Summertime Q & A

Today I'm joining in with some other bloggers via The Blended Blog to answer 23 questions about my summertime likes and loves. Feel free to add your two cents worth in the comments section below!

The Blended Blog Asks:

1. Pool, lake, or ocean? Well I'll bet you can all guess this one . . . clearly it's ocean!

2. Camping, cottage or hotel? Cottage! Yes, we backpack, but if I could roll up to a warm bed and shower each night on the trail, trust me I would!

3. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Anything with lots of added stuff - Turtle Pecan Caramel, Peanut Butter Cup, Coconut Chocolate Almond, Caramel Pralines & Cream - you get the drift.

4. PJ's, Nightgown, T-Shirt/Shorts or Birthday Suit? T-shirt/Shorts. I don't know a woman past 50 that can bear PJ's or a nightgown, and my birthday suit hasn't felt quite right since I left my 20's!

5. Fave Summer Beverage? Sun tea!

6. Would you rather be hot or cold. Cold! See #4 above. ;-)

7. Sandals with heels or flats? Sandals with heels. I always feel thinner and sexier when I add a little height!

8. Shorts or skirts? Shorts around the house, because I can bend over without danger(!), but skirts when out and about.

9. Sit in the sun or the shade? The shade, always. See, again, #4 above. ;-)

10. Water, tea or soda? Usually water, sometimes tea, rarely, rarely, like maybe never, soda.

11. Fave summer fruit, vegetable? Fruit: Nectarines. Vegetable: Sweet Corn.

12. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset, because you don't have to get up as early, plus you can watch it with a glass of wine in hand and not get side eye from anyone!

13. Bike ride or walk? Oh, this one is tough because I love both modes, but I'll go with walk because it can be done virtually anywhere without needing anything special beside your feet. Plus, biking clothes are not terribly flattering on most women(!).

14. Winery or brewery? Winery, winery, winery! I mean, we belong to a wine society for goodness sake!

15. Garden or no garden? In my heart of hearts, I'm thinking 'No garden.' Just give me something pretty to look at that doesn't need to be taken care of, please.

16. Big summer concert or music in the park? Music in the park. I dislike big, crowded venues intensely these days. I'll always default to something more intimate given the choice.

17. Fave cookout food? Slow cooked baby back ribs finished on the grill with BBQ sauce. Yum. Mee.

18. Dine indoors or on patio? Patio! This is the view from our backyard, including that little slice of Pacific Ocean to the right, so, yep, we eat out there as often as we possibly can.

19. Fave summer destination? Prior to our move I would have said RV'ing at the ocean. Now that we are here, and can see it daily from our home, I would drill down and say experiencing Pageant of the Masters every summer in Laguna Beach. Always magical in its gorgeous outdoor setting.

20. Big theme park or local carnival? Truthfully, neither, but if my granddaughter were involved, I would select big theme park simply to watch her having fun.

21. Drinks blended or on the rocks? Blended. I do love me a blended strawberry or peach margarita. Or pina colada. Or daiquiri.

22. Popsicle or freezie flavor of choice? Popsicle, preferably from this amazing list I saw posted at a food stand recently:

23. Hot dog or hamburger? Hamburger! Ideally with blue cheese, caramelized onions and a big strip of bacon.

Bonus question: Drive in or movie theater? Drive in! Oh how I miss those bastions of my youth, where I saw Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy, An Officer And A Gentleman, and so many other summer blockbusters.

Thank you ladies for letting me play along!


  1. Mmmmm your burger sounds scrumptious and how cute are you two in the winery!! Over the moon you joined us for this Q&A!!

    1. Thanks Andrea, it was so much fun! Now that we live two miles from the beach, summertime has taken on a whole new meaning. :-)

  2. I like your reason for #12, Tamara, and the list of #22 would sway me to choose popsicle :)

    1. Wine . . . it does a body good! :-)

  3. It looks like you can see those beautiful sunsets every evening! How wonderful!

    1. We can, Teresa, and it goes perfectly with a chilled glass of white wine! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  4. So funny you mention those ribs, I just read a post before yours that mentioned cooking ribs that same way, I must try this out! Also we do have a lot of things in common! Yes to peanut butter ice cream, my favorite. and I want to go see Pageant of the Masters, I hear it's amazing! Happy weekending!

    1. Baby back pork ribs are uber easy to make tender. You simply rub all over with kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and paprika, wrap in foil and slow bake for two-three hours at 250. (Be sure to add a cookie sheet under to catch any drippings) Slather with your favorite BBQ sauce, and finish on the BBQ, perhaps five minutes on each side.

  5. The Pageant of the Masters sounds like such a unique experience. We have a local musical, Viva El Paso!, that is performed in an outdoor amphitheater that is one of my favorite summer destinations.

    Your view is tremendous. I would never get anything done for looking out the window all day!

    1. I love our view, and is 100% why we bought our little fixer. We can fix the house, but our view is forever. :-)

  6. What a beautiful view- I wouldn't go anywhere if I had that view! Thanks for linking up with us

    1. Thank you all for providing a forum like The Blended Blog to do these fun posts! I thoroughly enjoyed it!


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