On Having Good Energy

I had such a good day yesterday, energy wise. I made conscientious choices throughout the day, and it worked beautifully in keeping my energy high.

I had an acai bowl before my workout, rather than afterward, plus a tall glass of water and a couple of fish oil pills. My workout was terrific, and because I wasn't starving afterward, I unhurriedly did the grocery shopping before returning home, getting my biggest To Do of the day off my list.

I had a high protein, low sugar lunch just before noon, then my spouse and I left for a full afternoon of activities - an appointment with our new tax preparer, a lecture on Civil War art broadcast live from the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and an at-the-movies showing of the Oscar nominated film Lion.

The tax appointment was fairly uneventful other than learning that we were eligible to open a Roth due to one of our 2016 deferred compensation payments not being marked as a retirement payout. That was great news, though it would have been better to have learned this in time for our 2013 tax filing, the first full year we were jointly retired, rather than three years later, as we were working on our 2016 filings! It did confirm our decision, however, to move our tax preparations away from our former tax guy, and over to this one instead.

The Civil War art broadcast, arranged through our Lifelong Learning program, was outstanding. It was broadcast in real time, and therefore the class was able to ask questions and interact live with the docent leading the lecture from the American Art Museum in Washington, DC. What a wonderful thing technology is!

Here are a just few of the art pieces we discussed during our lecture:

By Winslow Homer, The Sharpshooter on the left, and A Visit From The Old Mistress on the right.

By Eastman Johnson, The Girl I Left Behind Me on the left, and The Lord Is My Shepard on the right.

 I came to art somewhat late, in my late-30's, having studied music, not art in college. I've worked hard to make up for lost time, however, and am enjoying the process of learning more about it so very much. And I feel extremely fortunate to have visited many, if not most, of the world's great art museums - The Metropolitan Art Museum in New York City, The Louvre and Orsay in Paris, The Rijksmuseum and Von Gogh in Amsterdam, The Prado in Madrid, The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, and so very many more, both large and small. Like last week's visit to the Norton Simon in nearby Pasadena, a rather modest museum compared to these others, but still full of some amazing art, including impressionist works by Von Gogh, Renoir and Degas, and contemporary works by Picasso and Diego Rivera

The movie that we ended our day with, Lion, is the next movie to be discussed at our monthly movie and dinner discussion group. I went in with just a little information about the movie, but I was instantly drawn in and captivated by both the acting and the loud, noisy, messy-yet-exquisitely-beautiful Indian scenery. The movie had me in tears by the end, similar to how I felt at the end of La La Land last week, though the reason for the emotional tears was different. I'll leave it at that in the event either movie is on anyone's watch list.

India is definitely on my list of places to visit, but I confess I'm also a bit apprehensive about visiting it, in that I fear it will break my heart into about a million pieces. Still, we will get there as I feel like it's someplace I have to visit, no matter what.

A great day on deck today . . .

Plans and Goals for Today
Six mile race walk
Art lecture on surrealism artist Andre Breton at our Lifelong Learning Program
Adjunct professor music concert, also at our Lifelong Learning Program
Dinner at a Basque restaurant with our 'Foreign foods' dining group


  1. I'm trying hard to evaluate my diet to get more energy. Am 63, in good health, but wow I have energy swings, hunger, and then extreme tiredness. do eat a bit too much sweets..pastries and nibble on cookies..so sugar is first thing to go I guess. I crave carbs,do not believe in paleo.. but need to stay with COMPLEX carbs in proper amounts not excess.. We also like to eat vegetarian/vegan most of the time with meat maybe 2x a week/ I need to figure some high energy breakfasts and lunches. Thanks for sharing..

    1. Hi Madeline, I find that the biggest energy zapper in my life is refined sugar. I can literally feel the fatigue descending about 20 minutes after eating something high in it. So, as much as I love it, it definitely does not love me back, and I work to avoid it. For breakfast I enjoy two high quality meals - either an acai bowl, or a piece of whole wheat toast with smashed avocado and an egg. Both are high in protein, complex carbs and good fats, and super low in sugar.

  2. I can never read about your life without feeling a jolt of energy and renewal. How you shape each day is inspirational, though also overwhelming at times. But, that is the great thing about retirement: each one of us is on a unique trip.

    And, a big welcome back to blogging!

    1. My sense of daily fulfillment only occurs if I push myself to go out 'there' and do something, anything. If I don't, and trust me, it is very, very easy to give in to my lazy self and not do so, I always, always end up regretting it. And you are correct that this is my unique journey and not anyone else's. Your mileage may vary, of course.

      Regarding my return to blogging: A sincere 'Thanks' for your kind words, however, I have no big goals this time around, just a desire to bring accountability to my own life by putting figurative pen to paper. Meaning, proceed at your own risk! :-)


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