Five Things Making Me Happy Today 10/19

Fall is here, and I for one am loving every moment of our slightly cooler temperatures, the only real thing that signals seasonal changes here in Southern California. Of course, we do still have our occasional heat waves, but they pass on through pretty quickly at this time of year.

So here are five things making me happy today:
  1. I recently discovered that my convection microwave really does 'bake!' I was initially skeptical when told about the microwave's dual function during our realtor's tour of the house, but this weekend I finally got around to using it to bake some sweet potatoes while my 'real' oven was occupied, and darn'd if it didn't work just like a regular convection oven. Meaning, I was able to wrap my sweet potatoes in tin foil as I normally would, though I admit I stood nervously watching for several minutes to make sure the microwave didn't burst into flames! I'm so excited to have the usage of a second oven for those few times a year when I need it!
    The microwave up top bakes, it really, really bakes!
  2. While FaceTiming with our granddaughter recently she called my husband and I her friends, which is toddler speak, I think, for letting us know we are part of her inner circle of safe people. Or, maybe she thinks of us as friends because we have so much fun playing together. Either way, I'll take it!
  3. My older daughter dropped by over the weekend just to hang out together, and we had a lovely time. She and I have had our share of difficult years, so to have her want to come by for no real reason other then to spend time with us is something I continue to cherish. 
  4. Our backyard, which continues to bring us joy on so many levels. Toward the end of our older daughter's recent visit we hung out on the balcony watching the sun slowly set over the ocean, and this morning we enjoyed watching a roadrunner sitting atop our wrought iron fence fluffing his or her feathers while we ate breakfast at our kitchen table. 
  5. This photo a member of my Facebook neighborhood group recently posted of our gorgeous S. Orange County shoreline, perfectly capturing the little slice of paradise I am now privileged to call home.
What's making you happy today? Please share!


  1. That view, such a pretty picture! We have a convection oven/mircowave too and I have yet to use it! I don't under stand how it does both! It's been 8 years, LOL! Still have yet to use it...perhaps I will try...yikes, I don't know if I can. Heck my oven has convection bake and I hardly use it too!

    1. Sarah, now that I'm an expert (Ha!), I can assert that you simply use it as you would your regular oven. It cooks by moving hot air around, vs generating heat from the bottom/top via heating coils. Try something safe first, like I did, to build confidence if you need to. :-)

  2. I like that you focus on what makes you happy and, in turn, prompt your readers to do the same. Early this morning, I received the news that a nephew and his partner have a new baby girl. I'm relishing in the anticipation of 2 days at home after a busy run of commitments outside the home. The house is bathed in morning sunshine on what should be a mild fall day. Yesterday I ran into a sage muse from 20 years ago and was overwhelmed with gratitude for her influence in my life. I've had 2 fun gatherings this week with friends. As always, there's lots to be happy about.

    1. Love, love your happy shares, thank you so much, Mona.

      Yes, life definitely has it's share of unpleasantness, and I can assure you I get my share just like everyone else, but why dwell on it? If I dwell on anything, I prefer it to be the things that make me feel joy. I'm pleased for your sake that you agree.

  3. YOUR post makes me happy. Love the idea of you and your husband being friends to your granddaughter. Doesn't get much better than that.

    Yay for time spent with your oldest daughter. Hope to read about more get-togethers between the two of you in the near future.

    1. Granddaughters = heaven for sure!

      My older daughter and I have made enormous progress in the last few years, and she gave me the sweetest card for my birthday, so I think a very big corner has been turned and we are now good for the long haul. She suffers from being the first born upon who's shoulders very big expectations were placed. She has delivered admirably, no easy task for someone born to two very intense, high achieving parents (work wise). I love her to pieces, and she is so much fun to be around in that she is always encouraging us to up our game. I feel so fortunate to have her living just up the coast a bit from us.


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