My Spring Bucket List - Final Update

Oh my goodness what a month! So, so distracted by first working to list and sell our current home, then searching for and buying a new-to-us home in coastal Orange County. And it definitely shows with regard to how many items I left undone on my Spring Bucket List. But, I am not deterred, and I am looking very much forward to posting my Summer Bucket List on the first day of summer, June 21.

The good news is that we are definitely approaching the home stretch, and I should be back to normal in just another couple of weeks. We are scheduled to close both escrows in early July, and so far everything is going smoothly. Fingers crossed it remains that way for just a couple of more weeks.

So onward to my Final Spring Bucket list update . . . be prepared to be underwhelmed!

Final Report for 20 Things On My Spring Bucket List
  1. Make a batch of low-sugar jam with spring berries. Yes! Completed previously here.
  2. Grill spring artichokes. Yes! Completed previously here.
  3. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside at least once. Yes! Completed previously here.
  4. Make three new cocktails. No! I blame this on the relocation endeavor.
  5. Make three new BBQ dinners. No! I also blame this on the reloaction endeavor.
  6. Try three new restaurants. Two out of three, so almost! I reviewed new restaurant #1 here and new restaurant #2 here. Once we launched ourselves into home searching, our meals out deteriorated into quick lunch grabs from Subway and Corner Bakery.
  7. Take a family picture during our vacation in Kiawah Island. Yes! Completed previously here.
  8. Make three lunch dates with girlfriends. Almost! I I reviewed lunch out with girlfriend #1 here and met girlfriend #2, Mary at the same restaurant today, Mendocino Farm, because we likewise wanted to talk without interruption for as long as we wished. And I did have a lunch date with girlfriend #3, Barri, scheduled, but I had to cancel last minute in order to spend the day looking at houses due to selling ours so fast. Nicely, this did all happen on the day we found 'the one' so my girlfriend Barri came over for celebratory wine instead.
  9. Join a yoga studio . . . and go! Yes! Completed previously here.
  10. Strength train two times each week. No! I also blame this on the reloction endeavor.
  11. Take six bike spinning classes. Almost! I managed to get in two before getting swept up in relocation activities.
  12. Bicycle at the beach. No! We've been at the beach multiple times a week house hunting, and we did walk to the beach one afternoon, but no, no biking. Once we move in, however, we are planning to ride our bikes weekly to the nearby Dana Point Farmers Market, so again, I will get this one marked off, just not quite in time for my Spring challenge.
  13. Kayak. No! Again, I have to blame this on being completely distracted by our pending move. Once we are relocated, however, we'll be just a couple of miles from Dana Point Harbor, a wonderful place to kayak, and we are definitely planning to do so as soon as we can.
  14. Lose 10 pounds. In Process. I've lost five so far, primarily due to the stress of moving if I'm completely honest, but I'm determined to keep it up even when this is all behind us.
  15. Sell or giveaway all our old motorcycling gear now that our motorcycles are sold. No! Instead, sigh, we'll be moving it all to the new house to be dealt with there.
  16. Clean out garage rafters. Yes! Completed previously here.
  17. Volunteer three times. Almost! I volunteered at an all day wine competition, which I know sounds a little suspect until you understand that all proceeds raised go toward a scholarship program for college students focusing on viticulture studies. OK, so maybe still a bit self serving, but I have plans to do much better once we relocate. 
  18. Read one book for pleasure each month (Book club selections don't count!). Almost!  I reviewed book #1 here and I reviewed book #2 here. Once we decided to move, however, my reading became primarily focused on and the MLS. 
  19. Join Spanish discussion group to keep up with my language studies. Almost! A group of interested Spanish speakers is being assembled at my UU congregation, and I've added my name to the list, but no date has yet been set for our first meeting.
  20. Find a new online Spanish tutor focused on Advanced Beginners. Yes! Completed previously here.
So, while not a total success, not a total failure either. I completed seven of my twenty, made terrific progress on another seven, and ended up with six completely undone. Regardless, I absolutely loved the idea and the challenge of it all, and I can't wait to return on June 21 with 20 Things On My Summer Bucket List, so be sure to check back.

Or better yet, create your own Summer Bucket List and join us!


  1. Considering your selling and buying houses in a short time frame, I think you've done very well! I've drafted my Summer list and will join you.

    1. So glad you are joining in on the summer bucket list project - it's so much fun to create the list I think, almost as much fun as the doing!

  2. You did much better than I, and I wasn't house searching (just partially crippled for a month and a half). Id say house hunting was a more than allowable excuse, lol.

    1. Sometimes life happens Barbara,and when it does I think we need to just give ourselves a break. I do hope you are back on your feet soon, though!

  3. Just jumping back to say that Amazonn Echo (aka Alexa) landed on my doorstep this morning (a thank you for babysitting four grandbeagles) and one of their skills if you are familiar is "what cocktail should I make".


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