Home Office Make Over (Mine!)

After a second Pottery Barn delivery attempt - the first attempt included a damaged desk - my new home office furniture finally arrived in proper form. And then a few days later, my new shaggy red rug and yummy white leather and chrome office chair, so I thought I'd share the before and after's here just as I did with my hubby's home office a little earlier in the month.

Here is the before of my home office, as it appeared at our July move-in:

So, so many things wrong with this picture! Old, stained carpeting, rickety single paned windows that let in all of the heat from the afternoon sun, ancient curtains, non-functioning mini blinds, heavy, dark old oak desk built into the space formerly (properly!) a closet, non working clock, dirty brass door handle, non functioning outlets.

So, so unattractive!
We literally took this space down to the plywood and drywall, ripping every single element out, including the not-to-bad ceiling fan, and replacing with new.

Here is what it looks like now, in it's shared functionality as both my home office, and a secondary guest bedroom for, primarily my visiting granddaughter:

I love that my new Pottery Barn desk fits perfectly into the recessed window area, allowing me to see the views outside rather than just the dark wood recess of the former closet-built in desk. The new dual pane windows keep out most of the heat, assisted by the pretty new shutters we had put in on all of our front-facing windows.

Matching bookcase - both it and my desk are painted glossy white.
The bookcase holds, well, books! I'm already envisioning my granddaughter laying on the fluffy red rug happily reading or coloring, while I work on my computer.

I once again have a closet, which I so appreciate. My office closet primarily holds the items pertaining to many of my indoor hobbies - Spanish studies, music studies, photography equipment, and scrapbooking materials.

A closet once again!

I love this sign, with it's inspiring message.

Here are close ups of the new desk and desk chair, taken from each vendor's site:

This desk has really terrific dimensions.
It's long but narrow at just 19" deep, so it easily fit through my doorway.
The bottom drawers on either side are file drawers. 

This chair received terrific reviews, assembled in a snap,
and is very, very comfortable.

For now, the interior decorating is done, and I'm so enjoying being able to simply enjoy our home!

Plans And Goals For Today
Read 4% of Alexander Hamilton
Sweep floors
Walk four miles
Bake chocolate cake for evening event
Attend potluck wine tasting event


  1. Beautiful make over! You really did buy a house in need of renovation. I got a kick out of read 4% of Alexander Hamilton as I gave up on it.

    1. Yes, we did Juhli! But now it's a total reflection of us, so I'm finally good with it, whew.

      I'm actually really enjoying Hamilton, and I'm learning tons, but it's so very factual I can only handle so much at a time. I only have 22% to go, just 11 days more!!!

  2. I reember when we were reading "The Histoiran" for book group some time back. We all looked at each other and said something like "25 pages before bed every night, agreed?". In that case there was a moment in the book where you go "Ohhhh" and then can't wait to finish it, but I do rememer those early moments! You'll have to go the other way and read "Burr" when you're done!

    1. I don't know, Barb, I'm over 2/3 of the way through and it's still slow going. Extremely interesting for sure, but slow going. The author, Ron Chernow, paints a pretty positive portrait of Washington and Hamilton, but is clearly no fan whatsoever of Jefferson and Madison, so I'm thinking I should follow up on those two figures next. I will say the shenanigans that went on in the 1700's makes today's political travails look like a walk in the park by comparison!

    2. I should clarify - the reason it's slow going is that the book is full of direct quotes taken from a variety of historic documents, and of course the language is these sections feels a bit archaic, thus requiring that I slow down so as to comprehend. Not as bad as trying to read Shakespeare, but definitely not the language of today. Thus way I say it's both interesting and slow going at the same time.

  3. I can almost see that adorable grandbabe of yours curled up with a picture book on your red rug. Won't be long til she is reading to YOU! This office makeover is spot on. How much better the view from your desk now versus the way the room was set up when you moved in. We have mini-blinds but sure would like to switch them out, maybe a room at a time, for the wide blinds that you have. Huge improvement!

    1. Leslie, I switched from mini-blinds to 3" shutters in our last home over 20 years ago, and honestly can't see living with anything else for privacy and heat control. I love that they really are timeless, and will therefore never, ever need to be replaced. We do not have them in the rear of our current house because we wish to preserve the view, so we went with custom roller shades that disappear from view when retracted. Were it not for the views, I'd have them on every single, solitary window!


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