Project Retirement Relocation - We Are In The Home Stretch!

I've decided that one way to keep myself calm under what will surely be a most stressful process is to track our progress each week in order to assure ourselves that, yes, we really are achieving forward momentum!

We spent the last week in Metro DC visiting our daugher, son-in-law and granddaughter, and it was such a nice break from the relocation stress! We spent lots of time talking, cooking and eating together. We took a day trip to historic Fredericksburg and learned about one of the Civil War's bloodiest battles. And of course, we immersed ourselves in the delight that is our granddaughter. We had picnics under a tree on their front yard which she absolutely loooved and asked to have repeated every single day. We made homemade bubbles out of dish soap and water, using the handle of a pair of scissors as our bubble blowing wand (it worked great!), which she then loved chasing down and popping. We waddled like penguins all over the house multiple times a day, which always sent her into peals of laughter. And we went to a coffee shop that had a little play area several times during our visit, which she thought was very, very grown up.

Oh how I already miss this precious little person!

In relocation news, a lot of balls got caught this week, leaving only a few more to go:

  • All contingencies regarding appraisals (our buyers) and inspections (both us and them) were removed, leaving only the financing piece for the buyers of our home. (No financing on our side, as we are rolling our equity here, and supplementing the remainder with cash).
  • Insurance policies completed for our new property.
  • Movers scheduled.
  • Utilities scheduled to be transferred from us (here) and to us (new property).
  • Post office notified of address change.
  • Pots and pans ordered for induction stovetop at new property. Only one of my current pans works for induction cooking, and I'll give the remainder, all good quality Calphalon, to my oldest daughter.
  • Cancelled our summer RV reservations in nearby Newport Beach since we'll be living by the coast full time, and will no longer need to 'visit.'
  • Discontinued numerous autopays we had set up for our spiritual organizations, our gardener, our utilities, and our gym.
  • Did a room by room grid of where I'll want the furniture placed by the movers in the new house.
  • Finalized orders for re-piping, new dual pane windows, and new hardwood flooring. The work will being on July 10, and likely go on until mid-September. 
  • Dropped off approval forms at our new HOA management company for the new windows, plus for a new outside paint color. Currently new house is painted light blue with white trim, which we want to change to pearl gray with white trim, similar to how our current home is painted. I just love me a gray and white house!

Lots of projects still to come once these are done - new lighting throughout the house, new paint, replace ceiling fans, add custom shutters, update all light switches to LED-compatible dimmers, get all grout in bathrooms cleaned, painted and sealed, and have another custom office build done for my husband.

Speaking of home offices, I've been looking at this set from Hayneedle for my new office, in that I'm losing the built ins I use here at our current house. I thought it would look great on our new mid-tone hardwood floors, along with a colorful rug. I would probably order two bookcases, plus the desk-hutch combo, and a matching file cabinet that could double as an end table for the trundle bed I'll be sharing my office with.

Plans and Goals for tomorrow
- Finish unpacking
- Make a menu for the week and go grocery shopping.
- Sixty minutes of cardio, plus weight strengthening at the gym.
- Start a list of the items we'll be taking with us to the new home ahead of our movers
- Read two chapters in book club selection, Wuthering Heights.
- Sixty minutes of Spanish review.
- Sweep and dust
- Rake and weed


  1. Wow, you are getting so much done so quickly! Your remodeling plans sound great and I look forward to seeing photos of your new home.

    1. I will be so happy when this is over and it is just us and packing boxes in our new home! Photos eventually, but it will have to get uglier before it gets better, starting with re-piping!

  2. You're handling your move so well. I bet you're really looking forward to this July 4th, not just for the national celebration but also for completing your move.

    1. What we are looking forward to the most is having our house here close escrow, so we can move forward and not feel like we are juggling two homes. But, yes, the 4th should be wonderful for many, many reasons this year!

  3. Man you are a go getter, so much to do, in so little time. Yay for getting stuff done though. In the home stretch, although reno's sort of suck, good luck with those!

    1. The hardest part will be waiting for HOA approval to replace the windows, the first in a series of improvements. The window replacement includes three sliding doors, which all need to go in before flooring can be done. I'm thinking will spend that time getting to know our new town, and playing at the beach of course!

  4. Impressive progress readying things for the move. Glad you were able to take a few days away from the stress to enjoy your beautiful baby girl. Penguins walking and bubble blowing are such fun pastimes. I think my daughter tried blowing bubbles with Lucia and she was scared of them! Maybe she will like them better now. Heading up to see her on Friday. Can hardly wait!

    1. 'Waddle, waddle, waddle' will be forever in my memory bank of wonderful moments shared with my granddaughter. Another is of her pretending to be hurt, with Nana then swooping her off the ground and rushing her off to the . . . sofa! She could have done that one forever, but at a certain point Nana's arms, legs and back all said 'Enough!'

      Enjoy your precious time with your granddaughter! I envy that you are within driving distance, sniff, sniff. We'd see our girl every day If we could. :-(


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