Project Retirement Relocation - Weeks #2 and #3

I've decided that one way to keep myself calm under what will surely be a most stressful process is to track our progress each week in order to assure ourselves that, yes, we really are achieving forward momentum!

When last we left off, we'd selected a realtor for our current home and undergone the pre-listing activities of staging and photography. We had no idea what a whirlwind of activity was about to come our way one our home went up on the MLS. And And And Zillow, and about a dozen other home listing sites we'd never even heard of. Selling a home today is a whole different ballgame from the last time we did so for sure!

Week Two
  • Helped with the ad copy to be used in the MLS, a result of my sales and marketing background. I write pretty good ad copy. ;-)
  • Vacated the house for a realtors walk and received our first showing request later in the day as a result.
  • Vacated the house again for an Open House over the weekend, day four of being listed.
  • Received multiple offers for our home the next day.
  • Countered three of the above offers, keeping hold of the strongest, number four.
  • More showings, more offers.
  • More counters while still receiving offers.
  • Confident our home was sold, even if not sure exactly to who quite yet, started home shopping in earnest down in south Orange County.
Week Three
  • More house searching as we continued to refine our search - no to Aliso Viejo (not coastal enough), no to San Clemente (too far away from many of the activities we enjoy in central Orange County), yes to northerly Dana Point (felt tidier than the more southerly side) and a continued yes to Laguna Niguel (still coastal close, but homes a bit more spread out).
  • Accepted an offer on a buyer for our current home.
  • Placed a bid on a home in Laguna Niguel and nervously awaited to hear if our offer was accepted.
  • Responded to a counter offer on the above home, and again nervously awaited to hear if our counter was accepted.
  • Learned our counter-counteroffer was accepted!
  • Got word that our home here had just fallen out of escrow. Gulp.
  • Got word six hours later that our home here was back in escrow, same terms, but different buyer. Relief!
  • Researched and set appointments at the new house for a home inspection, termite inspection, and geology inspection (the new home is on a hill and we'd like to make sure it stays there!), plus for new flooring, windows, and plumbing.
  • And finally, we walked to the beach from our new home, which immediately reminded us why we'd started all this craziness to begin with. Because once we arrived we saw surfers, and dolphins, and pelicans. Kids playing in the water, teenagers sunning, lifeguards keeping an eye . . . pretty much all the stuff we'd dreamed about.

Excepting that last, magical item, in looking over the above lists, I'm thinking it's no wonder we've been feeling so utterly exhausted at close of each day. So many emotions are being engaged throughout this process it's a wonder we are still standing - trust me when I say that tears have been shed by yours truly on more than one occasion. 

We are going to try and disengage from all things pertaining to moving over the upcoming weekend, and just focus on enjoying our life as it is in this moment. The summer heat has not yet arrived, so the days are just perfect for hiking, and that's the plan for the weekend, along with attending services at our spiritual community, and meeting up with our Pacific Symphony group on Sunday for a concert and dinner. Cumulatively, a big dose of much needed relaxation!

Plans and Goals for Today
- An appointment with our selected moving and storage company in order to get a bid.
- Gym for sixty minutes of cardio.
- Sweep and dust inside.
- Rake and weed outside.
- Register for Lifelong Learning program at our new location, so we can enroll in summer courses ahead of our move.
- Make a 'real' dinner for the first time in a week: Rosemary topped pork roast, mashed sweet potatoes, sauteed broccoli and homemade chocolate chip cookies.


  1. I'm so excited for you! Also, I will gladly come and take a walk with you to the beach, if you don't mind me bringing the kids, hehe :) you're going to love reading these updates when you're settled and the move is long past you!

    1. Ah, that would be fun, and I happen to know there is Hawaiian shaved ice available once you get to Salt Creek Beach. ;-)

      We have about two months of updating ahead of us once we move in, so I'm thinking come September I'll finally be able to sit back and take it all in. I can not wait!

  2. It is exhausting isn't it! Sounds like it is all going well and good for you for building exercise and entertainment into you schedule.

    1. So exhausting Juhli! And so many moments of 'uh oh' . . . did our buyer get their financing, will there be any last minute surprises on their end, will our new home deliver any surprises for us, will we like the new area, and what if we don't? The list of stressors just goes on and on and on.

      I know intellectually once we arrive and get started on updating our little ugly duckling I'll be excited watching each improvement occur. I think between now and move in will be the hardest part. Wine helps, of course!

  3. It's wise to take time out to recharge. Your plans for today and the weekend sound good.

    1. It was that or climb into bed and pull the covers over my head I'm afraid Natalie! Juhli summed it up well on her blog a few weeks back when she stated that moving was only for the very determined.

  4. Hope this weekend has been restful and reinvigorating. Moving is no good. Not fun. Hard work. But knowing you are moving to a happily ever after home where you can WALK??? to the beach will make all of the hard work worthwhile. Eat your Wheaties, friend, and double up on the vitamins. You will soon be happily situated with ocean breezes blowing your hair.


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