What We're Eating This Week 3/15 - 3/21

I confess that we ended up eating so many leftovers last week (I'm talking to you great big batch of vegetarian chili!), I ended up moving three of my meals from last week to this week. However, because I had such a small list last week (I spent less than $25), and because we are both entertaining and hosting friends overnight this upcoming week, my grocery list was still rather long, and I came in at just under $120 this week.

Which made my husband happy, because tolerant as he is about what is placed in front of him each night, even he got a bit weary of vegetarian chili, delicious as it might have been!

So here's what's on the menu for the week, including notations for nights we're dining elsewhere.

What We're Eating This Week

Thursday - Leftover vegetarian chili, garlic bread. (We were gone all day visiting art museums in San Diego, and I was too tired to cook when we returned . . . TG for freezer leftovers!)

Friday - Black Bean Taco Bowls* (Lenten Friday for hubby, so I'll leave out the meat), tossed green salad.

Saturday - Happy Hour here with friends before departing for a concert & dining event. In that it will be St. Patricks day, we'll be serving a selection of Guinness beer along with an orange and green inspired menu (go Irish!) of  puff pastry tomato tartlets, Trader Joe's olive tapenade, and thinly sliced baguettes.

Sunday - Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken & Cheddar Quesadillas*, tossed green salad.

Photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Monday - Bowtie Pesto Pasta using this homemade pesto recipe which I make once a year and freeze in small batches, tossed green salad.

Tuesday- Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken, fettuccine pasta, Caesar salad.

Toss in a couple of teaspoons of tomato paste if you'd like, to thicken up the delicious sauce!

*This week's new-to-me recipes.


The above is a very typical weekly mix of freshly made, leftovers, freezer leftovers and dineouts. And a pretty accurate glimpse of what our retirement lives look like from a meal standpoint.

What are you serving up this coming week? Any tips on controlling your weight by managing your at home eating you care to share?


  1. Your quesadilla and chicken looks delicious. Both were on my menu this past week but I didn't get around to it. I ended up with leftovers of which there are still some in the fridge. I hosted a house concert on Sunday night and served pork chops, lemon potatoes and roasted veggies to the performers who said it was the best pork chops they'd ever eaten (music to a cook's ears). The performers stayed another night so we made Thai soup together. That will be lunch today and I took a serving to my young cousin the other day. I'd also made a pot of beef barley soup for my cousin (who's on dialysis) and a few servings to my aged mom who doesn't do so well in the kitchen these days. There was dinner out on Wednesday (that resulted in a to-go portion so more leftovers) and again tonight. Will there be green beer tomorrow?

    1. You lemony potatoes sound lovely! How do you make them?

      And, no, no green beer here, just the Guinness, plus Irish music playing loudly on Pandora to set the mood as folk arrive. Should be a fun night!


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