What's Up Friday 3/31

Greetings from the East Coast, our home for the next month. A lot of ground has been covered this week, literally!
  • Flew to Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday, picked up our rental car and headed straight to Virginia to see our granddaughter before she went to sleep. We made it with minutes to spare! What a joy to see her face light up as her Nana and Baba got out of the car. Life truly doesn't get any better than this. (Insert heart emoji here . . . )
  • Spent all day Wednesday playing with our granddaughter, which was a glorious, sunny day here in the metro-DC area. Played at the park, had lunch at McD's, went grocery shopping - what an adventure with a 2 1/2 year old that was! - and played ball in the street. Having lots of talking time, plus lots of 'show me' time when we weren't exactly sure what she was trying to say, was beyond precious.
  • Saw cherry blossoms. Because, DC in the spring.

  • Visited the stirring Fort McHenry National Monument & Historic Shrine, where The Star Spangled Banner was penned during the War of 1812. We spent almost two full hours walking in and around the fort, and along it's Chesapeake Bay waterfront location. Highly recommend!

The scenic entry to the inner courtyard of Fort McHenry.
  • Bought our last $80 Annual National Park Pass while at the fort, because in just a little over two months my husband will reach the milestone age of 62, and at the top of his list is purchasing his $10 Senior National Park Pass, good for the rest of his life! (Yes, aware the price is going up sometime this year to $80, but hoping not till after his birthday. If it does, it's still a great deal!) In the interim, we think we'll get our $80 money's worth out of this year's pass in that we'll be visiting oodles of national properties over the next two months.
Rainy here this morning, but it's supposed to break, and once it does we're off to Arlington to explore and walk over the bridge into DC for more cherry blossom viewing. 

Make it a great day where ever you might be!


  1. Greetings! DC is a great city to visit. The cherry blossoms are sure signs of spring. Take lots of pictures and videos with your granddaughter. They grow and change so fast at that age. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. We are enjoying ourselves tremendously! Our granddaughter is talking a mile a minute and we are having so much fun chatting away with her. Worth having children to get grandchildren for sure!

  2. Until just this second, I remembered, even dreamed about Fort McHenry after having been there years ago as a small child. But I couldn't remember the name of the place! Now I can put a name with the location of some of my memories and dreams.
    So glad you enjoyed time with the grandbaby. Nothing better. Already missing my girls and I just saw them two weeks ago.

    Beautiful pic of the cherry blossoms. Be safe!

    1. So much to see here, we are absolutely on the run the days we aren't with our little bundle of fun. Our Nat'l Park pass will be put to good use during our trip!


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