September Goals

I'm updating this post daily, so be sure to check back and see how our whole house cosmetic re-do is going!

Fellow blogger, Juhli, over at A Boomer Girl's Guide inspired me with a recent post about setting monthly goals. Since September is going to be both stressful and significant with regard to finishing up a total cosmetic makeover of our new home, I thought I'd go ahead and make my own list of goals so that I can then return here and check off in order to assure myself that, yes, progress is being made.

September Goals
  • Demolish all existing flooring other than newly tiled bathrooms/laundry room.  Done!
  • Paint entire interior of home, including a complete transformation of this 1980's era oak stair railing into a fresh and modern 2017 version.  Done!

  • Install new interior door handles. Done!
  • Install remaining new dual pane windows. Done!
  • Install new hardwood flooring. Done!
  • Install new entry and dining room lighting fixtures. Done!
  • Install new shutters and mounted shades. In Process. Shutters have been installed, with shades to follow.
  • Install new cabinet handles.
  • Install new bathroom wall fixtures.
  • Install new dimmer switches and GFI outlets.
  • Replace all existing wall outlets and switches with new in light almond.
  • Replace florescent light in laundry room with canned lighting.
  • Hand pictures and mirrors throughout house. In Process.
  • Arrange for disposal/pickup of all home decor items no longer wanted. In Process.
I'll be back as the month progresses with updates, so be sure to check back to see how I'm doing!


  1. Where's the fun? Your house will be gorgeous in addition to being in an amazing location once you finish. Good luck living through all of it.

    1. LOL! The fun is in checking off each completed item. Really!
      Each step is like a little unveiling of my new and improved home. :-)

  2. After the first two items and the flooring installation, I'd say the rest is much easier to live with. Looks like you've got skilled and reliable workers so that's already a big achievement. You're doing great managing this project and your stress level.

    1. My husband just gave me the same compliment about managing the project timeline, so thanks to you both!

      Yes, the first two are definitely the most disruptive, but since the wood flooring will go down room by room, I will be able to start placing furniture and other items as soon as each room gets completed. I'm so looking forward to that part!

  3. WOW! Your house is going to be brand spanking new from tip to toe, top to bottom! The staircase is lovely. Is that bay-ish window in your kitchen over your sink? What fun it would be to grow herbs in that large space in front of the window.

    I would imagine that doing some of this work in your home has felt a little like moving again. Having rooms turned topsy turvy while they undergo transformation. Afraid I would be swinging from the chandelier!

    1. It did feel like moving again to a degree, in that we re-filled two of our three garage bays with things from the house. The difference in placing it back inside of the house this week is that all the items have designated new homes that I previously determined, so it should go very quickly.

      The house is looking gorgeous, with the bottom floor looking like it will be fully completed today. In that the bottom floor includes our bedroom, that will really assist in feeling like we are finally settled in, even as the flooring guys move upstairs, and other vendors come in over the next week.

      We are so close!


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