Winter Bucket List - Update #1

Welcome to Update #1 of how I'm doing on my 10 Things Winter Bucket List!

This is our first winter along the coast, and we are so enjoying discovering a whole host of new activities as a result. So if I appreciated these Bucket Lists before, I'm really appreciating them now in that they force me to keep reaching just a little bit higher. Which is exactly how I like to go about this thing called life!

And as always, I'm linking up with a group of other terrific bloggers to share Winter Bucket List updates from those of us in the northern hemisphere, plus Summer Bucket Lists from the gals Down Under, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see who else is participating, and to visit their blogs for additional change-of-season inspiration.

Update #1 for 10 Things On My Winter Bucket List

1.  Skype our granddaughter on Christmas morning in order to watch her open presents. Yes! We all got onto nice big Skype instead of itty bitty Face Time, and spent an hour and a half in absolute bliss watching our granddaughter open her presents, plus the gifts we'd given to our daughter and son-in-law and vice versa. So, so, so much nicer than connecting by phone. It really did feel like we were all together, and not just in spirit. (And only two more weeks till we really are all together!)

2.  Go for a hike kayak at the beach on Christmas morning. Yes! We went hiking along the beach on Christmas Eve, so on Christmas morning everyone decided they'd like to go kayaking at the harbor instead, and so we did. It was so, so much fun, and the harbor was bustling with families out enjoying the harbors many sights and sounds, including Christmas carolers, paddle boarders, kayakers like us, a little beach area to run around and play in, and oodles of free-to-all nautical sights and sounds. What a lovely way to ring in our first Christmas here, and so much fun I think we're going to make it a tradition whenever we're the ones hosting Christmas day!

3.  Make three new crockpot recipes. In Process. I made crockpot recipe #1, this Indian slow cook chicken curry by Anupy Singla. I added everything in the recipe except for the methi leaves because a) Sprouts didn't carry this item in it's bulk spice area*, and I wasn't willing to buy an entire bottle when I'd likely never use it again, and 2) the recipe indicated it was optional. (*Which is what I did for the more exotic ingredients in the dish like cardamom pods and garam masala - I bought only what I needed at Sprouts, spending less than $1.00 combined.)

The meal turned out very nice, with the chicken tender and fragrant. I served it over rice, with lots of chopped cilantro on top, and greek yogurt on the side.

4.  Make hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps. Pending.

5.  Attend the Palms Springs International Film Festival. 
Yes! We enjoyed 13 movie viewings from a variety of countries including Israel, Lebanon, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Germany.

6.  Go hiking in the desert while we are there. Yes! We took three hikes up and around Palm Spring's Lykken trail, which we are able to easily access from the RV Park we stayed at during our visit. And on our first time on the trail we finally came across the big horn sheep that live in the area, that have alluded us for years, so that was an unexpected bonus!

The elusive big horn sheep. Always a thrill to see wildlife in the, well, wild!

7. Start taking tennis lessons. Pending.

8.  Spend an evening reading by the fireplace. Yes! And have been doing so an a fairly frequent basis upon realizing how nice it is to do so with a little fire burning, and soft music playing in the background. And why I enjoy doing these bucket lists so much - they get me to do all kind of wonderful things I likely wouldn't get around to otherwise!

9.  See all of the movies being nominated for a 2018 Oscar. 
Pending. The nominees should be announced this week, and then we can get started, although we're hedging our bet and going to see Oscar-nominee shoe in, The Post, today.

10. Travel up to Central California to watch the winter birthing of baby elephant seals at Ano Nuevo State Park. Pending.


My count indicates that so far I have five of my 10 items completed, one in process, and four still pending. I'll be back with an update on my remaining items on February 21, so be sure to check back to see how I'm doing. Or better yet, create your own Winter Bucket List and join in on the fun!

Did you create a Winter Bucket List? How are you doing with it if so?


  1. A great winter so far! How did you like The Post?

    1. We're seeing it this afternoon, so I'll pop back and let you know a bit later today!

    2. Juhli, just back from seeing film. Being hyper critical, having just seen truly fine film making via the Palm Springs Film Fest, I would say The Post is well worth seeing if only to gain insight into some of Washington's very unsavory dealings as it pertains to the Vietnam War. As pure filmmaking, it fell a bit short of what I would normally expect in a Spielberg movie, however it's my understanding the film was rushed through production in response to what is perceived as attempts today to suppress the media. YMMV.

  2. This list of goals helps to ground my time and be more purposeful in my life.
    Winter Bucket List 2018
    1. Make monthly contributions to the local food bank. The first contribution has been made. I will sync this with the regular appointment at the hair stylists.
    2. Take prepared food to mom’s weekly. I'm on track with this.
    3. Visit. I have a list of people that I want to connect with. Today, I'm having folks over for dinner so I'll be able to check 3 off the list.
    4. Exercise 4 times weekly whether it’s a walk, stationary bike, weights, stairclimbing. I've been walking when the temps aren't below -15C so that's translated into 3-5xweekly. I need to up my game with the indoor activities.
    5. Volunteer at the school once a month. Pending.
    6. Attend at least 3 community association meetings. The first meeting of the year is scheduled for next Monday.
    7. Scrapbook. I have pictures from 2 trips that are calling to me.
    8. Paint the shop wall hangings. Pending.
    9. Visit with my granddaughters monthly or write a letter. The month deadline is pending as is one of their birthdays.
    10. Continue to take meals to a cousin biweekly as long as she is on dialysis. Check.
    11. Paint the porch, main BR. Pending.
    12. Bake bread. I’ll have to start by getting more loaf pans. Pending. I did get a recipe for dutch oven buns.

