My Word For 2018

I selected my first theme word in 2016, and I found myself much appreciating the simplicity of doing so as I set goals throughout the year. More on my word for 2017, and how I did, later, because today is all the word I've chosen for 2018 - Energize.

Now that our move is completed, and I'm back to sleeping fairly decently after about four years of peri-menopause disruption (sorry gentlemen!), I'm feeling increasingly like my life is back in my hands to do with what I want. I experienced such severe energy loss over the last couple of years due to my sleep deprivation, that there were times I wondered if I'd ever by my 'old' self again. Now that I'm pretty much over the hump of menopause and feeling increasingly human, this feels like exactly the right word to really punch up 2018 and make it my best year yet.

Here is my plan for applying my word throughout 2018:
  • Energize my workouts. 
    • Add in 2x a week strength training to my workouts.
    • Add in 1x a week yoga workouts.
    • Plan a backpacking trip, and develop a training schedule plan.
    • Sign up for a metric century and develop a training schedule plan.
  • Energize my health.
    • Work to eliminate processed sugar and flour from my diet.
    • Continue to limit alcohol, primarily wine, to just the weekends.
    • Make appointments for medical and dental checkups.
    • Increase daily water consumption to 8 cups/1 quart 
    • Lose ten pounds
  • Energize my time with family.
    • Plan two family trips, one with each daughter, aiming to keep their individual interests in mind when deciding what to do/where to go.
    • Plan a trip to visit my father in Texas (he normally comes here, but I need to go his way this year, even though I don't care for the area where he lives.)
  • Energize my spiritual life.
    • Begin daily morning reflection time.
    • Begin daily meditation of five minutes each morning and afternoon.
  • Energize my mind.
    • Practice ten minutes of Spanish daily and attend Friday conversation classes when we're not traveling.
    • Sign up for ongoing learning classes during all three semesters (spring, summer and fall).
    • Read two books per month that are not assigned book club reads, ideally one fiction and one non fiction.
That's a total of 16 areas or items to focus on in 2018, or roughly four per season. I look forward to providing regular updates on how I'm doing over the course of next year.


Care to join me? Feel free to share your word and/or goals below.


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