Project Retirement Relocation - Week #1

I've decided that one way to keep myself calm under what will surely be a most stressful process would be to track our progress each week in order to assure ourselves that, yes, we really are achieving forward momentum!

Week One
  • We signed a broker sales agreement on Tuesday, spent Wednesday signing disclosure forms in order to have them ready in advance of receiving an acceptable offer, and had the For Sale sign delivered and installed (gulp!).
  • Had a home stager come by on Thursday to assess our home prior to having professional photographs taken. The stager had only one small suggestion, which I already knew (remove half the books from a built in bookshelf in my home office).
  • Called our insurance agent to inquire about the process for replacing our HO and Earthquake insurance policies at point of purchase.
  • Researched moving companies and contacted two rated as A+ on the Better Business Bureau site to get rough estimates on the cost of packing, moving, unloading and possible short term storage. 
  • I made a list of things I felt needed to be done prior to placing our home onto the realtor's MLS this coming Wednesday. It turned out to be a pretty small list - yeah for being pretty obsessive about my the state of my current home over the years. Not to mention having recently purged every room and closet in the process of having our entire home re-floored.
    • Replace some burnt out lightbulbs in our multi-light bathrooms.
    • Dust cobwebs from rafters over front door.
    • Clean backyard fountain.
    • Remove one small dead plant from backyard and replace with a large rock.
  • Made an appointment with photographer for tomorrow (Monday).
  • Received a batch of shoe covers (i.e., booties) for realtors and prospective buyers to place over their footwear before tromping through our pristine home. I checked with my 30-something daughter about this first, since she and her husband just bought a home, to see what her thoughts were. She said it seemed to be a fairly common practice when they were househunting, and she didn't really give it a second thought other than appreciating the condition of the homes that were requesting this. We've encountered booties as well in our recent home searching, and I for one appreciate the sense of cleanliness they seem to imply. so there you go - we're putting out booties!
  • Practicing living an an altered state of tidyness meaning, 1) I make our bed the moment I get up, even before getting my morning coffee, 2) My husband leaves his home office spotless every single time he sets foot out of the house, 3) Dishes get washed, dried and put away immediately rather than air drying, 4) All clothes and jewelry get put away/hung the moment they come off, rather than getting slung over a chair until bedtime, and 5) I sweep and dust daily the moment something catches my eye as being off. The hardest part is making up the bed right away when I'm still a bit groggy, but the rest is actually pretty easy in that it's just us with no pets or little people.
  • Am scanning the MLS new listing notifications I'm receiving daily in our search areas - Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo and San Clemente. I am loving, loving, loving what I am seeing, which are view properties with between 1800 and 2600 sq feet of living space, and low maintenance yards. Here's a sample of a few that are making me very, very happy currently. They'll probably be long gone before our home here goes into escrow, but it's still fun to dream.
    That house! Those views! This home is in the hills of San Clemente, so a few miles back from the ocean, meaning we'd get a bit more home for our money.
Location, location, location. This home is in Dana Point, less than a mile from the ocean, which makes me very happy in spite of the trade-off in interior/exterior space.
Our home here goes live on the MLS on Wednesday and we are on pins and needles with anticipation. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Monday's photos turn out, and I will be saving copies in our family blog so that we'll always have them to look back on.

Have I forgotten anything so far? Please let me know in the Comments section below if so!

Plans And Goals For Today
Two mile run/fast walk (still building my running mileage).
Attend Sunday service at our UU Congregation.
Prepare and bring snack items for the post-sermon social gathering.
Lunch in Santa Ana at new-to-us The Gypsy Den.
Meet daughter at Fashion Island in Newport Beach to watch/help her with swimsuit shopping.
Attend an evening lecture on the state of Israeli relations in the Middle East being given by a former Israeli news reporter.


  1. I look forward to vicariously going on this journey.

    1. Me too Juhli! I remember your comment about it being only for the determined. I can already see why!

  2. I agree writing things down definitely helps both with project and stress management. I've been going through something similar with my condo refresh project. You're wise to keep up with your fitness and social activities while working on your relocation.

    1. Well, the fitness keeps me sane, and the social activities keep us connected to our community at large so we don't begin feeling cutoff too soon before we relocate. They are also a reminder of how much there is to do 'out there's if we go seekung. (P.S. The lecture was fascinating!)

  3. I'm so excited for you! I love that first one that you posted in Dana Point. Dana Point has some great places to eat and stuff to do. I can't wait to meet you down here! Not that we live that far to begin with, hehe. Watch out for all of the extra taxes that comes with Aliso Viejo. We were looking there but there HOA plus Mello-Roos were out of the park expensive!

    1. Trying not to put the cart before the horse, though it is hard. Until we sell here, I am trying to walk that balance line of enjoying our current community while gearing up for a possible new community . . . wish me luck with that!

      Re: Mello Roos, yep, we know to check on those for sure, though it appears most in Aliso Viejo are either very modest or close to being paid out. The ones in the newer communities, such as Rancho Mission Viejo, are true killers at close to 1%!

  4. How exciting! You are on your way. I would say yea to the botties. I did not use them, but we did take off our shoes in almost every place. Also, just a thought, but if youre ready to make your bed when you get up, then don't allow people that early. We had an after one and before seven rule. Admittedly I had a rear garage and everytime the agency called and said someone was coming over the dogs and I just went out the back door to the gree space behind

    1. Well, we do wish to sell so I'm not inclined to put up any restrictions at the current moment, but if the selling process drags out we just might change our minds!

      Re: escaping house, we likewise have an easy hangout spot available, which is our across-the-street HOA pool. Haven't needed to use it yet, but it's nice to know it's there should it be necessary!


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