Greetings from Metro-DC! Plus Weekend Wrap-Up 3/31 - 4/2

As I work to live each day more consciously, I much enjoy crafting fun weekends for my spouse and myself.
Even in retirement weekends are still weekends!

Greetings from Metro-DC, where we are currently visiting with our daughter, son-in-law and positively-delicious 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. We have a few more days left here before departing alone for Wilmington, North Carolina, then into South Carolina after that where the family will rejoin us. As much fun as we're having here, my restless spirit is super excited for next leg of our trip even as we're soaking up the pleasure of spending time with our granddaughter. We've been going back and forth between spending time with her, and having time to tour on our own, which is working out very well. Too many days in a row with her is, well, exhausting! But, too many days on our own while here leaves us missing her, so going back and forth seems to be the right balance for now.

Speaking of which, our weekend was both fun and super exhausting. I feel like this is a common refrain lately, and each time I write/say it, it highlights that without a doubt our biggest challenge in retirement is not money, but rather maintaining a sufficient level of energy. Hence why my word for 2017 -Renew - needs to remain top of mind as I continue to work my way through the year which, can you believe, is already 25% over.

Onto our weekend!

On Friday the weather here in the Metro-DC area was cold and wet. In that we'd spent the prior day gallivanting around Baltimore, Maryland, we were fine staying in, reading, visiting with our just-arrived older daughter, and doing more detail trip planning for our upcoming legs to Wilmington, NC, Kiawah Island, SC, Charleston, SC, Richmond, VA and Fredericksburg, VA. So, most of the day was spent on Trip Advisor, my absolute go-to site for trip planning, and the websites Trip Advisor pointed me to. The biggest challenge for our remaining legs appears to be finding enough time to do all of the interesting things I'm locating - from antebellum mansions to retired naval battleships, low country cuisine to southern BBQ, and historic pub hops to haunted ghost tours. Can't wait!

On Saturday we left early and headed to Annapolis, MD. We spent the morning touring the oh-so-impressive U.S. Naval Academy. And, score, we saved $5 each off the usual $11 touring ticket price by announcing "I'm a Fool" to the cashier. Yep, we toured on April Fools Day!

At the visitors entrance - just too make sure you know where you are!

Midshipmen - the official name for Naval Academy undergraduates.

Lots of winning footballs on display from that most ancient of USA rivalries - Navy vs Army!

Coincidentally, Miss USA Cherry Blossom and Miss Japan Cherry Blossom were posing for
photos at the Naval Academy grounds during our tour. 

Bancroft Hall in all it's Greek revival glory; the largest single dormitory in the world, and possibly the prettiest.

Our lunch break was next, at Chick & Ruth's Delly on Main Street. Fun, tiny, crowded, noisy and delicious!

Husband on the left, happily waiting for our name to be called

As you can see, this place was too tiny and crowded to allow for waiting inside!

We did not, I repeat did not, order from this page of the menu!

After lunch, we spent the remainder of the afternoon touring the historic district, which included a walk through the Maryland State Capital, and sightseeing/visiting lots and lots of charming, historical homes and properties.

Approaching the Maryland State Capital, enjoying the blooming cherry trees along the entrance path.

The picturesque Maryland State Assembly Hall.

Fresh oysters at the Annapolis Market Square.
We are virgin oyster eaters, and are determined to enjoy (try?) some before we depart!

Colonial Annapolis, full of charming 100 & 200+ year old homes.

Annapolis sit's alongside the scenic Chesapeake Bay

Spring was in evidence everywhere we walked!

We left Annapolis feeling very, very patriotic. What a wonderful, charming, historic and food-friendly city!

On Sunday we took our granddaughter to the National Zoo in Downtown DC. The drive there, our second, was a little easier than our first visit last summer, but still very winding, traffic-dense and confusing. Seriously, driving around the Metro-DC area is a hoot and a half!

Once we arrived, we spent three fun, invigorating (i.e., tiring!) hours visiting the Farm Animal area, the big cats area, and, of course, the carousel.

Our precious bundle of granddaughter joy.

Lot's of animal time, ice cream time, playground time and one re-visit to the Farm Animal later, we headed for home, with our granddaughter falling asleep the minute she was strapped into her car seat. Nana and Baba were just as tired, trust me!

I made dinner for everyone once we returned home (yeah for Nanas!), and it was pretty fab along with being super easy: Roast Beef and Blue Cheese Paninis, sweet potato fries and fruit salad.

Today, Monday, I'm a bit under the weather due to too many days in a row with a sniffling granddaughter. It's a beautiful day, however, and with the granddaughter at preschool, we have plans to take a walk to a nearby local coffeehouse, and then onto a nature park after that.

Make it a great day wherever you are!


  1. What a fun weekend you've had! Thanks for sharing. That page of the menu is calorie-scary. Your plan for today sounds perfect, too. Happy Monday!

    1. That page was beyond scary! Fortunately they had normal sized options as well, but even still we skipped dinner!


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