What's Up Friday 3/17

Happy St. Patrick's Day! May the leprechauns smile kindly on you all today!

What a week over here at Casa My Retirement Project! We kicked off the last of our remodeling projects, a complete remodel of my spouse's home office. After a few weeks of not having tradespeople in the house, it was a bit of a shock to my system to once again have to open up the house, lay down protective floor coverings, and deal with noise and dust. Seriously, once we are done with this go-round I'm thinking I'd rather move than go through it all again. It's been much more stressful then I remember from our last remodel go-round in 2003.

So here's a peek at the office progress to date, starting with the Before.

The Before looks better by photo than it does up close. The built ins were done by one of those 'quick' closet installation companies about 15 years ago, and they were showing their age because of the fairly cheap materials that were used. Additionally, my spouse is not as OCD as I am, and the open shelving was looking increasingly cluttered as time went by, so I was yearning for more doors to hide his stuff. Otherwise, however, the basic layout is still pretty solid, continuing to address the majority of his needs.

The wallpaper also had to go. It was beginning to curl, and I'm just completely and totally over wallpaper at this point. Nicely, this is the very last room with wallpaper, hooray.

The carpet flooring was a problem as well, in that this is the room my spouse spends the majority of his time in when at home, and the wear pattern showed that. So, we'll be carrying our new hardwood flooring into this room, eliminating any concerns about heavy foot traffic wear-and-tear going forward.

Here's what it looks like now at the midway point, with old cabinetry, carpeting and wallpaper removed, a new plywood subfloor in place, and new paint on the walls.

Completion by end of next week . . . so excited to see the new custom cabinets go in beginning on Monday. And doors. Lots and lots of new doors

Other things that have occurred this week:
  • Swapped out our previous white lighting fixtures on the front of the house for new black lighting fixtures. They really do seem to 'pop' compared to the old white ones, and a very inexpensive update at just $34.00 each from Home Depot.

Some of the Pop Art we saw. I enjoyed creating this collage
at PicsArt. Feel free to follow me there or on Instagram
via @westcoasttamara

  • I finally broke down after years of resisting, and am now the owner of an iPhone 7. It's a love/hate at this point. Love that we can now Facetime our granddaughter wherever we travel going forward via WiFi. Love the camera and the ability to upload photos on my own instead of having to rely on usage of my spouse's Smart phone. Love that I can now workout to Pandora instead of my increasingly stale iPod play list. Don't love having to learn a new operating system in that this is our first Apple product other than iPods. Don't love the 24/7 distraction having a Smart phone enables - am determined to limit my usage. And don't love how expensive Smart phones are vs Basic phones! 
  • Had a wonderful meeting last night with my Chalice Circle. The topic was forgiveness; both how we apply it to others and to ourselves. In that this is a hughly unresolved issue in my life as it pertains to my mother, I appreciated the input and wisdom provided by many of the people in the group.

Plans and Goals for Today
Six mile walk listening, yeah, to Pandora on my new phone.
Do arm strength training here at home upon return from walk.
Remember to wear green when I leave the house today to run some errands.
Return unused light fixture to Home Depot.
Write article about OC Museum of Art visit for Art Alliance newsletter.
Get my car smog checked.
Enjoy dinner out on our front yard patio since it should be a beautiful evening.
Utilize free Red Box rental code to reserve and watch Fences after dinner.


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