About That Bucket List . . .

The topic at last night's Chalice Circle pertained to bucket lists. We were asked to make one ahead of time, and bring it with us prepared to discuss. Going in, this is what mine looked like:
  • Visit all 59 National Parks. 
  • 'Live' in a variety of cities around the world via one month apartment rentals. On that list would be the USA cities of Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, and NYC, plus the foreign cities of Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, London, Auckland, and Sydney,
  • Live within walking distance to the Pacific Ocean, preferably in either San Diego or Orange County here in California.

When we got to the meeting, we were presented with a list of questions related to our bucket lists. These are the questions, along with my answers:

  1. What kinds of emotions came up for you in creating your list? Excitement! Every. Single. One.
  2. Looking at your complete list, do any of the items point to some underlying unmet needs? Does your list in some way reflect some larger or broader longing within, perhaps a particular aspect of your individual spirituality or orientation to life? Hmm, good question! I have a great longing to visit places that awaken something in me, either because they are new, or wild, or different from my norm at home. I've often said that I must have been either a dog or an explorer in a former life, because I have a very difficult time remaining in one place for too long. So, attempting to better understanding why I have such a longing to roam would probably be a worthwhile exercise. (Input here welcomed!)
  3. If a stranger found your list somewhere and read it, how would the stranger describe who you are in terms of your beliefs, values, and priorities? Would that be consistent with how you would like people to remember you after you have died? That I was adventurous, restless, a seeker, and a lover of wilderness. And yes, that would be consistent with how I would like to be remembered, other than that I also adored, adored, adored my spouse, children and grandchild. And, in truth, they are the obstacles standing in the way of my completing the above bucket list - the trade offs in time spent with them all are simply too great at this time.
  4. If it were possible to find out what the exact day and time of your death would be, would you want to know? I would absolutely NOT want to know this. It would taint my entire life and rob me of the ability to simply enjoy the time I do have. Increasingly as I get older I find that ignorance is bliss, even while understanding that many things cannot remain hidden if we wish to progress as humans.
A tremendous meeting that was filled with personal insights I'll likely be pondering the rest of today, even as we gear up for an exciting, event filled weekend.

Plans and Goals for Today
Prep the house for company arriving tonight.
  -  Vacuum
  -  Dust
  -  Bake muffins and cookies for my carb-loving company
Attend the funeral of a dear friend's mother. She lived good and long, and left an amazing legacy of family and friends, so I expect this to be a quietly celebratory event of a well-lived life.
Oversee completion of our backyard project - hooray!


  1. What a fun exercise, and such insightful questions. #2 seems the most fascinating. That is definitely one that I will give some serious thought to. It might make a very interesting blog post, too.

    1. Yes, I found #2 and #3 to be such interesting things to ponder, and the first time I'd looked at a/my bucket list in the manner each question suggested. And by all means feel free to utilize any of them as you might wish. I'm sure the folks that developed the list would be most pleased to see it shared outward.

  2. Found your blog through a search for retirement-themed blogs on Bloglovin'. I am three years into an early, originally unwanted retirement and began blogging to fill my empty hours. Have finally adjusted to being retired, partially by returning part-time to the career I loved. I am going to be sharing a spring bucket list on March 19. Inviting you to link up with a bucket list post. If you are interested, please let me know! I need more retirement-aged friends!!

    1. Oh a spring bucket list sounds fun! I've not broken mine down by season before, and am game for sure.

    2. Thank you for your quick response. So excited that you are game!!! Actually, I am planning the spring bucket list reveal for Monday the 20th, I misspoke above. You can visit my previous bucket list posts to get a feel for what I do but please feel free to do whatever you would like for your posts. I usually do a reveal and then a couple of posts on my progress. Then along about the first day of summer, I hope to reveal a summer bucket list. Here's my URL for the winter bucket list post http://onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com/20-things-winter-bucket-list/. And here's autumn: http://onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com/autumn-bucket-list/. My email address is mommyhon333@hotmail.com. Thank you, thank you for your interest!!


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