20 Things On My Spring Bucket List

Happy First Day of Spring!

Under the category of Spring Has Sprung! I'm joining in with a host of other bloggers to share 20 Things on my Spring Bucket List. After months and months of desperately needed, but still wet and gloomy, winter rains here in S. California, I'm ready for our more-normal sunshine and warmth to return, and therefore can't wait to get started on this list now that spring is finally here.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see who else is participating,
and to visit their blogs for additional spring inspiration!

20 Things On My Spring Bucket List
  1. Make a batch of low-sugar jam with spring berries.
  2. Grill spring artichokes.
  3. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside at least once.
  4. Make three new cocktails.
  5. Make three new BBQ dinners.
  6. Try three new restaurants.
  7. Take a family picture during our vacation in Kiawah Island.
  8. Make three lunch dates with girlfriends.
  9. Join a yoga studio . . . and go!
  10. Strength train two times each week.
  11. Take six bike spinning classes.
  12. Bicycle at the beach.
  13. Kayak.
  14. Lose 10 pounds.
  15. Sell or giveaway all our old motorcycling gear now that our motorcycles are sold.
  16. Clean out garage rafters.
  17. Volunteer three times.
  18. Read one book for pleasure each month (Book club selections don't count!).
  19. Join Spanish discussion group to keep up with my language studies.
  20. Find a new online Spanish tutor focused on Advanced Beginners.
More Things On My Spring Bucket List participants:

Plans and Goals For Today
Six mile racewalk
Clean garage rafters (bonus for being a Spring Bucket list item!)
Attend afternoon lecture by US Senator for California, Barbara Boxer at our university
Book club reading
Spanish study
Enjoy hot cocoa and just-for-me book after dinner, while my spouse is away (and yet another Spring Bucket list item!)


  1. I love that we both have something yoga related on our lists! You have a great mix of fun and productive things to do!

    1. Yoga . . . it does an 'old' running body good! I am looking forward to ticking all 20 items off, particularly the finding and making three new cocktails, yum!

  2. So many great ideas on your list. I love the idea of making a jam with spring berries. I never think to do anything like that since all our fresh fruit is not seasonal until July/August due to snow and cold. I also love the idea of eating a meal outside everyday. My favourite part of summers here in Canada when it finally gets warm, is a morning coffee on our front step. My toddler loves to eat her breakfast outside in the summer. Thanks for sharing your list. It definitely gave me more ideas for consider for next time.

    1. Hi Danielle, here in S. California our berries go on sale starting in the spring, so I enjoy loading up and making the only kind of jam I know how - refrigerator jam! sI have a great Sunset recipe for EZ-to-make low sugar berry refrigerator jam that I'll be posting with my bucket list result updates. It freezes beautifully, which is how I make it last for several months.

      Enjoy your soon-to-be-warm weather, and your toddler! We are flying out to see our toddler granddaughter next week, and cannot wait!

  3. Love your list! I'm going to come up with my own once our move is over.

    1. Juhli, would love to have you join in with us all the next time. I never received your email, so can you try again? That way I can keep you in the loop.

    2. Juhli, if you want to create a spring list...do!! And then join us for progress reports over the next couple of months. We would love to have you. My email is mommyhon333@hotmail.com and I blog at Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After. Holler back if you are interested! It's fun and easy!

  4. So pleased that you joined in our spring bucket fun. I appreciate the details of your list. Eating outside for three meals...great idea! Grilled artichokes? I need a recipe and I'm there.

    Wish our gym had spinning classes. I took the certification course to be a spin instructor but never taught. Such an exhausting, effective workout. Haven't tried yoga but I am an old runner. Still running but slower and shorter distances.

    If you find an online tutor for Spanish, let me know. My Spanish is passable and usually dicepherable but not pretty. And involves a whole lot of pointing and pantomime. In El Paso, I am in the minority for not speaking Spanish and would love to be able to speak more fluently.

    Thank you so much for joining in on the spring bucket list. Thinking we could do an update in May and again in June? We also do Sentence a Day (journaling kinda). We will share March sentences on April 6. You could start in with us in April if you like, and Juhli, too??

    Have a productive day.

    1. Hi Leslie, I loooved doing this list. So fun! And now I get to enjoy checking each item off. :-)

      It appears we have much in common - I did spinning for a couple of years, until I developed ITB and had to back off for a bit. The ITB was likely the result of all of my running, because I'm an 'old' runner too! I almost reached my 20 year running anniversary when bursitis in one of my hips flared up, so I've backed off of running and now race walk, hike and bike. And backpack, a new-ish pursuit.

      Online tutoring via Skype is an awesome thing, and I've been doing it for about a year. I feel the need to step back and refocus on the underlying Spanish basics as my current tutor is focused on strengthening my speaking skills.

      And I have been doing my daily sentences, so yep, I'm in for it all. And Juhli, you should definitely join us!

    2. Online tutoring on Skype! Who knew.

      Glad you keep active with race walking, hiking and biking since you have had to back off from spinning and running for the time being. I know running is tough on the body. We are building a pool and I am going to switch to swimming very soon!!!

      Yay, for writing your sentences. If you want to join in for the March sentences, let me know and I will send you the graphic and share your blog and name with the other gals in the link-up.

  5. What a great list! We have a little bit of overlap, so that's cool. Grilled artichokes?!? I'm off to find a recipe! As for cocktails, I just discovered the Juicy Fruit. YUM! Lunch dates with girlfriends is something I need to add to my list. After reading everybody's post today, I want to go add SEVERAL things to my list! And I just might do it! (Greetings from the East Coast!)

    1. Hi Michael Ann, I'm looking forward to sharing photos of all on my updates, so fun! And the key to the grilled artichokes is to steam/cook them first on the stove, then simply prep and finish them off on the BBQ with the oils/seasonings of your choice. To. Die. For!

      We are heading to the east coast next week. Granddaughter heaven for a few days, then we'll head south.

    2. Thanks for the tips on the artichokes! Enjoy your time with your grandchildren!

  6. I lovelovelove grilled artichokes! Our recipes are probably different but I seriously love them and have even eaten leftovers for breakfast! They are not easy to find here in Florida however! Love how many things on your list include food. I'm an old runner too! Ran the Gate River Run last week (15K championship) and am training for a 10 miler in April but my right hamstring is acting up! I enjoyed your list!

    1. Thank you for visiting Sheila! Re: Spring list good items: That's the best thing about going for a long run, walk, hike or bike ride - the food you get to enjoy after without it sticking!


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