We're Going to Hamilton!

Thanks to our AmExpress cardholding son-in-law, we were able to snag two tickets yesterday for the Los Angeles leg of the upcoming Hamilton World Tour a full ten days before they go on sale to the general public. Whatever block of tickets were being held for AmExpress cardholders were apparently snatched up in minutes, so we are over-the-moon excited that we were in the group that was able to get through.

Oh, and we did not purchase the $650 or $750 tickets(!), in fact I didn't even know they had tickets in that price range until looking up our seat assignments this morning online.

And I thought the price we paid was high!

We aren't going until November, so we still have lots of time to become familiar with the soundtrack, and in my case, the history. My husband was a history major in college, focusing on American history, so for him this will be a breeze. In my case, I know Alexander Hamilton to be the guy on the $10 dollar bill, and that's about it, so I have a lot of brushin' up to do between now and then!


  1. For a moment when I saw the headline and knowing how much you love to travel, I thought you meant Hamilton, Bermuda!

    1. I'm not sure what it says about me that I'm as excited about going to see Hamilton the play, as I would be about Hamilton the country!

  2. What great fun! We are thinking of seeing Phantom of the Opera here in El Paso. But both of us would enjoy Hamilton more!

    1. I love Phantom! I've seen it three times, the first with Michael Crawford in LA on his closing weekend. It was insane! People were literally begging for us to sell them our tickets as we walked toward the theater.


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