Project Retirement Relocation - Completed!

I'm going to say straight away that while we are absolutely delighted with our new home and it's wonderful coastal location, we never. ever. ever. want to move again!

I cannot emphasize enough just how stressful the process of simultaneously selling and buying turned out to be. There were so many points where things could have gone south. - Would our home appraise at a price point sufficient for our buyers to obtain their financing? Would they successfully close the sale of their current home in order to obtain the financing to purchase our home? Would they change their minds at some point, possibly during the inspection process. And speaking of inspections, would the home we were hoping to buy reveal things during the inspection that would cause us to question our decision? Would we fit into our new neighborhood? Would we like it here???

As the wise Buddha once said, relax cricket, all things will reveal themselves in time. Meaning that step by step my husband and I worked through each step of the process, although I must admit that wine helped on a few particularly stressful days!

We closed on both the sale of our current home, and the purchase of our new home at the beginning of last week, and underwent the actual move this past Wednesday and Thursday. It was a rough couple of days I have to say. Not only the total, temporary disruption of our lives, but the challenge of finding a new place for our belongings. Our many, many, many belongings. Holy moly, as much as I regularly purged, we still had a whole bunch of stuff.

We are now evoking the rule as we unpack that if we don't love it and have a place for it, the item is going straight to our growing Goodwill pile!

But now that we are over the grueling task of facing a mountain of boxes, we've been able to create zones of tranquility already in the new home, and that has been wonderful.

Starting with my spacious new kitchen!

Curtains will come down once new windows and new shutters are installed in a few weeks.
I have to say that after adjusting to the majority of my storage now being in pull out drawers vs overhead cabinets, I am loving my new kitchen. The enormous center island is absolutely fantastic. There is room for multiple people to be working, and the end is actually an eating area for two people, once we purchase a couple of counter-height chairs. I also love that it opens directly to the family room, making it a joy to cook in that I can easily talk with my husband, or whoever is over visiting.

I also am loving that the ground floor master bedroom opens directly onto the backyard and its spacious views. It is lovely to see our beautiful coastal canyon each morning when I wake up.

And we've already entertained in our backyard, having our oldest daughter over yesterday for a BBQ. The backyard instantly draws people in we are discovering, ourselves and our daughter included. And it was sooo comfortable at about 72 degrees with a wonderful coastal breeze. And also why we ultimately decided on this particular house - we can make the  house whatever we wish in time, but these views and cool coastal temps are forever.

The list of To-do's on the house is long, starting with re-piping, but I can visualize how it's all going to look in a few months, and we are really excited to get started. Which is good, because our re-piping kicks off today, and it's going to be a bit of a bumpy week as a result!

Plans And Goals For Today
- Stay out of plumbers way!
- Sixty minutes of cardio, plus arms strength training at the gym.
- Unpack upstairs linen closet
- Start unpacking my office, and if possible, try and ascertain how I visualize it being set up so that I can order new office furniture.
- Return to the furniture store we visited yesterday in order to place an order for new family room furniture.
- Visit Home Goods and Cost Plus to try and locate a small buffet for dining room.
- Stop by property management company to drop off form to paint house pearl gray and white.
- Contact Goodwill to pick up a few pieces of furniture that don't work in this house.
- Take a load of smaller items to our locale Goodwill drop off center.


  1. Fantastic kitchen and the view sounds marvelous!

    1. It's going to be a great house in time! But oh does it look sad at the moment, with walls opened up for re-piping. 😕

  2. Beautiful kitchen that you'll find it'll become the hub of gatherings when you have people over. With the master bedroom on the ground floor you won't have to worry about stairs like many people do as they get older. Congrats again!

    1. Already I am loving this house, warts and all. Can only imagine how I'll feel once new windows, floors, paint, etc start to go in. It's truly a diamond in the rough.

  3. If that kitchen is any indication, you found a gem of a house. I am seeing the use of drawers more often than traditional cabinets in the houses I have toured lately. My daughter's kitchen in Albuquerque is about five years newer than ours and she has drawers with the soft closing feature. So nice when the baby is sleeping. My cabinets make an awful racket.

    You are so right about the view and breezes; they are forever. We have a mountain view that has become more crowded out by houses over time but those mountains are still there and we can still see them. And being in our backyard is still a delight.

    You all knew what you wanted and went after it. Welcome home.

    1. Drawers for dishes, pantry items, pots and pans, etc., threw me at first, but already, after just a couple of days, I'm loving them them. No reaching!

      Our views and the quiet are both amazing, and the particularly in that Orange County is not a bastion of either open land or stillness. The only reason we were able to get this house without getting into a crazy bidding war is that it was covered in wallpaper and other not-so-nice things. The great bones were immediately apparent to us, however, and seeing them revealed with each improvement is wonderful, starting with the 10 sets of new kitchen and bath fixtures we had installed today. Yes, 10 sets!

  4. Beautiful house. Good to know about the drawers. When the weather is poor or too hot I actually alternate walking up and down the aisles in our home depot (they know me). The other day I was looking at spice drawers. Mine are still all in wall units and I can't decide change or no change.

    1. Don't you love Home Depot? We've been there five days in a row due to our re-piping. The re-piping plumbers will replace our faucets and medicine cabinets for a nominal fee in that they have to be disconnected, then reconnected as part of the re-piping. Now that the re-piping is done, however, we are on a Home Depot timeout! We do have a budget, and too many trips to Home Depot can be dangerous!

      This is going to be a fantastic home in about six months. We purchased it well under what other similar homes that were fixed up sold for, so I believe we will see every dollar spent returned via an increase in it's value. We have no plans to sell anytime soon, however it is an asset we do want to protect.


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