What's Up Friday 3/10

Things are really picking up around here lately - as I was plotting our my menu for the week (my week runs Wed - Tue, since Wednesdays are double deal day at Sprouts, where I get the majority of my groceries), I realized that I only had to meal plan out dinner for two nights because we were going to be out for the other five. This would have never happened prior to retirement because we would have been too tired, so yeah for the ability to take middle of the day naps, which allow us to keep going until as late in the day as needed. 

The wine of the night - so much less
expensive than enjoying it at a restaurant!
Yesterday we took one of those two dinners over to my eldest daughter's, a monthly tradition we started a year ago. Originally we met at a restaurant, but that started to generate a whole host of issues. Like, who pays? We're retired and technically on a set income while she's an upwardly mobile professional, however we simply don't feel comfortable letting our daughters pay for us, or even themselves when we are all out together. Because, let's face it, set income or no, we have a healthy savings account, while their's are still building. As a result, it began to get a bit annoying dropping $100 on dinner every time we got together (because, yes, wine is always involved :), so I came up with the rather brilliant idea of meeting at her beach-adjacent apartment instead, with us providing both the meal and the wine. She loved the idea of relaxing after work in her own apartment over a home cooked meal and free wine, plus she generally gets a couple of meals worth of leftovers out of it. We enjoy the relaxed pace, the cheaper alternative to restaurant dining, and the fun excuse it affords us to go play at the beach, since we usually time it so that we arrive a few hours before she gets home from work.

Our beach play time yesterday involved taking a long walk along under glorious skies. There were lots of tourists out and about, and one of them was kind enough to take this picture of us.

We also managed to squeeze in a little shopping. I used some of my mad money to pick up these turquoise items, which I can't wait to wear:

Dinner with our daughter, once she arrived home, was lovely. Good wine, good food, good conversation. Making the transition from being the parents of children to being the parents of adult children hasn't necessarily been easy, but the reward of treating her with respect, and refraining from giving unwanted advice(!) is that she appears to sincerely enjoy our company, and seems to go out of of her way to look for opportunities to spend time with us. Which we deeply appreciate!

Oh, and here's what I made for dinner, Taco Fiesta Chicken Lasagna, the idea of which came from blogger Leslie at Once Upon A Time Happily Ever After. It was delicious!

Plans And Goals For Today
- Prep house for a progressive party we're having with two other couples tomorrow night. We've all done recent home updates, so the plan is to do a drink and small app at each 'new' house, before heading out to dinner together. Thinking we may need a DD (Designated Driver) by night's end!
- Decide what to wear to Sunday's Mardi Gras-themed University Friends of Jazz event. Our masks are purple and gold, so that's my starting point.
- Weed backyard slope (I love weeding - so satisfying!)
- Package this week's dinner leftovers into two person packets and freeze for later use.
- Eat consciously
- Practice five minutes of meditation
- Six mile racewalk
- Read 20% of my Book Club book, John Steinbeck's The Winter of Our Discontent (I'm behind!)
- Do 30 minutes of Spanish study
- Make three sets of RV reservations for trips we're taking later this year.
- Use a $10 off $10 JCPenney coupon to purchase a $12 on-sale outfit for my granddaughter as a 'just because' gift. 


  1. You and Mike look good with an ocean behind you!

    We started something similar a few months ago: every Sunday we gather at my eldest daughter's home with her family, my son-in-law's parents, and sometimes his brother and kids, plus our youngest daughter. Oh, and 2 dogs. Can you imagine that crew at a restaurant? We split the meal, with main course, dessert, side dishes, salad, and bread spread out among all attendees. We play games, talk, and often watch a kid-friendly movie or football game in season. With all of us (except Alison) living with 3 minutes of each other it is simple and a tremendous way to start the week.

    1. How fortunate you are to have your family close! Our fingers are crossed that our youngest, her spouse, and the grandbaby will find their way back soon to the west coast in the next few years. I would love to have regular family events. In the meantime, we all make efforts to get together frequently, even with both daughters (and granddaughter, sniff) living in opposite coasts.


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