Home Projects Update, Plus One Room Completed!

What a week!

Having one's home re-piped is a most unpleasant experience, in particular because there is nothing to 'see' once completed. It's an internal update, compared to almost every other home upgrade or improvement we'll be undertaking, so it's the least exciting to me. However, it's also the most important thing we can do to ensure our home is inhabitable for years to come.

We also had our sprinkler system 'tuned up' and a new sprinkler timer installed. It appears that about 1/3 of the sprinkler system wasn't working properly, with some of the sprinkler heads missing entirely. Everything is now functioning at 100%, and I am even in possession of a remote for our new watering system which will enable me to test various lines while walking around our property.

And I'm not sure what the prior gardener here did exactly, but it surely didn't appear to be gardening! In addition to the mess of a watering system (which while not necessarily responsible for maintaining it, a gardener worth his or her salt would have at least tested it on occasion) the yard was an overgrown, underweeded mess when we arrived. I researched gardeners on Yelp, and located a great one. They started the week we moved in, and are working through our front and back yards a section at a time, getting things all cleaned up. They have about one more week of heavy pruning to go, after which they should be able to return to 'normal' weekly service.

Inside of the home this week's projects included all new fixtures for our six bathroom sinks and three shower/bath combos, plus a new kitchen faucet. Replacement of fixtures was offered by our re-piping company for a very nominal fee, so we jumped. And we even slipped in installation of new medicine cabinets at no installation cost, since the old ones had to be removed during the re-piping. I can't tell you how good it feels to have something clean and new in every bathroom, in that they are all floored in, can you believe, carpet. The reflooring project won't occur until mid-August in that we need to have three new sliding doors installed first, and they don't go in until the beginning of August.

Little by little!

And happily, we ordered new furniture for our family room and it was delivered last night. So we now have two areas of relative prettiness in the house; first the kitchen, and now the adjoining family room. I love our new sofa, which will seat four people easily. Including the new comfy chairs, we'll now be able to seat six people there, which will be terrific for casual entertaining.

Enjoy my non-professional photos of our new family room!

The artwork over the sofa is massive, but looks fairly small here, so trust me when I say
our new sofa is very large!

We love how the family room opens up to the kitchen. (I know, I know, need to
remove those curtains over the bay window!)
Plans And Goals For Today
Sixty minute cardio workout at the gym
Shower and be ready to leave here by 11:00 AM
- Take some small returns to Home Depot
- Pick up mail from our old house
- Purchase OC Parks Annual Pass, only $50 since my hubby is 62, qualifying for Senior rate. This pass is good at the beach parking lot just down the road from our new home, plus several other close by beach and hiking canyon parks. In that our close by beach parking lot is also where we'll park for summer concerts-in-the park running all summer, I predict we are going to get a lot of use from it!
- Pick up baby gift at Carters
- Attend an open house for friends holding a small baby shower for their new grandson
- Stop by my sister-in-laws to say 'Hi.'
- Dinner out in Downtown Fullerton
- Attend a Scotch and Boubon tasting afterward, one of our UU Auction Items purchased this past February. I'm the Designated Driver for the event (required for all participants), and Mike is the official taster.

Should be a fun, busy Saturday!

 What are you up to this weekend? I'd love to hear!


  1. Your kitchen and family room look beautiful, clutter-free, and spacious, Tamara! You're a natural home designer. This weekend has been so much fun for me with a visit to the wonderful Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition on Friday, a picnic at HTO Park (urban park and beach) and browsing at the outdoor Waterfront Artisan Market yesterday. Later today we plan to go to a concert. Happy Sunday!

    1. I don't do clutter Natalie, which I blame on being just a bit OCD. I do love decorating though!

      Your weekend plans sound wonderful! I hike with a girlfriend who is originally from Toronto, and she talks all the time about missing it. It sounds like a fabulous city!

  2. You are one busy lady! So excited for you! I love new things, all of our bathrooms need somewhat of an update too, all in due time...hehe.

    1. Very much looking forward to about two months from now, when all the basic components are done, and we can focus instead on decorating. And getting to the beach as often as possible of course! :-)


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