Rocks, Rocks and More Rocks

We had a large load of grey river rock dropped off early yesterday morning, exciting in that it meant more backyard landscaping progress is being made even as we prepare for another storm to roll through beginning Friday. The crew has been steadily hauling the rocks into our backyard and onto our slope, where they will eventually make a wave pattern all across the bottom half of our 100 foot long, 15 foot wide slope. The portion of the slope not covered with rock will then be planted with heat-loving plants hooked up to a drip system. I'm so excited to see the end result in that my front yard slope has been positively thriving since being re-landscaped and put onto a drip system by the same landscaper last year.

Once completed, our slope should look something like these:

Otherwise, today should be a good mix of productivity and fun. Menu planning from the list below has already been done, with this showing up on our plates for the next week:
    Wednesday - Dinner out (Discussion group)
    Thursday - Lemon arugula tortillini, Italian chop salad, garlic bread
    Friday - Pork loin with rosemary rub, roasted winter root vegetables, sauteed broccoli
    Saturday - Dinner out at a UUCF event
    Sunday - Eggplant Parmesan, Caesar salad, garlic bread
    Monday - Slow cooker Italian sausage, peppers and wild rice, plus a green salad and fresh mango slices.
    Tuesday - Sunday night leftovers

Plans and Goals for Today
Gym for 60 minutes of cardio plus upper body strength training.
Menu planning and grocery shopping
Dusting of all wood shutters to remove dust generated from recent floor replacements. Once these are done, I should have just a few more walls left to vacuum, and then we'll finally be done and all cleaned up.
Home Depot to purchase a storage container for our front yard patio big enough to hold patio furniture cushions when not in use.
Target to purchase a TV for our guest bedroom prior to arrival of a series of family members.
Line dancing class.
UUCF gathering at a nearby restaurant to have dinner and discuss the movie Hidden Figures.


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