Another Remodeling Project Completed, But I Am So Over This!

I embarked on my first home improvement project at the ripe old age of 12, when I convinced my parents to take me to the paint store, and then dragged my bedroom dresser out into our backyard in order to repaint it in bright green and white.

I also vividly remember visiting my Nana over the years while growing up and checking to see what had been changed in her home when we arrived, because almost always she would have moved or redecorated something since I'd last been there.

So clearly it's in my DNA.

However, I'm thinking I need a bit of a break in that I'm no longer 12. Or 20. Or even 40. I'm newly 55, and right now I'm just tired!

But first, let me start off by saying that I am so appreciative that we have been able to get our new home fixed up so quickly, I truly, truly, truly am. But, I am also so done with having contractors in our home, and I'm thinking I/we need a break for sure. We just finished an absolutely beautiful cabinetry project in my husband's home office, but our wonderful contractors were here for three days running, one day longer than expected, and didn't finish up until 7:00 PM last night, Friday evening. Because of the unexpected job run over, I had to cancel all of my Friday plans, plus Friday is generally the night of the week when we relax outside and open a nice bottle of wine, and I make a nicer than usual dinner. Instead, we hid out in our upstairs guest bedroom to drink our wine, and ordered in pizza.

But enough with the whining, and onto our recent results! Here is the before of my hubby's office, 1980's-era floral border and all:

And here is what it looks like now after being re-painted, re-floored, re-windowed, re-shuttered and re-ceiling fanned along with the rest of the house back in September, then having new creamy, espresso-accented cabinetry installed this past week:

I love, love, love that my sweet hubby's 'stuff' will now
all be hidden away behind cabinet doors.

I love this built in credenza, and am thinking we will look
for a nice sculpture of some sort to put on top.

The cabinetry is beautifully made, and will hopefully
serve my husband well for years to come.

My husband loves crown molding, so he's very happy he can now
 look up and see some whenever he sits down at his desk!
We are both extremely pleased with how it turned out, and I will say this job was a whole lot easier with regard to small detail decision making, in that it's pretty much the same installation we had done in our old home this past Spring:

The office in our prior home, which my hubby was only
 able to enjoy for a few weeks before we put the house up for sale!

The only change between the first and second office builds is the credenza, which is twice as high in our new build due to the windows being higher up on the wall.

We still have a few small decor items to pick up to finish off our current projects, but those I much enjoy shopping for in that they don't create big messes in the process. For now at least, the big contracting messes are on hold until I get my remodeling mojo back.

At which point there is a linen closet in need of re-facing, and two bathrooms in need of re-tiling that are calling my name!

Plans And Goals For Today
- Run four miles
- Prep meal for dinner party tonight
- Dust house, including floors
- Attend final tidepool training session
- Entertain!


  1. Wow! What a completely different look - it's gorgeous! Love the choices.

    1. I felt so bad that my husband barely got to use his first one (about three weeks in total before we listed our prior home) that I wanted to make it a priority in the new one. This time we're staying put!


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