Five Things Making Me Happy Today 12/11

Time to put last week's unpleasantness behind and get back to a better place, so here are five things making me happy today!

1. I spent the afternoon walking and basking along our beautiful coastline, and felt so very, very thankful this is now mine anytime I wish. And as a five-month 'local' I now know all the places where parking is free, so even if I only have a few minutes to spare, I can swing by for a quick dose of ocean tranquility.

2. During last week's chaos I sent this photo to my daughter, showing the flurry of activity occurring in the house. When my three year old granddaughter saw it she asked, 'What are all those green robots doing in Nana's house?' I died.

3. We attended the most wonderful holiday big band jazz concert last night at a nearby college. The conductor was fantastic, comedy-club funny, provided each student with well deserved solos, gave the children an opportunity to get involved on stage, hopefully planting seeds for future jazz aficionados, and the music and musicality of the performers was just incredible. Two solid hours of wonderful jazz for just $10, and another testament to retiring in an area where colleges and universities abound.

4. I have my kitchen back!

What my kitchen looked like all last week!
I hadn't realized the extent to which the water remediation team was going to go to in order to protect my cabinetry, so I'd set absolutely nothing aside, not even our coffeepot. Oye vey! We ended up spending about 48 hours subsisting on take out as a result, so when the wrappings came off last night, and we had full access once again, even if half the floor is now bare concrete, we were thrilled.

5. All of which means I don't have to pick up a pie from a bakery tomorrow on our way to an event, but can now instead make what I'd originally planned, this decadent Chocolate Caramel Truffle Pie. Homemade is almost always better than store bought in my experience, plus it has the added bonus of coming from the heart!

Your turn! What's making you happy today? Please share below.


  1. I'm happy to finish my 5K run this morning and read that you're back in your happy place, Tamara. I was catching up on what happened via your previous blog posts. After reading your "The not so perfect day" post which made me think "oh no" a couple of times, I was going to suggest a couple of simple things to reduce stress but you already knew how to get out of your funk. Good for you! Keep focusing on activities that bring you joy. The contractors will make your home beautiful again.

    1. The power of the ocean is truly amazing. I sat on a rock for about half an hour simply watching and listening to the pounding surf, and felt about 1000% better afterward. I am so thankful to live in a place where the ocean is a daily part of my life. The rest is just noise when it comes down to it, right? ☺


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