Project Retirement Relocation - Weeks #4 & #5

I've decided that one way to keep myself calm under what will surely be a most stressful process is to track our progress each week in order to assure ourselves that, yes, we really are achieving forward momentum!

This was a doozy of a couple of weeks, with a lot of unexpected stress (thank you home inspectors!), but also with a lot getting accomplished:
  • Researched, interviewed and selected an A+ Better Business Bureau moving company to pack and relocate us.
  • Contacted an insurance agent in our new area and got three new policies (auto/home/earthquake) quoted and ready to go. The home will go up slightly, but the auto will go down in an equal increment, and the earthquake is much, much less expensive at our new address, which was great news.
  • Contacted a pest control service for our new home. In that we back up to a wilderness area, we expect pests to be a bit more of an ongoing issue than at where we currently live.
  • Received the inspection report back on our new home, which was frightfully detailed . . . and long.
  • Had our home termite inspection here, which came back completely clear, hooray.
  • Determined order of home improvements, which we plan/hope to begin just a few days after we move in; re-piping first, then new windows, then new floor coverings, then new paint. 
  • Shortened our upcoming trip to visit our granddaughter from two weeks to one week, so we'll return a few days before our close of escrows on both properties. We'd originally planned to leave our daughter's home and go traveling for a week, so the net time with our beloved granddaughter is actually the same in spite of the shortened trip.
  • Located a well rated handyman via, and will surely have a long list of to-do's to provide upon his first service visit.
  • Contacted a sprinkler repair company to assess repair needs, which turned out to not be too bad at all.
  • Met with my landscaper to see what he might envision doing to our backyard and he had some great ideas, the very best being to drastically enlarge our second story backyard balcony, which has unobstructed views of the ocean. Loved this idea so much that we moved it way up in the queue of things we'll be doing to the house.

There was progress on fun relocation items as well, which really do help balance out the above to-dos or stresses:
    • Completed and returned applications for the lifelong learning program at our new location, so we can hit the ground running the moment we arrive.
    • Added summer concerts-in-the park for our three immediate communities (Laguna Niguel / Dana Point / San Juan Capistrano) to our calendar. So excited to attend these without heat concerns this summer. :-)
    • Added local Farmers Market dates to our calendar for these same three communities.
    • Visited the nearby Ocean Institute in Dana Point to learn about volunteer opportunities. Such a wonderful organization!
    • Added summer Concerts In The Green at the nearby Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach to our calendar as well, one of our favorite summertime events that was too far away to visit more than one time per summer. Now we can easily go weekly, if not more often.
    • Visited the library and learned about the various book clubs going on in the area.
    • Visited a tennis club, where yours truly will probably become a member after we settle in and get the first wave of upgrades completed.
    • Met our immediate neighbors on both sides and learned our new neighborhood is very friendly, and very, very quiet. They both saw fit to mention this, so we took it as both a promise and a warning, ha! (We're quiet too, so no problem on this front. :-)
    Just two weeks to go and we will, hopefully, be in our new home!


    1. I love that you have included scheduling things to do in your new area as part of your moving plan! I need to up that on my list after 2 months in our home.

      1. I'm sure you'll find the surrounding tri city areas packed with summer activities Juhli, probably more than you'll have time or energy (or interest :-) to do.

    2. Give yourself a lot of pats on the back, thumbs up, and high fives for researching and hiring the various service providers to work on your relocation. It's a lot of work and time-consuming for the homeowner as I've learned from my condo refresh project. The actual work is only a fraction of all arrangements prior. Have a safe and wonderful trip to see your daughter and granddaughter. The emotional support alone is golden! Hurray to summer fun like concerts in the park and farmers' markets when you return.

      1. Natalie, you are so, so correct that researching who you will work with is the most important part of any project. I generally start with reviews, then do general searches on the companies getting the best reviews to further vet. So far it's worked out very well, and I've been fortunate to work with pretty terrific vendors.


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