April In A Sentence A Day

Greetings! Today, and each month going forward, I'm joining in with some other fab bloggers to share how we spent our month in just one sentence per day. I had a blast doing my first Sentence A Day review in March, and am uber excited to share April with you all today. April was a particularly picturesque month in that we were traveling for most of it, so I hope you enjoy the many photos I've included.

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April In A Sentence A Day
  1. Visited Annapolis, MD and had a spectacular day touring the US Naval Academy, the Maryland State House and the historic colonial district.
  2. Took our granddaughter to the Washington DC National Zoo and enjoyed lots of animal sightings, plus ice cream and a spin on the carousel.
  3. Caught a cold from darling granddaughter and stayed close to 'home,' though we did manage to enjoy a short hike at the nearby Hidden Pond Nature Center, where we saw this beautiful wild flower.
  4. Took the Metro into Washington DC to visit the Ford's Theater National Historic Site, where Abraham Lincoln was shot, and then gazed in wonder afterward at a tower of over 15,000 books written about Lincoln that are displayed at the nearby Petersen House.
  5. Traveled to Wilmington, NC, checked into our river-adjacent VRBO, then attended a spooky Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington under rainy, thundering, lightening filled skies . . . so much fun!
  6. Visited the antebellum Bellamy Mansion today, which while absolutely lovely, was a much heavier experience than I had anticipated.
  7. Visited the USS Battleship North Carolina and climbed and explored her from top to bottom . . . so much fun!
  8. Drove to Kiawah Island, South Carolina and met up with our family for a week at beautiful Kiawah Island Resort.
  9. Played with the granddaughter in the resort's kiddie pool all afternoon.
  10. More fun-in-the-sun with our granddaughter, then to the Tattooed Moose Brewery for a family-friendly dinner, remembering to take a family photo before piling into our cars, yeah!
  11. Our youngest daughter and granddaughter left for home, and the rest of us hung out on the screened patio and read the entire remainder of the day in guilty enjoyment of our newly quiet cottage.
  12. Left Kiawah Island for the first time since arriving to drive over and check out nearby Folly Beach, stopping to see this amazing 400+ year old oak tree along the way.
  13. Visited Middleton Place with our niece and enjoyed historic tales, plantation relics, live demonstrations, rice fields, swamps and even alligators.
  14. Last full day at Kiawah Island Resort, so we went for a leisurely eight mile walk along the beach before begin the slow process of packing up.
  15. Left Kiawah Island and headed for Charleston where we couldn't resist stopping and sampling hot boiled peanuts from this one-of-a-kind roadside stand.
  16. Got a wee bit lit drinking these fan-tas-tic bloody Mary's at The Darling Oyster Bar while trying to appear nonchalant that Alan Alda and Joy Behar were seated directly behind us.
  17. Joined a historic walking tour through Charleston, missed seeing former vice-president Joe Biden speaking at a nearby park by mere minutes, and ended the day with a fabulous dinner at award winning Husk Restaurant..
  18. Started our day with a walk over Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and back, a total of five scenic, thrilling miles in that traffic was zooming past us the entire way.
  19. Left Charleston and drove to Congaree National Park for a day of gazing at giant cedars, loblolly pines, and intriguing swamps.
  20. Long day of driving from Columbia, SC to Richmond, VA, but still found enough energy to walk Monument Blvd and gaze at some heroes of the Confederacy.
  21. Walked along the James River, took a canal boat cruise, toured a civil war-era iron foundry, then got lost in massive Hollywood Cemetery trying to locate the graves of two former Presidents.
  22. Spent the day touring Richmond's historic area, with the highlight being our wonderful Virginia State Capital tour docent, who made Revolutionary War history leap to life.
  23. Drove back to our daughter's home in Alexandria, VA, and spent the rest of the day playing with our granddaughter.
  24. We'd planned to take our granddaughter to National Harbor for the day, but she woke up with a fever so we stayed home with her instead, quietly singing, reading and rocking the day away.
  25. Took a lovely walk in a soft, spring-time rain, enjoying the azaleas blooming everywhere along our path.
  26. Said 'goodbye' to our granddaughter and flew home to California, always a wrenching experience.
  27. Came home to bees in our family room, so first on the back-home list was to call a bee removal company.
  28. Our cabinet company returned to install counters in hubby's home office, almost completing this project, because, yep, somehow only one of the two pending counter tops got made. 
  29. Met up with friends and visited Sushi Noguchi, the fifth restaurant on our Best of OC Top Ten quest,  agreeing afterward that the spicy tuna over crispy deep fried sushi rice was totally original and insanely delicious.
  30. Did a late-morning six mile hilly hike in 90 degree heat, which my husband and I agreed afterward probably wasn't the best idea.
And I've already gotten started on May, so be sure to check back here in June!