    1. It would appear you are making great progress Mona, and I'm impressed with how much of your list pertains to providing service to others.

      I too have difficulty being physically active indoors. Outdoors, though? It's no effort at all, it's pure pleasure.

    2. Bravo, Mona. So glad you play along with us. I need ore loaf pans, too. Thank you for the reminder.
      Would love to see pictures of your scrapbook pages. Where do you buy your papers and embellishments?
      Thanks for joining us.

    3. Creative Memories is a Canadian supplier. I have quite a stash & one of my goals is to use it up. I also have inherited supplies from friends who have given up the hobby. I also have bargain finds from department stores.

  3. What a great list. I love that they are all enjoyable items and not "should do" kind of things. And your photos are lovely. Keep up the good work!

    1. My New Years resolutions and Wellness Wednesday items are more along the lines of 'should do's' but I really want to keep my seasonal bucket list items as aspirations, not chores. ☺

  4. Hi Tamara! I loved reading through your list and what a good idea to include movies nominated for 2018 Oscar awards. How wonderful to have Skype and such a lovely idea for Christmas morning. It must have been almost as good as being there in person. I'm so lucky that I only live 10 minutes from my grandson and 30 minutes from our other grandchildren. I think I take that for granted. You are looking fabulous and the area where you live is beautiful Thanks for sharing your bucket list and have a beautiful week.

    1. Sue, we had our granddaughter within a 90 minute drive for her first two years, and we also were her daycare providers for much of her first year, at the point that my daughter returned to teaching. As a result we miss her terribly now that we are five hours apart by plane, but we feel so fortunate to be able to fly back to visit about every two months and to Skype and FaceTime in between. She's now old enough that she takes the phone from Mom when we FaceTime, and carries us around the house while she talks and sings to us. It is such fun and so, so cute!

  5. You're doing great with your list, Tamara. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. I hope to see a few Oscar nominee movies, too. Look forward to reading your updates.

    1. I want these seasonal bucket lists to be fun, Natalie, so I hope that comes through in my updates!

  6. Thank you, Tamara, for reminding me on my blog that we should be concentrating on forward progress and not 100% completion on the activities on our lists. You are doing so very well on yours!

    We enjoyed an evening without the drone of TV last night and it was blissful. The fire was going, too, and our kitties were curled up with us. The simple things.

    PC is a huge movie buff but has been disappointed with the offerings lately. We will be anxious to see what is nominated for Oscar contention. Waiting for Hostiles to arrive at our theaters.

    Tell me about your hiking gloves. I was just asking PC if there was such a thing as hiking gloves. We hiked a particularly rocky, rough trail on Friday and at times I was practically crawling up the mountain! Which prompted me to wonder about gloves. Do they help you with gripping? We also use walking sticks, would gloves help us hold onto them? You certainly are a stylish, attractive hiker!

    1. With regard to movies: In general, I'd rather read the book (if an adaptation), or go to live theater/music. As a result, we only tend to see movies in January via first the Int'l Film Festival, then the Oscar nominees. In between? Nada!

      My hiking gloves are actually weight lifting gloves, because they tend to be much less expensive than 'real' biking gloves, but are just as effective. I wear them because I tend to get blisters otherwise. If not for that, I'd opt to go gloveless other than on really cold days.

      You made me laugh about being a stylish hiker. We know the Lykken trail well enough to be fairly casual when doing it, meaning I'm wearing gym-type clothing more than hiking clothing. Trust me, you'd likely not recognize me in my hiking clothes in that I'm covered up from head to toe. :-)

  7. Great job on your bucket list. Reading by the fire just sounds lovely. I'm excited to see the official Oscar nominees; I'm going to try and see what I can before the bight night. :)
    Ooh an international film festival sounds great. I love foreign movies.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping in, Lauren, I'm looking forward to reading your blog in that it looks light, bright and happy!

      I love foreign films too, because they let you see things through the lens of a different set of perspectives. Always a good thing IMO!

  8. Tamara, how awesome that you were able to be a part of Christmas morning with your Granddaughter. That is always such a special day. Since I have had kids, I know that technology has definitely played a huge role in my kids getting to spend time with their grandparents and great grandparents who lives hours away.

    Great job your bucket list so far. I would say you have been quite successful.

    1. I can't tell you how very, very happy being able to see our girl makes us, and I am quite sure your parents appreciate it as well. We miss her so, so much in between visits, but technology helps bridge that gap so amazingly! Yesterday, for example, I read to her a bit via FaceTime, and in return she sang to me. Then we both went sliding around our respective wood floors in our socks, a trick I taught her last time we were together, and it was soooo much fun. :-)


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