Our New Home Office (Almost!)

Yesterday was 'the day' - the long awaited day of 1) home office completion, and 2) home remodeling in general completion. My husband and I were so excited in that he'd been working off of folding tables ever since the cabinetry installation in mid-March left him with new cabinets, but no counter tops. A great big 'oops' that occurred when a change order for the counter tops got filed away accidentally, instead of processed.

So imagine how we felt yesterday morning upon discovering that just one, not two, of the missing counter tops was being installed. Because, somehow the correction change got messed up and only one of the two remaining counter tops got made. Oy vey.

The good news is that the missing counter top is for the least important element of the two - the one that tops the three-drawer window seat. The critical counter top - the one that supports my husbands computer, printer, work space and TV, was here and ready to go.

Here is where we started back in January:

Old peeling wallpaper, carpeting and inexpensive box store open shelf cabinetry.

Halfway through, with wallpaper, carpeting and cabinetry removed, and a new coat of paint applied.

And here's what it looks like now, with new custom cabinetry and hardwood flooring installed:

My husband really enjoys having his own home office, as I do mine just down the hall, and so I know it's been painful for him to not have full usage of it during the remodel. It's close enough to completion that he's very happily settled back in as of yesterday afternoon. One of his favorite elements is the new file drawer to the right of his chair. His old file drawer was in the adjacent closet, and thus the filing would build up until he got around to it. Now, papers can go from processing at the desk right into the drawer without him having to get up.

I love two things the most. The first is all the new doors, which make the room look neat as a pin. Behind those doors it might be chaos, because my husband's not as anal tidy as I am, but that's A-OK as long as I don't have to see it. I also love that there are two grommet openings drilled into the top, not just one, so we no longer have unsightly cords stretching across the back of the desk.

The cabinets are cream with a light glazing of espresso, and they play beautifully against our new mid-tone maple hardwood floors. All that remains is to find a fun rug to brighten up the space a bit.

And, of course, get that elusive, last counter top installed:


Plans and Goals For Today
Fast walk five miles, running the last half mile.
Stop in at the gym to do strength training on the way home.
Pick up a 2 lb package of strawberries from Sprouts, on sale over the weekend only for $1.98.
Take a nap to compensate for waking up at 2:00 AM this morning. (!)
Attend a Unitarian meeting this afternoon in order to brainstorm events for the upcoming year.
Finish weeding the backyard.
Meet friends for dinner at Sushi Naguchi, one of the Top Ten Best in OC list that we are slowly working through.


  1. What a fabulous remodel! And you mentioned Sprouts prices just to up my anticipation of a local store I'm sure.

    1. It did turn out nice, didn't it? Regarding Sprouts - I was so stressed to return home to a produce-free refrigerator, Sprouts was my first stop the morning after we returned. I bought two bulging bags of fruits and veggies for less than $20.00. You're going to love it!

  2. Beautiful results! The cabinetry and the colour palette look very nice. I just posted about my rental condo refresh project on my blog. Looking for ideas and advice on flooring and colour palette. I hope to achieve good results by the end of May. It isn't my primary residence so if it's not perfect, I don't see the imperfections every day LOL.

    1. So happy to be done, I can't begin to say. I want to do nothing but enjoy our homes new updates for a good long time to come!


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