Five Frugal Things - Family Vacation Version

It's not as easy to get value for our money when traveling, particularly when we are with family, as we have been this past week, but here are five frugal things we did manage to do:

  • We waited in the cell phone lot to pick up our family over two different flights, saving short term airport parking fees.
  • We ate most of our meals in at our Kiawah Island Resort cottage. We had a three bedroom house reserved for our family trip, and one $130 trip to Super Walmart covered six people for seven breakfasts, seven lunches and four dinners. With the beach one block away, and the resort pool across the street, we rarely had need to leave the property.
  • We bought our gas off the resort's property, saving 30 cents a gallon.
  • Asked about, and received, a student discount for my visiting niece when we visited one of the area's large plantations, shaving 50% of her admission fee. 
  • We used Trip Advisor to find fun, tasty, casual southern BBQ joints to treat our family to three dinners out. Each one delivered, but the winner, hands down was Swig and Swine Wood Fired BBQ. It was insanely delicious, very reasonable at $9.00 per meal, and we are still all talking about our pulled pork sandwiches days later.

Bonus Frugal Thing:
  • Related to the last item above, we told our family the first round was on Mom and Dad, the second and subsequent rounds were on them. I feel like beverages and alcohol can sink a budget faster than anything when dining out! (PS - No one ordered second rounds. :-)

And one frugal fail:
  • Bought our granddaughter a cute ball covered with butterflies at the resort for a ridiculous $13.00. Saw a similar-enough ball at the market outside the resort for $2.99. But, granddaughter . . . need I say more?

We are off to the city of Charleston this morning, after dropping the family off at the airport. We have a VRBO reserved right in the center of the historic district, and we are excited to finally see this southern city by the harbor that people seem to love so much.

Make it a memorable day wherever you are!

Images from our time in Kiawah Island this past week, from left to right, 1) Middleton Plantation, 2) Angel Oak Tree, and 3) Beautiful Kiawah Island beach.


  1. Those are great wins, more $ for the next outing, yay! So far I've had very good experience with VRBO, twice in the USA, once in Portugal, and once in Costa Rica.

    1. We enjoy being in the middle of neighborhoods the most, I think, although having a kitchen and room to spread out is lovely also. I look for units with lots of positive reviews regarding the items most important to me, which is generally location.


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