring hasn't arrived; it's -22C this morning.
    Tamara, you'd asked for the recipe for the lemon roast potatoes. I can't remember the source.
    Lemon Roast Potatoes
    potatoes, peeled & sliced 1/4-1/2 in thick
    jce of 2 lemons
    1/2 c olive oil
    3/4 c water
    1T semolina
    1 tsp dried oregano
    Salt & pepper to taste
    Preheat oven to 400F. Toss potatoes in a pan with lemon jce, S&P, olive oil & water. Bake x 30 min. Remove from oven, turn potatoes and sprinkle with semolina & oregano. (I mix 1T flour with 1T cornmeal).Roast for another 30min or until crisp.

    1. Your kale/sausage soup sounds similar to the Zuppa Toscana soup I'll be making tonight. If so, what I love about it is that it's so simple to make while still being really delicious.

      And thank you so much for returning to share your lemon roast potato recipe!


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