What's Up Friday 3/24

Very busy week here at Casa My Retirement Project as we wind down from home remodeling projects and gear up toward our upcoming east coast trip to see family, and travel around the Carolinas. Hardwood flooring goes down tomorrow in my husband's home office, with the accidentally-overlooked countertops not likely to be completed until our return in late April. But once those are in, which should be a quick half-day job, we are officially done, hooray!

In other news:
  • We attended the always-awesome Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour this past week. I am inspired every single year we attend to do even more in my own outdoor life. This tour travels all over the USA and Canada, plus internationally, and if you have even the slightest yen for adventure, this event is definitely for you! 
  • We are continuing to eat down the refrigerator in preparation for being away. The closer we get the more, ahem, interesting our meals are becoming. Bless my dear husband for being so darn flexible about what he eats for dinner. It may be scrambled eggs and toast by the time we get down to our last night here at home.
  • We attended a dress rehearsal community theater event last night with our Lifelong Learning group, a production of Steven Sondheim's A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum. I was prepared to sort of just get through it, in that it sounded rather campy and old fashioned, but darn if it wasn't completely delightful! The lead actors and actresses were fabulous, with terrific comedic timing and I roared with laughter. I love it when my expectations are exceeded!
  • Woke up extremely tired this morning for some reason, so I gave myself the morning off from working out. Instead I organized all the materials we'll need for our upcoming trip, booked our airport shuttle, painted the baseboards that will go into place during tomorrow's hardwood installation, had a Starbucks coffee date with my husband, and cleaned up my home office.
We have a terrific weekend on tap, with just the right mix of activity and at-home time, starting off with a dinner out tonight at an Irish pub with our Foreign Food group. In peeking at the menu online, it looks like they have a smashing lineup of martinis which I'm much looking forward to.

Life is short, so make it a great weekend!


  1. Doesn't sound much like a morning off with all you accomplished but I guess you did skip the work out part. How was dinner at the Irish pub? How does the flooring look? We are going to need pics of it, you know.
    Good for you guys to eat up groceries before a trip. I usually come back to spoiled produce at the very least.

    1. Oh, once those countertops go down I will definitely be sharing photos!. Already the office looks so much sleeker and brighter than it did previously.


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