  1. I used to vacation at Kiawah Island when I was in high school with some friends!! What a blast from the past to read that on your April monthly diary!!
    So glad you joined us in this!!

    1. Hi Jodie, thanks for stopping in! We had a wonderful time in the Carolinas, and Kiawah Island Resort was so, so pretty - glad it brought back good memories for you!

  2. Great photos from your travels! Glad you got to spend time with your granddaughter, but goodbyes are always sooo hard!

    I joined Sarah and Leslie in January in writing one sentence a day, and I absolutely love it.

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. It's so much fun to capture our lives in this way, isn't it? It also makes me want to reach higher each day, which is a benefit I hadn't anticipated. It will be interesting to look back a year from now and see if I feel that that is indeed what occurred.

  3. Now this is how to live. Oh my gosh. Your photos are lovely and your adventures are rich and exciting and intellectually stimulating and purposeful. Good gravy, woman!!! When does your book on how to retire the right way come out?

    Of all your lovely photos, my fav is the picture of your shadows holding hands. And the tiny plant pushing up through the rocks. Reminds me of the expression 'grow where you are planted'.

    I would like to think that your fiasco with the office cabinetry is a rare occurrence but having had issue after issue with our pool construction, I am afraid it is the way of the world these days.

    Your family and especially your granddaughter radiate love for one another. I just 'talked' with my one-year-old Lucia at lunch. Miss her so much.

    Those bloody Marys. With shrimp? What? Like a drinkable shrimp cocktail. Did you sneak a pic of Alan Alda and Joy Behar? Are they an item? Does saying that date me?

    Thank you for joining in with us sentencers. So glad to have met you and Natalie, Jodi and Andrea. Some girls closer to my age. XO

    1. Hi Leslie, I should clarify the both Mr. Alda and Ms. Behar were seated alongside their spouses, so I can only speak to their being at least friends . . . no rumors beyond that! :-)

      Oh yes, construction trials and tribulations are ubiquitous to the industry it would appear. We are very happy to be pretty much done for the foreseeable future.

  4. Sounds like a busy month with lots of travelling about. I've linked up for the first time and really enjoyed reading everyone's posts. It is great spending time with grandchildren isn't it - even if they do pass on their colds! Loved all of your photos and look forward to next months post. Have a great week.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. Hi Sue, welcome to the Sentence a Day linkup. It's nice to have another, ahem, mature woman participating. :-)

      Ah yes, we joke that when our granddaughter sneezes we the grandparents get pneumonia!

  5. I don't even know how you picked just one photo per day. What a great April, spending so much time with your family, those are the best months! I love getting a peek into everyone's month.

    1. May won't involve quite as much travel, but hey, maybe a new home purchase instead!

  6. Fantastic April and pictures! Great combo of a sightseeing trip and fun family time. Look forward to reading your May post.

    1. We'll be here for a bit, but do have a Central Coast trip planned toward the end of the month, so there should be some nice pics from that. Enjoy your warming weather up there too!


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