Five Things Making Me Happy Today 7/4

  1. We closed escrow on both houses!!! We are now the happy owners of just one home in coastal south Orange County, and our move from our now prior home to there begins tomorrow morning. So. Excited.
  2. Our surrounding neighbors gave us a lovely sendoff over the weekend, which left us with nothing but love and happy thoughts about the 25 years we've spent in this house, the place where we raised our daughters, made so many friends along the way, graduated from college (me), and concluded our respective careers. 
  3. Fireworks! We should be able to view fireworks tonight from our new home without having to go anywhere. There are three possible viewing spots; our backyard balcony, the open green space directly across from the front of our home, and another open green space just a short block up the hill. We are excited to see exactly how many displays are viewable so we can plan for future 4th of July parties. (There are something like ten different city and community firework displays in the area according to our neighbors.)
  4. Our oldest daughter arrives into LAX this afternoon from a weekend vacation in Panama, where she surely got impacted by the massive power outage that struck Central America on Saturday. We are relieved to know that she is now in the air per her flight itinerary, and will soon be home.
  5. That we live in an imperfect and tumultuous, but still wonderful country. Happy 4th of July to the United States of America!

What things are making you happy today? Please share with us here!


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