Five Things Making Me Happy Today 5/9

So much silence over here! We've been very, very distracted with house hunting, not to mention amazed at the different price points between various communities. And so that you can share our pain fun, here is a comparison of what a $1,000,000 will buy you in the OC:

In near-the-coast Aliso Viejo.

In at-the-coast Newport Beach.
Location, location, location, if nothing else, this search has been an overwhelming reminder of how very important that is here in California. In the meantime, the two realtors we've had in here have fallen over themselves telling us how nicely our current home is appointed, and how quickly it should sell. Which has caused it's own set of issues as we ask ourselves why exactly are we moving, and what exactly are we hoping to accomplish?

We have much work to do before coming to a final decision on whether to stay put, or move closer to the coast (22 miles away from where we live currently). Either way I think this will have been a good process for us. If we move, it's because we think living near enough to the coast to access it by foot, not to mention car and bike, will improve our day-to-day quality of life. If we elect to stay, or move to a different home, but in the same general area, it's because we'll have realized how much we value what we already have in our current location.

So onward to Five Things That Are Making Me Happy Today!
  1. Avocados - With eggs at breakfast, with a sandwich at lunch, in a salad or on enchiladas at dinner, this single seeded fruit (I looked it up!) is like a little bit of heaven each time I slice one in half and see it's creamy green lushness. Yum.
  2. Bananas - Ironically, they are not my favorite fruit in general, but when added in frozen chunks into my daily acai bowl they absolutely rock.
  3. My granddaughter - From calling stars 'twinkles,' to asking me to play 'pieces' with her (puzzles), to telling me excitedly via Facetime recently that she saw 'dos, tres, siete bunnies,' (i.e. too many to count Nana!), this little girl is my sun and my moon. 
  4. Being able to run again without pain, even if it's just a mile. Forward progression, I keep reminding myself, forward progression.
  5. Mexican food, ``'nuff said. 

What things are making you happy today? Please share with us here!


  1. 1. Spring has sprung in NE Alberta and it's green, green, green.
    2. Basking in the accomplishments of yesterday, i.e. spring yard work has begun.
    3. Morning sunshine
    4. The best cup of coffee which translates into the first cup of the morning.
    5. Friends

    1. Lovely. Your list made me smile Mona, thank you for sharing it this morning.

  2. 1. Sunshine after record rainfall last week.
    2. Breathing and a range of yoga movements.
    3. A new bus route from my home to the closest Home Depot.
    4. My ability to install a new Moen handheld shower head by myself, and it works :-)
    5. Family dinner time.

    1. Number three made me smile (visualizing you boarding the bus home with a stack of lumber . . . or plants. Number four made me sit up and say 'Wow!' You should rightly be happy about that one for sure - you rock!

  3. 1. Having a nice chat with a neighbor who is fast becoming a friend.
    2. The kindness and gentleness of our new vet.
    3. The cafe/coffee shop at the library which has comfy seats and tables outside.
    4. Finding a board book for my granddaughter at the Friends of the Library book store.
    5. Having cleaned out the garage enough to see most of the floor!
    And as a bonus, having California license plates on our car.

    1. Number one seems particularly happy Juhli, and I hope you continue to find many things about your recent move to be happy about!

  4. Mexican food, I could eat it all day everyday. I hope you come to a decision about where to live, so hard to chose! But I say move down by me! :) We love it down here. Do it, do it, do it! In all seriousness, good luck, such a hard choice!

    1. The Mexican food photo was from the Anaheim Packing District, a very fun new-ish hot spot near Disneyland (but not too close!). We are back down near you tomorrow looking at homes, so wish us luck!

  5. Your grandbaby made me happy! Thank you for sharing her adorableness with us.

    1. Doing research with excited second graders
    2. Getting up early enough to do my Miracle Morning
    3. Knowing that all of the nonfiction shelves in the library are in perfect Dewey Decimal order
    4. My new cherry top from Express and bright green cardi
    5. Plans to see my granddaughter (smallest one) this weekend

    1. I like mucho number 3 because I've been organizing since I was a wee little girl - I distinctly remember turning all the candy bars and gum right side up in the display shelf while I waited for my mom to check out our groceries. And a great big heart emoji for number 5.


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