A Few Things Making Me Happy Today

You know how when life gives you lemons, if you are a positive-leaning type person, you try and make lemonade? Well, I thought that would be a great exercise for me to practice today in that this happened yesterday:

They forgot to make the countertops for our new office cabinetry. :-(

This really is a reputable company that we have done business with multiple times before. What occurred was that a change order for our countertops midway through the project got filed away instead of being processed. The good news is that they are rushing through the remaining order, though it may not make it in time to be done before our upcoming trip back east.

So onward to A Few Things Making Me Happy Today!

  • The State Park up the street from us finally opened after being closed for weeks and weeks due to California's ongoing winter rains. We did an eight mile hike there a couple of days ago, and it was glorious! The greenest we've seen it in over 25 years.

  • I found a group of active women to bicycle with one day a week. I love bicycling, but it is not something I care to do alone due to all the things that can go wrong - flat tires, accidents, remote riding areas - so to stumble on a group of female riders that go at my pace and wish to start training together for long road events is so exciting!
  • Tonight is the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour event we've been attending for almost five years now. I always come home from this event fired up to do more in my life!

  • I've been waiting all winter for the Red Bird of Paradise in my front yard to do what my landscaper said it would do when he planted in last August - to go from the plain-looking plant below, to the more gorgeous plant in full bloom. Well, as of yesterday it's finally starting to send out new shoots. Excited!

  • And finally, just one week from today we will be happily playing with our granddaughter once again. Can. Not. Wait.

Plans and Goals for Today
- Racewalk six miles
- Pick up baseboards for home office project. (New hardwood flooring goes down on Friday, yeah!)
- Drop off a load items at Goodwill.
- Do ironing
- Read a chapter in April Book Club selection, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
- Do 30 minutes of Spanish study
- Hair appointment
- Attend Banff Mountian Film Festival World Tour


  1. Hi Tamara: I'm happy to find this blog today :-) among other things. I followed your previous "Early Retirement Journey" blog for a while and was sad when you stopped it. I'm in Toronto but travel quite a bit, too. I have lots of friends in South CA. Would love to meet up with you one day. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Hi Natalie, Happy Wednesday to you too! Yes, after three years traveling, traveling, traveling, we are taking a year to go-slow and fix up our home, so it seemed a good time to try my hand at blogging again. This one will be a bit more low key than my prior blog, meaning that when we are traveling I'll like post a photo and just a few words. Easy-peasy in other words! And definitely should you be in the area would love to meet up! I hike with a gal from Toronto coincidentally. She and her spouse are living here in the states currently, but visit Toronto frequently. It sounds like a terrific city!

  2. Which state park is that? I am looking forward to hiking in S. CA again as we arrive April 19th and move into our new home. Would like to meet you once we get there.

    1. Juhli, the Sierra Club in your area is fabulous - google Los Padres Sierra Club for more info. You are in a great, great part of SoCal, hiking wise. The Santa Monica National Rec Area is just a bit south of you, and it's absolutely fabulous, trail wise. We pass through Camarillo very frequently as we RV up the coast each spring/summer/fall. It would be super easy to plan to meet up once you get settled in, so yes, for sure!

  3. Missing my granddaughters so after spending a long weekend with them two weeks ago. I keep hearing their little voices. Sweet angels.
    Interested in your bike riding. I like to ride, too, but not more than a few miles at a time. Does this group go off-road? How far do you usually ride?
    And an 8 mile hike! Wow, that is an impressive distance! We hike, too, but usually mountain hiking and never as much a 8 miles. Usually more like 3-5. What do you wear for hiking? Do you wear boots?
    Wish you lived closer, would love to join you for a bike ride. Need pics of your first venture out with the gals.

    1. The group is at 25 miles currently, working toward 50 I believe. Here in Orange County we have a dedicated bike path that stretches 27 miles ending at Pacific Coast Highway, so 52 miles round trip. It's an amazing thing to be able to take advantage of here. My personal record is a metric centrury, 62 miles. I'm very comfortable starting my training at 25 - 30 miles, then building from there. Ironically, it's not the legs that need to be trained, it's the saddle!

      Re hiking: I wear Brooks Cascadia trail runners for non-rocky, non-pack bearing hikes such as the one I referenced in this post. For rocky trails, or when we are carrying weight in backpacks I wear Salomon X-Ultra hiking boots. We like to do at least one 8-10 mile hike weekly to stay conditioned. Plus we generally go out to eat afterward to enjoy eating some of the 1000 calories we just burned!

  4. So glad I found this!! Home improvements are designed to raise your blood pressure no matter what (said by the woman who lived in and renovaed a 1940s brownstone duplex for ten years while raising children). So glad to hear that the rain has improved some things there!

    1. Hi Barbara, so nice to have you drop by! It's interesting for me to observe the changes in my blogging style this time around - I'm much more relaxed for one. I see this blog as a way, therefore, to continue to set personal goals in my sixth year of retirement, rather than trying to adjust to retirement such as I was during my first blogging go-round. Life seems to get fuller by the year, even as I feel less and less pressure to 'do.' Ha! Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that!


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