Five Things Making Me Happy Today 9/7

It's been a while since I posted one of these, so here are five things making me happy today:

  1. We returned home from our recent trip to discover our neighbors had replaced their previously very loud swimming pool motor with a new one labeled as being 'Very Quiet'. And it is! So quiet I wondered if their motor had broken while we were away. Such a nice surprise to come home to!
  2. Sitting outside in our backyard for a bit pretty much every afternoon, just prior to my going in to start on dinner. After 25 years of being surrounded by tall stone walls, plus backing up to an increasingly busy street, the joy our backyard delivers, with it's lovely canyon and ocean-in-the-distance views, is wonderful.
  3. Speaking of our backyard, in the last week we were gifted with a roadrunner preening himself on our back gate, and a hawk sitting and calling out into the wild. So wonderful to enjoy these little glimpses of nature on a daily basis.
  4. Our demolition is done, and from now on it will be up, up, and upward. I think our home is going to be absolutely gorgeous when the last contractor packs up and goes home!
  5. Our wonderful contractors, many of whom we've worked with for years, and who have collectively helped to keep the lid on what could be an almost unbearably stressful process otherwise. 

Your turn! What's making you happy today? Please share below.


  1. The first 3 items came readily but I have to admit that I had to think to come up with 5 items. Hmm?
    1. Cool mornings and warm afternoons in this late summer/early fall.
    2. Sunshine breaking through the fog.
    3. A day without commitments so free to bake that banana bread, walk, read.
    4. Anticipation of some good music this month through the Home Routes network.
    5. No dizziness so far today as I've been dealing with BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo).

    1. Number 3. on your list sounds positively divine. I am so looking forward to the morning I can do same in a refreshed, contractor-free home come October. At which point making pumpkin bread would seem appropriate I think.

      Thank you so much for sharing your list!

  2. yay! I'm so happy that your neighbors got a quite pool pump, ours too and it was nice to be able to keep the windows open for bed. Yay for the home-ish stretch on the renos!

    1. Sleeping with the windows open is so, so nice! As is drinking wine on our now-quiet balcony, watching the lights go on below us at dusk. :-)


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