Five Things Making Me Happy Today 8/5

We are finding that it's very easy to get caught up in seemingly non-stop home improvements, so this week we made a concerted effort to step away from our hammers and screwdrivers on occasion in order to get out into our wonderful new community and do a little exploring. Good progress was made in both areas as a result I think, even though it sometimes feels like both will be never-ending projects!

So here are five things making me happy right today:

  1. I ran four pain-free miles this morning with my running club. That makes four runs with no shin splint flare ups, and I'm so happy I could just about cry. After a year and a half of being plagued by shin pain in one of my legs, I was beginning to accept that running might be off the table, so to once again be back at it feels amazing. I'm going to resist the urge to go farther, and stay with four mile runs for at least one more month, if not two.
  2. We are going out with friends tonight to dine at a new Burmese restaurant getting lots of buzz from the dining community. I'm excited to see our friends and to sample a new-to-us cuisine, particular in that we visited Myanmar (i.e., Burma) for a few noteworthy hours in 2014, walking across the border and back from the Thailand side.
  3. We had 12 new light fixtures and three new ceiling fans installed this week. We have now eradicated almost every ugly item in the house, aside from flooring and windows, and the house is beginning to feel like a home.
  4. We explored downtown Dana Point a bit and discovered a wonderful Farmers Market, a bike store that organizes weekly club rides, and several intriguing looking local coffee spots.
  5. It was a gorgeous day, so we put the top down on the convertible and went for a ride along the coast, yet again pinching ourselves that we really do live here now, and can do these kind of things whenever we wish. 

This harbor is now a big part of our lives.
We run here, volunteer here, and oftentimes simply hang out and enjoy the boats and birds going by, plus the occasional seal.

Feel free to share here as well about what's making you happy today!


  1. You live in a great place! Glad you are getting out and enjoying it.

    1. Still absorbing that we were able to make our many-decades dream come true. :-)


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