We Have Grass! Backyard Project Completion.

At end of day, Friday, the crew had the two underlayers of crushed stone and decomposed granite laid down, compressed into a smooth shape, and ready to receive the artificial turf. They were unable to return until Sunday to lay down the actual artificial turf, and with rain in the forecast for Sunday afternoon, it ended up turning into a bit of a race to see which was going to get here first - the completed lawn or the rain. The crew managed to get everything completed other than the last and final step of working in several hundred pounds of silica sand into the laid-in-place turf, which they will return and complete today.

Quite the process! I looked up how to install artificial turn on the DIY site, and found this interesting tutorial.

Steps 13 and 14 of the above tutorial not withstanding, to the naked eye the blessed thing is done! Here are photos at long last (I say this to myself, primarily - this 'easy' relandscaping project stretched out to almost nine full weeks thanks to S. California's non-stop, drought breaking, winter storms.) The patio chairs are sans cushions in the photos below because they've been tucked away in the garage to wait out the rains, but even still I love the way the backyard turned out. And the best part is that it is virtually maintenance free - every plant that was laid is heat resistant and slow growing, so no upkeep needed other than a gentle, once a year trimming of some of the larger bushes.

Still to come is the remodel of my husband's home office, which begins next week. (My office received new carpeting in January, but otherwise continues to function/look just fine. I'm convinced the keys to a happy life in retirement are his and her offices!)

Plans and Goals for Today
8 mile hike with my spouse.
Lunch afterward at our favorite poke bowl place.
Set appointment for window cleaning now that the outside work is all completed - yeah!
Read 10% of our March Book Club read, The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck (this book got much better after the first couple of chapters - I'm now really enjoying it.)
Do 60 minutes of Spanish study.
Begin detail planning of our upcoming east coast trip (air, VRBO and car rentals already in place).
Prep for dinner - Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken.


  1. Very natural looking turf. It is popular here in El Paso where we struggle so to have green lawns. We are in the midst of having an in-ground pool built and our poor grass that we babied so last summer is nothing but trenches for plumbing and electricity. Will be quite a trick to bring it back to healthy.

    1. If you'd have told me 10 years ago I'd have artificial turf in my backyard I would have never believed you. After a prolonged drought, however, many, many SoCal homeowners have transitioned over, and with proper attention to overall landscaping details it can look terrific. The quality has improved drastically in the last decade. As has the price, but that's a whole different story!

      Nicely, we have an HOA pool across the street. What a luxury it is to have access to a pool for those of us in hot weather locations. I'm sure you'll enjoy yours tremendously once it's complete.


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