Our Revised Summer Plans

One of the things I've truly looked forward to and appreciated since retiring is the ability to escape our hot southern California summers. The heat ramps up here starting in early July, and remains pretty warm until about mid-September. Since starting what I call 'sunbirding' in 2012, we've spent most of our summers RV'ing up and down our beautiful coastline, from San Diego, California, all the way up to Port Angeles, Washington.

Cannon Beach, Oregon, summer of 2015

Morro Bay, California, summer of 2016

San Juan Islands, Washington, summer of 2013

Sigh. It just never gets old.

Last summer all that changed because of my younger daughter's move to the east coast with her husband and our granddaughter. (Hrumpf!) In trying to grab as much time with our granddaughter as we could, we volunteered to help drive cars and pets across country (my sweet husband, along with my son in law) and help with move in and unpacking (me). That meant that instead of cool Pacific Northwest breezes and coastal hikes, we were battling heat and humidity and unpacking lots of boxes. Still, we were more than happy to do so knowing that we had next summer to return to our beloved California coastline and Pacific Northwest.

But then we decided to move closer to the coast here in Southern California.

So now, in addition to needing time to make a series of immediate improvements to our new home (re-piping, windows and floors) we are thinking we won't necessarily wish to travel or RV all summer long going forward, because July through September should now be spectacular where we are moving. Clear blue skies, cool temps, and tons and tons of summer-at-the-beach festivities that will be literally in our backyard.

So here's our revised schedule, before and after move:

Three weeks back east to visit our granddaughter, including a week long road trip to explore Delaware (State #31 for us).
One week RVing in Mammoth Lakes to go hiking and enjoying their summer chamber concert series.
One week RV'ing in Newport Beach going hiking and attending the several summer concert and festival series we enjoy.
Weekend yoga retreat with my oldest daughter.
Three weeks RV'ing and backpacking the California coastline and wine country with our newly retired best friends.

One week back east to visit our granddaughter, no road trip.
Weekend yoga retreat with my oldest daughter.
Two weeks RV'ing and backpacking the California coastline and wine country with our newly retired best friends.

We shortened our trip back east, we pushed our Mammoth trip back to 2018, cancelled Newport Beach altogether because we don't need to flee to the coast in our RV to enjoy summer concerts any longer, as we'll be living in the midst of them, and shortened the portion of our California coastline RVing trip that was going to be done after our best friends headed for home.

We are truly very happy to direct the resources that would have been pointed toward these trips to fixing up our new coastal home instead. Plus, we've been hearing rumors that we'll be able to see multiple firework shows from our new backyard. If that turns out to indeed be the case, I see a new 4th of July tradition already shaping up!

Plans and Goals for Today
- Sixty minutes of cardio at gym
- Prepare menu and grocery list
- Pick up wood flooring samples
- Book club reading (Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte)
- Sixty minutes of Spanish review
- Set up appoints for re-piping (bid #2) and pest control at new house.
- Attend evening couples program


  1. Your revised summer plans sound great to me. Wonderful time to be had with family and friends, plus having seen pictures of your remodeling of your current house, I have no doubt you'll make your new house a beauty in no time.

    1. I'll be using similar tile and wood as we did here, which of course we barely got to enjoy. :-)

      I do enjoy fiddling with our home, and it's a big relief to know I'll be able to work with the same already-vetted vendors there that I used here.

  2. The best laid plans. I agree it sounds wonderful. I am one of those people who rarely travel in the summer because the weather is perfect here, but I remember those DC summers when all you wanted was to flee to the sapphire valley or someplace else in the hills. Can you menu plan and grocery shop for me too?

    1. Barbara, I would happily meal plan for you if I could, because it's one of my favorite things to do. I make at least one new meal a week as I really can't tolerate same old, same old for two many weeks in a row.

      We'll be in Colorado next summer on a long RV trip, though I don't think we'll get as far as the Rockies. In our quest to mark off National Parks, we've already 'done' Rocky Mountain National Park, and will instead be focused on visiting the other three in your beautiful adopted state.

  3. hello! Looks like you have summer all sorted although it must be hard with your family across the country. We live in Brisbane but have an apartment at the Gold Coast which we can escape to often. I love being near the ocean it is so calming. Also enjoyed reading your plans for the day. We have much in common.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. Hi Sue! I've been visiting your blog as well, and I am pea green with envy that you are close enough to see your grandson weekly. We are off to see 'our girl' in just a couple of days, and I can hardly wait.

      And yes, I can't wait to experience coastal living after so many years of wanting to do so. During our working years it simply wasn't practical due to where our jobs were located. Now that we are retired, and entering our second phase of retirement after spending the first phase/five years gallivanting all over the globe, we are finally ready for this next adventure.


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