So Close! Plus Wednesday Words of Wisdom

So darn close . . .

The crew arrived to lay our new artificial turf (sample of which is sitting tantalizingly on our patio to the left) on Monday as planned, and got right to work. The project involves putting in two layers of under materials, the first of which is shown in the photo above, with the turf going in last as the third and final layer. All went well for the first two hours, but then, alas, it started to rain. Again. No!!!

They waited it out for about half an hour before calling it quits for the day, and told me they'd return later in the week to pick up where they left off once the ground dried out. The weather is currently warm and dry, so fingers and toes crossed that they show up soon, as we have out of town company arriving on Friday and it would be sooooo nice to have a pretty, completed yard to enjoy when they do.

In other news, I experienced two situations recently that left me with some very wise words to ponder.

The first occurred this past Sunday, when the speaker at our congregational meeting suggested that the way to determine whether our individual actions are 'good' or 'bad' is to ask ourselves the following:

Do I participate in systems that cut off human potential?

I've been keeping that in my forethought this week as I move through my day. It's one of those brilliant, easy-to-apply truths that I appreciate being able to grab onto.

And a little less direct, but no less wise, yesterday we attended a TED talk at our Lifelong Learning program featuring Dr. Quartulain Bakhteari, a Nobel prize nominee for her pioneering efforts to educate females in Pakistan. Most excitingly, Dr. Bakhteari was with us in person to discuss her works in greater detail and answer audience questions after the TED showing. Dr. Bakhteari, a female Muslim, encountered many obstacles in her efforts to not only educate females, but also to train some of the older students in midwifery in an effort to bring down Pakistan's maternal mortality rate, one of the highest in the world currently. When asked how she did this, after we watched the video below in it's entirety, Dr. Quartulain responded:

Remove the obstructions one at a time by bringing them inward.

Some of us, myself included, needed a little help understanding exactly what Dr. Quartulain meant, so she explained that after identifying a specific obstacle she would approach it directly and attempt to solicit help, rather than applying force, in overcoming it. In my life, I interpreted that to mean that if I hit a roadblock, rather than trying to blast my way through it, I should take a step back and ponder how I might incorporate the roadblock into my ongoing effort instead. I think we have an American expression that is somewhat similar to what Dr. Quartulain is suggesting, that being to kill them with kindness.

Here is her inspiring TED talk:

Plans and Goals for Today
Menu plan
Grocery shop
Do 60 minutes of cardio at the gym, plus ab and upper body strength training
Book Club reading for 30 minutes
Spanish study for 60 minutes
Finish dusting shutters (I keep kicking this one down the road . . . )
Laundry (This one too  . . . )
Line Dancing class
Evening off in that my spouse will be gone. Plan is to enjoy the last homemade tamale out of the freezer, and read for pleasure afterward in bed with a cup of hot cocoa. Decadent!


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    1. Hi Leslie, this little blog is still evolving so we'll see where it goes!


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